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Axial misfit stress relaxation in core-shell nanowires with hexagonal core via nucleation of rectangular prismatic dislocation loops

S.A. Krasnitckii, A.M. Smirnov, K.D. Mynbaev, L.V. Zhigilei & M.Yu. Gutkin
A theoretical model of axial misfit stress relaxation in core-shell nanowires with hexagonal cross section of the core through the nucleation of prismatic dislocation loops is suggested. Different nucleation sites of the loops in core-shell nanowires are considered. The energy change caused by the loop nucleation is calculated. The critical condition for the onset of the loops is given and analyzed in detail. The most favorable sites in nanowires and the optimal loop shape are...

Имитационное моделирование зимнего бетонирования стеновой конструкции

Mikhail Komarinskiy & Roman Oniskovets
Существует много технологий зимнего бетонирования, как в отечественной, так и зарубежной практике. При большом выборе вариантов прогрева бетона, применяемой для различных конструктивных систем и условий внешней среды, в настоящее время наиболее распространен метод прогрева проводами. Анализ современных методов термообработки бетона показывает, что использование греющих проводов позволяет обеспечить подвод тепла непосредственно к бетону в необходимом объеме на каждом этапе его выдерживания. Это способствует оптимизации процесса электропрогрева, а также оказывает влияние на скорость подъема температуры и остывания...

Micromechanics, nanophysics and non-destructive testing of the strength of structural materials

V.V. Nosov, I.E. Chaplin, E.R. Gilyazetdinov, E.V. Grigoriev & I.A. Pavlenko
Non-destructive testing of the strength of structural materials is currently based on the correlation between the results of laboratory tests of the strength of standard macro samples and the strength characteristics of the material in a real object. The heterogeneity of the strength properties of different zones of the material makes this correlation ambiguous, introducing uncertainty in the test results. The solution of the problem relates to the necessity of transition to the micro- and...

Heating and destruction of biological tissue by high-inensity focused ultrasound

T.A. Andreeva, A.E. Berkovich, N.Y. Bykov, S.V. Kozyrev & A.Ya. Lukin
Processes of heating and destruction of the breast fat tissue under the action of focused high-intensity ultrasound generated by a 128-element transducer are considered. The simulation of a thermal problem is carried out by anumerical solution of the heat transfer equation. The acoustic pressure field in the tissue is calculated using the Rayleigh integral. A system of dimensionless scaling parameters is proposed to describe the non-stationary process of heat propagation. The influenceof the space localization...

Rotary actuator control based on tensile force elements made of shape memory Cu-Al-Ni crystals when operated in a cyclic mode

A.I. Priadko, S.A. Pulnev, O.O. Kovalev & I.A. Ilin
An actuator design and a function scheme are developed. A control algorithm of a cyclic actuator is considered. We provide experimental results on the control algorithm and the actuator. The actuator operating range is 60°. The actuator sped is ~ 1 degree/second. The actuator operating is stable in any rotation angle in operating range.

Asymptotics of a thermal wave in one-dimensional harmonic crystal

A.M. Krivtsov, E.A. Podolskaya & V.Yu. Shubina
An asymptotic representation is obtained at large times for the thermal wavefront propagating in a one-dimensional harmonic crystal. The propagation of thermal waves from a localized thermal perturbation and the transition zone between regions with different temperatures is considered. An explicit solution is given for a number of the simplest forms of the initial temperature distribution. It is shown that during the wave evolution, the wavefront smoothes, e.g., for a power-law dependence its degree increases...

On a configurational force driving surface growth of solids

A.B. Freidin & Y.O. Izmaylova
Surface growth of solids includes a wide variety of processes starting from additive manufacturing technologies and ending with plenty of biological problems. Model of surface growth based on the expression of the configurational force, derived from fundamental laws and entropy inequality, is offered in the present paper. A new expression for the configurational force called surface growth force, which controls growth and resorption, is used. Analysis of the applicability of the developed model was carried...

