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Examining the Impact of a Consensus Approach to Content Alignment Studies

Michael Russell & Sebastian Moncaleano

Frequency-Dependent Regularization in Syntactic Constructions

Zoey Liu & Emily Morgan

(Re)creating a Pilgrimage: A Century of Pilgrimage Reports from Jesuit Novices in Canada (1864-1968)

Rev. André Brouillette

Identification of Random Resource Shares in Collective Households Without Preference Similarity Restrictions

Geoffrey Dunbar, Arthur Lewbel & Krishna Pendakur
Resource shares, defined as the fraction of total household spending going to each person in a household, are important for assessing individual material well-being, inequality and poverty. They are difficult to identify because consumption is measured typically at the household level, and many goods are jointly consumed, so that individual-level consumption in multi-person households is not directly observed. We consider random resource shares, which vary across observationally identical households. We provide theorems that identify the...

A Data-driven Approach to Crosslinguistic Structural Biases

Alex Kramer & Zoey Liu

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  • 2021

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