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Data from: Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation

Joseph I Hoffman, Kanchon Dasmahapatra, William Amos, Caleb Phillips, Tom Gelatt & John Bickham
Many studies use genetic markers to explore population structure and variability within species. However, only a minority use more than one type of marker and, despite increasing evidence of a strong link between heterozygosity and individual fitness, few ask whether diversity correlates with population trajectory. To address these issues, we analysed data from the Steller's sea lion, Eumetiopias jubatus, where three stocks are distributed over a vast geographic range and where both genetic samples and...

Data from: Predator-induced phenotypic plasticity within- and across-generations: a challenge for theory?

Matthew R. Walsh, Kelsey Biles, Frank Cooley & Stephan B. Munch
Much work has shown that the environment can induce non-genetic changes in phenotype that span multiple generations. Theory predicts that predictable environmental variation selects for both increased within- and across-generation responses. Yet, to the best of our knowledge, there are no empirical tests of this prediction. We explored the relationship between within- versus across-generation plasticity by evaluating the influence of predator cues on the life-history traits of Daphnia ambigua. We measured the duration of predator-induced...

Submission of 2017–2018 U.S. Fishery Statistics For the Western and Central Pacific Ocean and Other Areas to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

PIFSC Data Report ; DR-19-037

Endangered Species Act Section 7 Biological Opinion: Biorka Island Dock Replacement Project Sitka, Alaska

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; AKR-2017-9693

2015 Final Report on the Performance of the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery (May 2007 – April 2016)

Tammy Murphy, Gregory Ardini, Maria Vasta, Andrew W. Kitts, Chad K. Demarest, John Walden & Daniel Caless
Northeast Fisheries Science Center reference document ; 18-13

Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7(a)(2) Biological Opinion for Construction of the Tongass Narrows Project (Gravina Access)

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; AKRO-2018-01287

Serious Injury Determinations for Small Cetaceans and Pinnipeds Caught in Commercial Fisheries off the Northeast US Coast, 2013-2017

Elizabeth Josephson, Frederick W. Wenzel & Marjorie C Lyssikatos
Northeast Fisheries Science Center reference document ; 19-17

65th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (65th SAW) Assessment Report

Northeast Fisheries Science Center reference document ; 18-11

Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7(a)(2) Biological Opinion for City of Ketchikan Removal of Berth II Rock Pinnacle Project

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; AKRO-2019-00553

Interim Rule Specification of Annual catch Limits for Golden Tilefish (Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps) in the South Atlantic Region

Mary Janine Vara, Karla Gore, Rick DeVictor, Adam Scott Bailey, Christina Package-Ward, Tony Lamberte & Nikhil Mehta

Framework Action to the Fishery Management Plans for Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico and Coastal Migratory Pelagic Resources of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Headboat Electronic Reporting Requirements

John Froeschke, Rich Malinowski, Randy Blankinship, Kenneth Joseph Brennan, David Carter, Anik Clemens, Assagne Diagne, Nicholas Farmer, Susan D. Gerhart, Karla Gore, Stephen Holiman, Ava Lasseter, Christopher Liese, Kate Michie & Christina Package-Ward

Framework Amendment: Adjust Red Grouper Allowable Harvest

Steven Atran, Rich Malinowski, Michael Jepson, Assane Diagne & Ava Lasseter

Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program: Ocean and Climate Change Monitoring Summary American Samoa 2018

PIFSC data report ; DR-19-034

West Coast Fishing Communities Socio-Economic Data Model: technical documentation and guidelines for use

Aaron Mamula, Camille Kohler, Rosemary Kosaka, Anna Varney & Karma C. Norman
NOAA technical memorandum NMFS-SWFSC ; 621

Yolo Bypass Salmonid Habitat Restoration and Fish Passage Project

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2018-00241

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