Development of numerical methods and virtual tests for cyclic durability by finite element method

A. Papirovskiy, S. Alekseev, A. Tarasov & A. Borovkov
This paper deals with the issue of fatigue failure of materials. The process of generation of fatigue properties for the steel 08PS is described and obtained in the laboratory. The technique of conducting virtual tests for cyclic durability for vehicles is proposed. Virtual tests for cyclic durability by using the finite element method on the example of an off-road car body are performed.

Combined effect of boron alloying and ausforming on austenite transformation in low carbon steels under continuous cooling

A.A. Vasilyev, D.F. Sokolov, S.F. Sokolov, A.A. Zisman & N.G. Kolbasnikov
The combined effect of boron addition and ausforming on the structure of low carbon low alloyed steel after the transformation of austenite has been investigated in a wide range of cooling rates. It is shown that boron hinders formation of polygonal ferrite in continuous cooling regardless of austenite predeformation and suppresses appearance of acicular ferrite. A qualitative explanation of this effect is proposed in terms of the deformation induced boron segregation on boundaries of austenite...

Investigation and modeling the austenitization kinetics of steels with complex microstructure under continuous heating

A.A. Vasilyev, D.F. Sokolov, S.F. Sokolov & A.I. Rudskoy
An experimental investigation of the austenitization under continuous heating of various microstructures of 8 industrial steel grades with wide range of chemical compositions was carried out. A quantitative mathematical model describing the austenitization kinetics of the steels with complex microstructure and predicting austenite grain size in dependence on the chemical composition, volume fractions of structural components (ferrite, pearlite, bainite, martensite), ferrite grain size and heating rate, was developed. Values of the model empirical parameters were...

Employment of Eulerian, Lagrangian, and arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian description for crack opening problem

E.A. Ivanova, D.V. Matyas & M.D. Stepanov
Numerical study of crack opening in the solid material of rock formation is presentedin this article. Initially introduced straight-line crack is widened by increasing internal pressure. The crack shape evolution resembles hydraulic fracturing and is considered as a transient process. Commercial code LS-DYNA was employed to obtain solutions by three types of descriptions, they are compared to the solution obtained in Eulerian description by a program based on the finite-volume method and written in Python...

Laser Scanner Survey Technologies for Historic Building Information Modeling of Heritage Resources in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Vladimir Badenko, Kirill Zotov, Dmitrii Zotov, Rahul D. Garg, Lei Zhang, Marina Bolsunovskaya & Aleksander Fedotov
Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) is an emerging technology used for documentation and management of existing historic buildings. The objective of the paper is to develop of a unified hybrid technology for the processing, storage and visualization of laser scanning and photography data about historical buildings, based on decoding and vectorization algorithms as an information framework for HBIM of heritage resources in St.Petersburg, Russia. The first result of the technology application to historical building (Water...

The effect of perforations on the deformability of welded beam with corrugated webs

Alexandr Bryantsev, Vladimir Absimetov & Vladimir Lalin
Perforating steel beams is inevitable in some cases such as setting the technical equipment, though it decreases the carrying capacity of the element. The lack of information about the nature of the work, the values of critical stresses, the stability of the corrugated webs of the beams weakened by the perforations necessitated relevant studies for which the perforations of different diameters and with various ways of reinforcement were formed in the webs of the beams....

The semi-shear theory of V.I. Slivker for the stability problems of thin-walled bars

Vladimir Lalin, Vladimir Rybakov, Stanislav Diakov, Vadim Kudinov & Ekaterina Orlova
The theory of thin-walled bars is important because light steel thin-walled structures are widely used. Traditionally, in calculations two theories are used: theory for open-profile and closed profile bars. The calculations are difficult, because different finite elements are used for different bar types. In 2005 V.I. Slivker worked out a semi-shear theory, which is suitable for thin-walled bars of open sections and closed sections. Similarly, this article presents the research on finite element modeling for...

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