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Data from: Parallel evolution of jugal structures in Devonian athyridide brachiopods

Wen Guo, Yuanlin Sun & Andrzej Balinski
Here, we describe Sinathyris crassa gen. et sp. nov., a new early Emsian (Early Devonian) athyridide brachiopod with a double spiralium from the Guangxi Province of southern China. Unlike the majority of genera of the subfamily Helenathyridinae, which possess accessory spiral lamellae developed directly from the jugal branches, the form described here shows these lamellae arising from a distally bifurcating jugal stem. These differences suggest that the double spiralium in S. crassa might have appeared...

Data from: Leaf P increase outpaces leaf N in an Inner Mongolia grassland over 27 years

Zhaorong Mi, Yuanyuan Huang, Huijie Gan, Wenjia Zhou, Dan F. B. Flynn, Jin-Sheng He & J.-S. He
The dynamics of leaf nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) have been intensively explored in short-term experiments, but rarely at longer timescales. Here, we investigated leaf N : P stoichiometry over a 27-year interval in an Inner Mongolia grassland by comparing leaf N : P concentration of 2006 with that of 1979. Across 80 species, both leaf N and P increased, but the increase in leaf N lagged behind that of leaf P, leading to a...

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  • 2014

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  • Peking University
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