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hr500k – A Reference Training Corpus of Croatian.

Nikola Ljubešić, Željko Agić, Filip Klubicka, Vuk Batanović & Tomaž Erjavec

Data from: Postglacial determinants of regional species pools in alpine grasslands

Borja Jiménez-Alfaro, Wolfgang Willner, Eszter Ruprecht, Kiril Vassilev, Nevena Kuzmanovic, Renata Ćušterevska, Djordjije Milanovic, Josef Sibik, Sylvain Abdulhak, Angela Stanisci, Maria Luisa Carranza, Ariel Bergamini, Corrado Marcenó & Gianpietro Giusso Del Galdo
Aim: Alpine habitats support unique biodiversity confined to high-elevation areas in the current interglacial. Plant diversity in these habitats responds to area, environment, connectivity and isolation, yet these factors have been rarely evaluated in concert. Here we investigate major determinants of regional species pools in alpine grasslands, and the responses of their constituent species groups. Location: European mountains below 50ºN. Time Period: Between 1928 and 2019. Major Taxa Studied: Vascular plants. Methods: We compiled species...

Designing with the Participation of the Community – an On-Going Project of Redesigning a School Yard in Serbia

Vera Vecanski & Biljana Brankovi ́c

Data from: Effects of poly(vinyl alcohol) blending with Ag/alginate solutions to form nanocomposite fibers for potential use as antibacterial wound dressings

Bojana Obradovic, Srdjan Vidovic, Jasmina Stojkovska, Aleksandar Marinkovic & Bojana Balanc
The first set of data comprise FTIR spectra of Ca-alginate, Ag/Ca-alginate, pure PVA, PVA/Ca-alginate, and PVA/Ag/Ca-alginate fibers. The fibers were obtained by extrusion and gelation of the aqueous solutions with following compositions: for Ag/Ca-alginate fibers - 1.27 ± 0.08 w/v Na-alginate and AgNPs at 2.6 mM, for Ca-alginate fibers - 1.27 ± 0.08 w/v Na-alginate, for PVA fibers - 5.7 % w/v PVA, for PVA/Ca-alginate fibers - 5.7 % w/v PVA and 1.27 ± 0.08...

Experimental Stark Shift of Several NII and OII Spectral Lines

Mara Scepanovic, Vladimir Milosavljevic, Stevan Djenize, Mihajlo Platisa & Jaroslav Labat

Fragmentation in trader preferences among multiple markets: Market coexistence versus single market dominance

Aleksandra Alorić, Robin Nicole & Peter Sollich
Technological advancement has lead to an increase in number and type of trading venues and diversification of goods traded. These changes have re-emphasized the importance of understanding the effects of market competition: does proliferation of trading venues and increased competition lead to dominance of a single market or coexistence of multiple markets? In this paper, we address these questions in a stylized model of Zero Intelligence traders who make repeated decisions at which of three...

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