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Data from: Male stress response is related to ornamentation but not resistance to oxidative stress in a warbler

Amberleigh E. Henschen, Linda A. Whittingham & Peter O. Dunn
1. Ornaments are thought to honestly signal individual quality to potential mates. Individual quality may include the ability to cope with stress through the production of glucocorticoids (GCs), which help to redirect resources from growth or reproduction to survival during an acute stress response. However, elevated levels of GCs may also increase oxidative stress and reduce immune function. Thus, an important question is whether high quality individuals, with more elaborate ornaments, signal their ability to...

Data from: A range-wide domino effect and resetting of the annual cycle in a migratory songbird

Elizabeth A. Gow, Lauren Burke, David W. Winkler, Samantha M. Knight, Robert G. Clark, Marc Bélisle, Lisha L. Berzins, Tricia Blake, Eli S. Bridge, Russell D. Dawson, Peter O. Dunn, Dany Garant, Geoff Holroyd, Andrew G. Horn, David J.T. Hussell, Olga Lansdorp, Andrew J. Laughlin, Marty L. Leonard, Fanie Pelletier, Dave Shutler, Lynn Siefferman, Caz M. Taylor, Helen Trefry, Carol M. Vleck, David Vleck … & D. Ryan Norris
Latitudinal differences in timing of breeding are well documented but how such differences carry over to influence timing of events in the annual cycle of migratory birds is not well understood. We examined geographic variation in timing of events throughout the year using light-level geolocator tracking data from 133 migratory tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) originating from 12 North American breeding populations. A swallow’s breeding latitude influenced timing of breeding, which then carried over to affect...

Data from: Geographic variation and environmental correlates of apparent survival rates in adult tree swallows Tachycineta bicolor

Robert G. Clark, David W. Winkler, Russell D. Dawson, Dave Shutler, David J. T. Hussell, Michael P. Lombardo, Patrick A. Thorpe, Peter O. Dunn & Linda A. Whittingham
Determining demographic rates in wild animal populations and understanding why rates vary are important challenges in population ecology and conservation. Whereas reproductive success is reported frequently for many songbird species, there are relatively few corresponding estimates of annual survival for widespread populations of the same migratory species. We incorporated mark-recapture data into Cormack-Jolly-Seber models to estimate annual apparent survival and recapture rates of adult male and female tree swallows Tachycineta bicolor in eight local breeding...

Data from: Phenotypic integration and the evolution of signal repertoires: a case study of treefrog acoustic communication

Michael S. Reichert & Gerlinde Höbel
Animal signals are inherently complex phenotypes with many interacting parts combining to elicit responses from receivers. The pattern of interrelationships between signal components reflects the extent to which each component is expressed, and responds to selection, either in concert with or independently of others. Furthermore, many species have complex repertoires consisting of multiple signal types used in different contexts, and common morphological and physiological constraints may result in interrelationships extending across the multiple signals in...

Sewage loading and microbial risk in urban waters of the Great Lakes

Sandra McLellan, Elizabeth Sauer & Melinda Bootsman
Theis dataset contains untreated sewage (wastewater treatment plant influent) samples from Milwaukee, WI, USA collected over a two year peroid. These were analyzed by qPCR for human associated indicators human Bacteroides (HB assay) and human Lachnospiraceae (Lachno2 assay), and by qPCR for E. coli and enterococci. Water samples were also collected at the estuary using a Telodyne ISCO sampler to perform automated, high frequnency sampling of 15 minute subsamples. Hourly samples were analyzed by culture...

Data from: MHC variation and blood parasites in resident and migratory populations of the common yellowthroat

Linda A. Whittingham, Peter O. Dunn, Corey R. Freeman-Gallant, Conor C. Taff & Jeff A. Johnson
Genes of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) are a critical part of the adaptive immune response, and the most polymorphic genes in the vertebrate genome, especially in passerine birds. This diversity is thought to be influenced by exposure to pathogens which can vary in relation to numerous factors. Migratory behaviour may be a particularly important trait to consider because migratory birds are exposed to a greater number of different pathogens and parasites at both breeding...

How open access policies affect access to grey literature in university digital repositories: A case study of iSchools

Tomas A. Lipinski & Katie Chamberlain Kritikos
An issue of interest to library and information science (LIS) scholars and practitioners is how open-access policies can affect the access and use of grey literature in university repositories. Open access (OA) refers to research placed online free from all price barriers and from most permission barriers (Suber, 2015), allowing unfettered access to scholarship and promoting open scholarly communication (Banach, 2011; Eysenbach, 2006). OA may apply research published traditionally, such as books (Schwartz, 2012) and...

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