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Images obtained by fluorescence microscopy technique for monitoring diffusion of PI molecules into pressure-treated Listeria monocytogenes cells

Bahareh Nikparvar, Alicia Subires, Marta Capellas, Manuela Hernandez-Herrero, Peter Crauwels, Christian U. Riedel & Nadav Bar
The effect of environmental stresses on microorganisms is well studied and cellular response to stresses such as heat, cold, acids, and salts was extensively discussed. Although high pressure processing (HPP) as a preservation method is becoming more popular in the food industry, the characteristics of the cellular damage caused by high pressure are unclear, and the microbial response to this stress is not well explored yet. We exposed the pathogen Listeria monocytogenes to HPP (400...

Altering transcription factor binding reveals comprehensive transcriptional kinetics of a basic gene

Achim P. Popp, Johannes Hettich & J. Christof M. Gebhardt
Transcription is a vital process activated by transcription factor (TF) binding. The active gene releases a burst of transcripts before turning inactive again. While the basic course of transcription is well understood, it is unclear how binding of a TF affects the frequency, duration and size of a transcriptional burst. We systematically varied the residence time and concentration of a synthetic TF and characterized the transcription of a synthetic reporter gene by combining single molecule...

Analyse von Mortalität nach Hüftfraktur auf Individual-, Krankenhaus- und regionaler Ebene in Deutschland

Claudia Schulz, Hans-Helmut König, Kilian Rapp, Clemens Becker, Dietrich Rothenbacher & Gisela Büchele
Einleitung. Die Mehrzahl der Studien, die die Mortalität nach Hüftfraktur analysieren, konzentrieren sich auf die Untersuchungsebene der Patienten und weniger auf die von Krankenhäusern oder Regionen. Ein tiefgreifendes Verständnis der beeinflussenden Faktoren aller Ebenen könnte jedoch dabei helfen, relevante Ungleichheiten aufzudecken, um Präventionsmaßnahmen zu motivieren und Verbesserungen in der Versorgung anzuregen. Daher untersuchte diese Studie die Variation der Mortalität nach Hüftfraktur auf Individual-, Krankenhaus- und regionaler Ebene in Deutschland. Methodik. Diese retrospektive Kohortenstudie basiert auf...

16S rRNA V4 gut microbiome of Leptonycteris yerbabuenae in Mexico

Luis Viquez-R
Migratory animals live in a world of constant change. Animals undergo many physiological changes preparing themselves for the migration. Although this field has been extensively studied over the last decades, we know relatively little about the seasonal changes that occur in the microbial communities that these animals carry in their guts. Here we assessed the V4 region of the 16S rRNA high-throughput sequencing data as a proxy to estimate microbiome diversity of Tequila Bats from...

Hydraulic prediction of drought-induced plant dieback and top-kill depends on leaf habit and growth form

Ya-Jun Chen, Brendan Choat, Frank Sterck, Phisamai Maenpuen, Masatoshi Katabuchi, Shu-Bin Zhang, Kyle Tomlinson, Rafael Oliveira, Yong-Jiang Zhang, Kun-Fang Cao & Steven Jansen
Hydraulic failure caused by severe drought contributes to aboveground dieback and whole-plant death. The extent to which dieback or whole-plant death can be predicted by plant hydraulic traits has rarely been tested among species with different leaf habits and/or growth forms. We investigated 19 hydraulic traits in 40 woody species in a tropical savanna and their potential correlations with drought response during an extreme drought event during the El Niño–Southern Oscillation in 2015. Plant hydraulic...

Single molecule tracking and analysis framework including theory-predicted parameter settings

Timo Kuhn, Johannes Hettich, Rubina Davtyan & J. Christof M. Gebhardt
Imaging, tracking and analyzing individual biomolecules in living systems is a powerful technology to obtain quantitative kinetic and spatial information such as reaction rates, diffusion coefficients and localization maps. Common tracking tools often operate on single movies and require additional manual steps to analyze whole data sets or to compare different experimental conditions. We report a fast and comprehensive single molecule tracking and analysis framework (TrackIt) to simultaneously process several multi‐movie data sets. A user‐friendly...

