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Data from: Paternal signature in kin recognition cues of a social insect: concealed in juveniles, revealed in adults

Janine W. Y. Wong, Joël Meunier, Christophe Lucas, Mathias Kölliker & M. Kolliker
Kin recognition is a key mechanism to direct social behaviours towards related individuals or avoid inbreeding depression. In insects, recognition is generally mediated by cuticular hydrocarbon (CHC) compounds, which are partly inherited from parents. However, in social insects, potential nepotistic conflicts between group members from different patrilines are predicted to select against the expression of patriline-specific signatures in CHC profiles. Whereas this key prediction in the evolution of insect signalling received empirical support in eusocial...

Data from: Cues of maternal condition influence offspring selfishness

Janine W. Y. Wong, Christophe Lucas & Mathias Kölliker
The evolution of parent-offspring communication was mostly studied from the perspective of parents responding to begging signals conveying information about offspring condition. Parents should respond to begging because of the differential fitness returns obtained from their investment in offspring that differ in condition. For analogous reasons, offspring should adjust their behavior to cues/signals of parental condition: parents that differ in condition pay differential costs of care and, hence, should provide different amounts of food. In...

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  • 2014

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