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Data from: The pollination system of the widely distributed mammal-pollinated Mucuna macrocarpa (Fabaceae) in the tropics

Shun Kobayashi, Tetsuo Denda, Jumlong Placksanoi, Surachit Waengsothorn, Chittima Aryuthaka, Somsak Panha & Masako Izawa
Although the pollinators of some plant species differ across regions, only a few mammal-pollinated plant species have regional pollinator differences in Asia. Mucuna macrocarpa is pollinated by squirrels, flying foxes, and macaques in subtropical and temperate islands. In this study, the pollination system of M. macrocarpa was identified in tropical Asia, where the genus originally diversified. This species requires “explosive opening” of the flower, where the wing petals must be pressed down and the banner...

Data from: Digging for DNA at depth: rapid universal metabarcoding surveys (RUMS) as a tool to detect coral reef biodiversity across a depth gradient

Joseph D. DiBattista, James D. Reimer, Michael Stat, Giovanni D. Masucci, Piera Biondi, Maarten De Brauwer & Michael Bunce
Background. Effective biodiversity monitoring is fundamental in tracking changes in ecosystems as it relates to commercial, recreational, and conservation interests. Current approaches to survey coral reef ecosystems center on the use of indicator species and repeat surveying at specific sites. However, such approaches are often limited by the narrow snapshot of total marine biodiversity that they describe and are thus hindered in their ability to contribute to holistic ecosystem-based monitoring. In tandem, environmental DNA (eDNA)...

Data from: When a male perceives a female: the effect of waxy components on the body surface on decision-making in the invasive pest weevil

Mutsumi Isa, Norikuni Kumano & Haruki Tatsuta
Insects utilize various semiochemicals for sexual communication and mate recognition; these can therefore be used to govern the behaviours of harmful pest species, and several candidate chemicals have been explored for this purpose. For the West Indian sweet potato weevil, Euscepes postfasciatus, which is one of the most serious pests of sweet potato, no effective capture techniques, such as sex pheromone lures, exist. Toward exploring promising procedures for monitoring these weevils, we assessed the effect...

Data from: Latitudinal variation and coevolutionary diversification of sexually dimorphic traits in the false blister beetle Oedemera sexualis

Daisuke Satomi, Chiharu Koshio, Haruki Tatsuta, Shin-Ichi Kudo & Yasuoki Takami
Sexual traits are subject to evolutionary forces that maximize reproductive benefits and minimize survival costs, both of which can depend on environmental conditions. Latitude explains substantial variation in environmental conditions. However, little is known about the relationship between sexual trait variation and latitude, although body size often correlates with latitude. We examined latitudinal variation in male and female sexual traits in 22 populations of the false blister beetle Oedemera sexualis in the Japanese Archipelago. Males...

Data from: Convergent evolution of body color between sympatric freshwater fishes via different visual sensory evolution

Javier Montenegro, Koji Mochida, Kumi Matsui, Daniel F. Mokodongan, Bayu K. A. Sumarto, Sjamsu A. Lawelle, Andy B. Nofrianto, Renny K. Hadiaty, Kawilarang W. A. Masengi, Lengxob Yong, Nobuyuki Inomata, Takahiro Irie, Yasuyuki Hashiguchi, Yohey Terai, Jun Kitano & Kazunori Yamahira
Although there are many examples of color evolution potentially driven by sensory drive, only few studies have examined whether distinct species inhabiting the same environments evolve similar body colors via shared sensory mechanisms. In this study, we tested whether two sympatric freshwater fish taxa, halfbeaks of the genus Nomorhamphus and ricefishes of the genus Oryzias in Sulawesi Island, converge in both body color and visual sensitivity. After reconstructing the phylogeny separately for Nomorhamphus and Oryzias...

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