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Data from: Local population collapse of Ross's and lesser snow geese driven by failing recruitment and diminished philopatry

Mitch Weegman, Ray Alisauskas, Dana Kellett, Qing Zhao, Scott Wilson & Tomas Telensky
We estimated survival and per capita production of young, as well as emigration and immigration, from 1997 to 2017 in Ross's goose Anser rossii and lesser snow goose Anser caerulescens caerulescens, which are sympatric species of migratory birds that nest in the central Canadian Arctic at one of the largest breeding colonies in North America. We formed age-structured integrated population models for each species that jointly analyzed live and dead encounter data as well as...

Conflict Positioning in Crisis Communication: Impact of antecedent conditions on negotiation

Augustine Pang & Glen T Cameron
Organizations need to position themselves favorably in times of crisis. The conflict positioning conceptualization offers a framework for organizations to do so by integrating insights of crisis communication with negotiation through the following steps. First, understanding the factors that will affect an organization’s ability to handle the crisis. Second, based on the influence of these factors, examine the stance the organization will adopt. Third, examine the strategies the organization will embrace. Four, the strategies adopted...

Data from: Reduced mitochondrial respiration in hybrid asexual lizards

Randy L. Klabacka, Hailey A. Parry, Kang Nian Yap, Ryan A. Cook, Victoria A. Herron, L. Miles Horne, Jose A. Maldonado, Jamie R. Oaks, Andreas N. Kavazis, Matthew K. Fujita, Tonia S. Schwartz & Matthew E. Wolak
The scarcity of asexual reproduction in vertebrates alludes to an inherent cost. Several groups of asexual vertebrates exhibit lower endurance capacity (a trait predominantly sourced by mitochondrial respiration) compared to congeneric sexual species. Here we measure endurance capacity in five species of Aspidoscelis lizards and examine mitochondrial respiration between sexual and asexual species using mitochondrial respirometry. Our results show reduced endurance capacity, mitochondrial respiration, and phenotypic variability in asexual species compared to parental sexual species...

Phenotype data for: Pleiotropic and non-redundant effects of an auxin importer in Setaria and maize

Chuanmei Zhu, Mathew Box, Dhineshkumar Thiruppathi, Hao Hu, Yunqing Yu, Callista Martin, Andrew Doust, Paula McSteen & Elizabeth Kellogg
Directional transport of auxin is critical for inflorescence and floral development in flowering plants, but the role of auxin influx carriers (AUX1 proteins) has been largely overlooked. Taking advantage of available AUX1 mutants in Setaria viridis and maize, we uncover previously unreported aspects of plant development that are affected by auxin influx, including higher order branches in the inflorescence, stigma branch number, and glume (floral bract) development, and plant fertility. However, disruption of auxin flux...

Communicating the combined risk of Covid-19 and smoking to smokers

Lucy Popova, Hue Duong, Victoria Churchill & Zachary Massey

Data from: Divergent physiological acclimation responses to warming between two co-occurring salamander species and implications for terrestrial survival

Arianne Messerman, Micah Turrell & Manuel Leal
Small differences in physiological responses are known to influence demographic rates such as survival. We tested for differences in the physiological acclimation responses of two closely-related salamander species that often co-occur, Ambystoma maculatum and A. opacum. Specifically, we measured changes in critical thermal maxima (CTmax), standard metabolic rates (SMRs), and respiratory surface area water loss (RSAWL) following exposure to three temperature treatments under laboratory conditions. While the magnitude of RSAWL and CTmax acclimation responses to...

Demonstration of local adaptation in maize landraces by reciprocal transplantation

Garrett Janzen, Maria Rocio Aguilar-Rangel, Carolina Cintora-Martinez, Karla Azucena Blocher-Juarez, Eric Gonzalez-Segovia, Anthony Studer, Daniel Runcie, Sherry Flint-Garcia, Ruben Rellan-Alvarez, Ruairidh Sawers & Matthew Hufford
Populations are locally adapted when they exhibit higher fitness than foreign populations in their native habitat. Maize landrace adaptations to highland and lowland conditions are of interest to researchers and breeders. To determine the prevalence and strength of local adaptation in maize landraces, we performed a reciprocal transplant experiment across an elevational gradient in Mexico. We grew 120 landraces, grouped into four populations (Mexican Highland, Mexican Lowland, South American Highland, South American Lowland), in Mexican...