Functional biogeography of Neotropical moist forests: trait-climate relationships and assembly patterns of tree communities

Bruno Pinho, Marcelo Tabarelli, Cajo Ter Braak, S. J. Wright, Victor Arroyo-Rodriguez, Maíra Benchimol, Bettina Engelbrecht, Simon Pierce, Peter Hietz, Bráulio Santos, Carlos Peres, Sandra Müller, Ian Wright, Frans Bongers, Madelon Lohbeck, Ülo Niinemets, Martijn Slot, Steven Jansen, Davi Jamelli, Renato Augusto Ferreira De Lima, Nathan Swenson, Richard Condit, Jos Barlow, Ferry Slik, Manuel Hernández-Ruedas … & Felipe Melo
Aim: Here we examine the functional profile of regional tree species pools across the latitudinal distribution of Neotropical moist forests, and test trait-climate relationships among local communities. We expected opportunistic strategies (acquisitive traits, small seeds) to be overrepresented in species pools further from the equator due to long-term instability, but also in terms of abundance in local communities in currently wetter, warmer and more seasonal climates. Location: Neotropics. Time period: Recent. Major taxa studied: Trees....

Self-assembled orthoester cryptands: orthoester scope, post-functionalization, kinetic locking and tunable degradation kinetics

Max von Delius, Henrik Löw & Elena Mena-Osteritz
Self-assembled orthoester cryptands offer appealing properties for applications in ion sensing and transport, such as convenient post-functionalization and tunable biodegradation.

Date From: The myriad of complex demographic responses of terrestrial mammals to climate change and gaps of knowledge: A global analysis

Maria Paniw, Tamora James, C. Ruth Archer, Gesa Römer, Sam Levin, Aldo Compagnoni, Judy Che-Castaldo, Joanne Bennett, Andrew Mooney, Dylan Childs, Arpat Ozgul, Owen Jones, Jean Burns, Andrew Beckerman, Abir Patwari, Nora Sanchez-Gassen, Tiffany Knight & Roberto Salguero-Gómez
Approximately 25% of mammals are currently threatened with extinction, a risk that is amplified under climate change. Species persistence under climate change is determined by the combined effects of climatic factors on multiple demographic rates (survival, development, reproduction), and hence, population dynamics. Thus, to quantify which species and regions on Earth are most vulnerable to climate-driven extinction, a global understanding of how different demographic rates respond to climate is urgently needed. Here, we perform a...

Leaf water relations in epiphytic ferns

Courtney Campany, Jarmila Pittermann, Alex Baer, Helen Holmlund, Eric Schuettpelz, Klaus Mehltreter &
Opportunistic diversification has allowed ferns to radiate into epiphytic niches in angiosperm dominated landscapes. However, our understanding of how ecophysiological function allowed establishment in the canopy and the potential transitionary role of the hemi-epiphytic life form remain unclear. Here, we surveyed 39 fern species in Costa Rican tropical forests to explore epiphytic trait divergence in a phylogenetic context. We examined leaf responses to water deficits in terrestrial, hemi-epiphytic, and epiphytic ferns and related these findings...

Adaptive Behavior of Dynamic Orthoester Cryptands

Oleksandr Shyshov, René‐Chris Brachvogel, Tobias Bachmann, Rubitha Srikantharajah, Doris Segets, Frank Hampel, Ralph Puchta & Max von Delius
A lid for every pot: Cryptands based on orthoester bridgeheads offer an elegant entry to experiments in which a metal ion selects its preferred host from a dynamic mixture of competing subcomponents....

Ammonium Complexes of Orthoester Cryptands Are Inherently Dynamic and Adaptive

Xiang Wang, Oleksandr Shyshov, Marko Hanževački, Christof Jäger & Max von Delius
Fluxional chemical species such as bullvalene have been a valuable source of inspiration and fundamental insight into the nature of chemical bonds. A supramolecular analogue of bullvalene, i.e., a “fluxional host–guest system”, in which the ensemble of a well-defined host and guest is engaged in continuous, degenerate constitutional rearrangements, is still elusive, however. Here, we report experimental and computational evidence for guest-induced dynamic covalent rearrangements in the ammonium complexes of self-assembled orthoester cryptands. This unique...

