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Data from: Nitrogen deposition alters plant–fungal relationships: linking belowground dynamics to aboveground vegetation change

Sarah L. Dean, Emily C. Farrer, D. Lee Taylor, Andrea Porras-Alfaro, Katharine N. Suding & Robert L. Sinsabaugh
Nitrogen (N) deposition rates are increasing globally due to anthropogenic activities. Plant community responses to N are often attributed to altered competitive interactions between plants, but may also be a result of microbial responses to N, particularly root-associated fungi (RAF), which are known to affect plant fitness. In response to N, Deschampsia cespitosa, a codominant plant in the alpine tundra at Niwot Ridge (CO), increases in abundance, while Geum rossii, its principal competitor, declines. Importantly,...

Data from: Restriction site-associated DNA sequencing generates high-quality single nucleotide polymorphisms for assessing hybridization between bighead and silver carp in the United States and China

James T. Lamer, Gregory G. Sass, Jason Q. Boone, Zarema H. Arbieva, Stefan J. Green & John M. Epifanio
Bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) and silver carp (H. molitrix) are invasive species and listed as US federally injurious species under the Lacy Act. They have established populations in much of the Mississippi River Basin (MRB; Mississippi, Illinois, and Missouri rivers) and are capable of producing fertile hybrids and complex introgression. Characterizing the composition of this admixture requires a large set of high-quality, evolutionarily conserved, diagnostic genetic markers to aid in the identification and management of...

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