Complex feline disease mapping using a dense genotyping array

Jessica Hayward, Isabel Hernandez, Jeff A Brockman, Michelle E White, Lara Mouttham, Elizabeth A Wilcox, Susan Garrison, Marta G Castelhano, John P Loftus, Filipe Espinheira Gomes, Cheryl Balkman, Marjory B Brooks, Nadine Fiani, Marnin Forman, Tom Kern, Bruce Kornreich, Eric Ledbetter, Santiago Peralta, Angela M Struble, Lisa Caligiuri, Elizabeth Corey, Lin Lin, Julie Jordan, Danny Sack, Adam R Boyko … & Rory J Todhunter
The current feline genotyping array of 63k single nucleotide polymorphisms has proven its utility within breeds, and its use has led to the identification of variants associated with Mendelian traits in purebred cats. However, compared to single gene disorders, association studies of complex diseases, especially with the inclusion of random bred cats with relatively low linkage disequilibrium, require a denser genotyping array and an increased sample size to provide statistically significant associations. Here, we undertook...

Using Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy from Single Concept to Multiple Concepts: A Case Study

Francis A. Kwansa & Eliza Ching-Yick Tse
From the day a business is conceived, it is constantly faced with numerous strategic challenges that have impact on its survival, success, and/or failure. Many independent businesses fail within the first three years. For the ones that survive and prosper, they may remain as independents, private and or family businesses, while some transform into corporations and even become publicly traded entities. We use FAT Brands as a case study to examine the evolution of a...

Can sensory drive explain the evolution of visual signal diversity in terrestrial species? A test with Anolis lizards

Leo Fleishman, Christian Perez-Martinez & Manuel Leal
Animal signal colors evolve to efficiently stimulate conspecific visual systems. The sensory drive hypothesis proposes that species differences in habitat light conditions favor the evolution of color diversity. The strongest support comes from aquatic systems, while terrestrial systems offer fewer convincing examples. Anolis lizards occupy diverse habitats and signal with a colorful dewlap. Dewlap visibility depends on perceived chromatic contrast with the background. Visual-system modeling has shown that red dewlaps are most visible in most...

PRMI: A dataset of minirhizotron images for diverse plant root study

Weihuang Xu, Guohao Yu, Yiming Cui, Romain Gloaguen, Alina Zare, Jason Bonnette, Joel Reyes-Cabrera, Ashish Rajurkar, Diane Rowland, Roser Matamala, Julie D. Jastrow, Thomas E. Juenger & Felix B. Fritschi
Understanding a plant's root system architecture (RSA) is crucial for a variety of plant science problem domains including sustainability and climate adaptation. Minirhizotron (MR) technology is a widely-used approach for phenotyping RSA non-destructively by capturing root imagery over time. Precisely segmenting roots from the soil in MR imagery is a critical step in studying RSA features. In this paper, we introduce a large-scale dataset of plant root images captured by MR technology. In total, there...

Uterine lumen fluid is metabolically semi-autonomous

Constantine Simintiras, Jessica Drum, Hongyu Liu, Sofia Ortega & Thomas Spencer
Uterine lumen fluid (ULF) is central to successful pregnancy establishment and maintenance, and impacts offspring wellbeing into adulthood. The current dogma is that ULF composition is primarily governed by endometrial glandular epithelial cell secretions and influenced by progesterone. To investigate the hypothesis that ULF is metabolically semi-autonomous, ULF was obtained from cyclic heifers, and aliquots incubated for various durations prior to analysis by untargeted semi-quantitative metabolomic profiling. Metabolite flux was observed in these ULF isolates,...

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