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Data from: Perceived duration of brief visual events is mediated by timing mechanisms at the global stages of visual processing

Lee Beattie, William Curran, Christopher P. Benton, Julie M. Harris & Paul B. Hibbard
There is a growing body of evidence pointing to the existence of modality-specific timing mechanisms for encoding sub-second durations. For example, the duration compression effect describes how prior adaptation to a dynamic visual stimulus results in participants underestimating the duration of a sub-second test stimulus when it is presented at the adapted location. There is substantial evidence for the existence of both cortical and pre-cortical visual timing mechanisms; however, little is known about where in...

Data from: Predictions of response to temperature are contingent on model choice and data quality

Etienne Low-Décarie, Tobias G. Boatman, Noah Bennett, William Passfield, Antonio Gavalás-Olea, Philipp Siegel, Richard J. Geider & Will Passfield
The equations used to account for the temperature dependence of biological processes, including growth and metabolic rates are the foundations of our predictions of how global biogeochemistry and biogeography change in response to global climate change. We review and test the use of 12 equations used to model the temperature dependence of biological processes across the full range of their temperature response, including supra- and sub-optimal temperatures. We focus on fitting these equations to thermal...

Diatom community composition over a seasonal cycle in the Hampshire Avon catchment

S. Warren & G. Underwood
This dataset contains diatom species count data from rivers within the Hampshire Avon catchment, UK. Data were collected from five sediment cores at each site, collected in February, April, August and November during 2013. Data were collected as part of the project "The role of lateral exchange in modulating the seaward flux of C, N, P", funded under NERC's Macronutrients Cycles research programme.

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  • 2017

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  • University of Essex
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