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Species Abundance Distributions (SADs) for local tree communities in 1-ha forest plots on 20 tropical islands in the Indo-Pacific region

Thomas Ibanez
Species abundance distributions (SADs) characterise the distribution of individuals among species. This dataset was used to investigate the relative importance of disturbance regime (tropical cyclone regime) and island geography (the area and isolation of islands) on the shape of SADs.

Respiratory medium and circulatory anatomy constrain size evolution in marine macrofauna

Noel Heim, Saket Bakshi, Loc Buu, Stephanie Chen, Shannon Heh, Ashli Jain, Christopher Noll, Ameya Patkar, Noah Rizk, Sriram Sundararajan, Isabella Villante, Matthew Knope & Jonathan Payne
The typical marine animal has increased in biovolume by more than two orders of magnitude since the beginning of the Cambrian, but the causes of this trend remain unknown. We test the hypothesis that the efficiency of intra-organism oxygen delivery is a major constraint on body size evolution in marine animals. To test this hypothesis, we compiled a dataset comprising 13,723 marine animal genera spanning the Phanerozoic. We coded each genus according to its respiratory...

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  • 2020

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  • University of Hawaii at Hilo
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