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Data from: Dissecting the phenotypic components of crop plant growth and drought responses based on high-throughput image analysis

Dijun Chen, Kerstin Neumann, Swetlana Friedel, Benjamin Kilian, Ming Chen, Thomas Altmann & Christian Klukas
Significantly improved crop varieties are urgently needed to feed the rapidly growing human population under changing climates. While genome sequence information and excellent genomic tools are in place for major crop species, the systematic quantification of phenotypic traits or components thereof in a high-throughput fashion remains an enormous challenge. In order to help bridge the genotype to phenotype gap, we developed a comprehensive framework for high-throughput phenotype data analysis in plants, which enables the extraction...

Data from: Mating system and environmental variation drive patterns of adaptation in Boechera spatifolia (Brassicaceae)

Kelsi A. Grogan, Timothy F. Sharbel, John K. McKay, John T. Lovell & Kelsi Grogan
Determining the relative contribution of population genetic processes to the distribution of natural variation is a major goal of evolutionary biology. Here, we take advantage of variation in mating system to test the hypothesis that local adaptation is constrained by asexual reproduction. We explored patterns of variation in ecological traits and genome-wide molecular markers in Boechera spatifolia (Brassicaceae), a species that contains both apomictic (asexual) and sexual individuals. Using a combination of quantitative genetics, neutral...

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  • 2014

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  • Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research
  • Zhejiang University
  • Colorado State University