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Data from: Structure and genetic diversity of Ixora margaretae an endangered species: a baseline study for conservation and restoration of natural dry forest of New Caledonia

Daniel Verhaegen, Aichatou Assoumane, Julien Serret, Sandrine Noe, Bénédicte Favreau, Alexandre Vaillant, Gildas Gâteblé, Anthony Pain, Christian Papineau, Laurent Maggia, Jacques Tassin & Jean-Marc Bouvet
The dry forests of New Caledonia are an excep- tional ecosystem because of their numerous endemic botan- ical species and their highly diversified fauna of insects, mollusks, reptiles and birds. Unfortunately, the area of the dry forests has been significantly reduced, mainly by human activities. Ecological, phenological and genetic analysis of Ixora margaretae, a symbolic species of the sclerophyll forest, has revealed contrasting traits among natural stands. The division of the natural range and then...

Data from: How to escape from crop-to-weed gene flow: phenological variation and isolation-by-time within weedy sunflower populations

Marie Roumet, Camille Noilhan, Muriel Latreille, Jacques David, Marie-Hélène Muller & M.-H. Muller
The evolution of crop-related weeds may be constrained by recurrent gene flow from the crop. However, flowering time variation within weedy populations may open the way for weed adaptation by allowing some weeds to escape from this constraint. We investigated this link between phenology, gene flow and adaptation in weedy sunflower populations recently emerged in Europe from crop-wild hybridization. We studied jointly flowering phenology and genetic diversity for 15 microsatellite loci in six cultivated sunflower...

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  • 2012

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  • Genetic Improvement and Adaptation of Mediterranean and Tropical Plants
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