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Data from: Urban living alters moult dynamics in a passerine

Sydney F. Hope, Frank A. Stabile & Luke K. Butler
Urbanization and habitat fragmentation can alter the timing of life history events, potentially leading to phenological mismatches, carryover effects, and fitness costs. Whereas urbanization and fragmentation are known to alter important aspects of breeding in many bird species, little is known about the effects of urbanization and habitat fragmentation on moult. To investigate the effects of urbanization and fragmentation on the annual moult, we compared the moult dynamics (onset, duration, and intensity) of urban, fragmented...

Data from: Iterative development and the scope for plasticity: contrasts among trait categories in an adaptive radiation

Susan A. Foster, Matthew A. Wund, Melissa A. Graham, Ryan L. Earley, Ravin Gardiner, Thomas Kearns & John A. Baker
Phenotypic plasticity can influence evolutionary change in a lineage, ranging from facilitation of population persistence in a novel environment to directing the patterns of evolutionary change. As the specific nature of plasticity can impact evolutionary consequences, it is essential to consider how plasticity is manifested if we are to understand the contribution of plasticity to phenotypic evolution. Most morphological traits are developmentally plastic, irreversible, and generally considered to be costly, at least when the resultant...

Data from: Life-history plasticity in female threespine stickleback

John A. Baker, Matthew A. Wund, David C. Heins, Richard W. King, Miguel L. Reyes & Susan A. Foster
The postglacial adaptive radiation of the threespine stickleback fish (Gasterosteus aculeatus) has been widely used to investigate the roles of both adaptive evolution and plasticity in behavioral and morphological divergence from the ancestral condition represented by present-day oceanic stickleback. These phenotypes tend to exhibit high levels of ecotypic differentiation. Population divergence in life history has also been well studied, but in contrast to behavior and morphology, the extent and importance of plasticity has been much...

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