Methodological Framework for Modelling and Empirical Approaches (Deliverable D1.1 in the EC ITN project SHAPE-IT)

Nikol Figalova, Naomi Mbelekani, Chi Zhang, Yue Yang, Chen Peng, Mohamed Nasser, Liu Yuan-Cheng, Amna Pir Muhammad, Wilbert Tabone, Siri Hegna Berge, Sarang Jokhio, Xiaolin He, Amir Hossein Kalantari, Ali Mohammadi, Xiaomi Yang, Bärgman Jonas & Baumann Martin

Methodological Framework for Modelling and Empirical Approaches (Deliverable D1.1 in the EC ITN project SHAPE-IT)

Nikol Figalova, Naomi Mbelekani, Chi Zhang, Yue Kang, Chen Peng, Mohamed Nasser, Liu Yuan-Cheng, Amna Pir Muhammad, Wilbert Tabone, Siri Hegna Berge, Sarang Jokhio, Xiaolin He, Amir Hossein Kalantari, Ali Mohammadi & Xiaomi Yang

Data from: Males benefit personally from family life: evidence from a wild burying beetle population

Eva M. Keppner & Sandra Steiger
Family life in animals is often considered as beneficial for offspring but costly for parents. However, parents might also profit from remaining aggregated within a family unit, especially if a nutrient-rich resource is used for reproduction. We aimed to reveal the potential personal benefits of breeding within a family environment for male Nicrophorus vespilloides, a species of burying beetles that use small vertebrate cadavers to raise their larvae. We previously hypothesized that males obtain an...

Self‐Assembly, Adaptive Response, and in , out‐ Stereoisomerism of Large Orthoformate Cryptands

Max von Delius, Henrik Löw, Elena Mena‐Osteritz, Kathleen M. Mullen & Christof Jäger
Abstract We report on triethylene glycol-based orthoformate cryptands, which adapt their bridgehead configurations in response to metal templates and intramolecular hydrogen bonding in a complex ma...

Self-templated synthesis of an orthoformate in,in-cryptand and its bridgehead inversion by dynamic covalent exchange

Max von Delius, Henrik Löw & Elena Mena-Osteritz
We report the template-free dynamic covalent self-assembly of a small orthoformate cryptand, which appears to be driven by the formation of two sets of intramolecular, four-centre hydrogen bonds.

An Overview of Interfaces for Automated Vehicles (inside/outside) (Deliverable D2.1 in the H2020 MSCA ITN project SHAPE-IT)

Natasha Merat, Yue Yang, Yee Mun Lee, Siri Hegna Berge, Nikol Figalova, Sarang Jokhio, Chen Peng, Naomi Mbelekani, Mohamed Nasser, Amna Pir Muhammad, Wilbert Tabone, Liu Yuan-Cheng, Martin Baumann & Jonas Bärgman

Incidents of aggression in German psychiatric hospitals: Is there an increase?

Frank Eisele, Erich Flammer & Tilman Steinert
Introduction: In a meta-analysis of international studies, 17% of admitted patients in psychiatric hospitals had shown violent behaviour towards others. Reported data from studies in Germany were considerably lower until now. However, studies referred to single hospitals and data quality was questionable. It is under discussion whether there is an increase of violent incidents. Methods: In a group of 10 hospitals serving about half of the population of the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg with 11...

NMR Studies on Li+, Na+ and K+ Complexes of Orthoester Cryptand o-Me2-1.1.1

René-Chris Brachvogel, Harald Maid & Max von Delius
Cryptands, a class of three-dimensional macrobicyclic hosts ideally suited for accommodating small guest ions, have played an important role in the early development of supramolecular chemistry. In contrast to related two-dimensional crown ethers, cryptands have so far only found limited applications, owing in large part to their relatively inefficient multistep synthesis. We have recently described a convenient one-pot, template synthesis of cryptands based on O,O,O-orthoesters acting as bridgeheads. Here we report variable-temperature, 1H-1D EXSY and...

Evidence for anion-binding of all-cis hexafluorocyclohexane in solution and solid state

Oleksandr Shyshov, Kevin Andre Siewerth & Max von Delius
We report a solution NMR and X-ray crystallographic study on the anion affinity of all-cis 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexafluorocyclohexane, which has only recently become synthetically accessible.

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