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Endangered predators and endangered prey: seasonal diet of Southern Resident killer whales

Michael Ford, M. Bradley Hanson, Candice Emmons, Meredith Everett, Kim Parsons, Linda Park, Jennifer Hempelmann, Donald Van Doornik, Gregory Schorr, Jeffrey Jacobsen, Mark Sears, Maya Sears, John Sneva, Robin Baird & Lynne Barre
Understanding diet is critical for conservation of endangered predators. The Southern Resident killer whales (SRKW) (Orcinus orca) are an endangered population occurring primarily in the west coast and inland waters of Washington and British Columbia. Insufficient prey has been identified as a factor limiting their recovery, so a clear understanding of the whales’ seasonal diet is a high conservation priority. Previous studies have shown that their summer diet in inland waters consists primarily of Chinook...

Schuh Boat Lift

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2020-02137

Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7(a)(2) Biological Opinion City of Hoonah Marine Industrial Center Cargo Dock Project at Hoonah, Alaska NMFS Consultation Number: AKRO-2020-03675

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; AKRO-2020-03675

PSE Lower Baker Dam Seepage And Crest Projects

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2021-01118

Pier and Boatlift Install (NWS-2018-423, Harle)

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2019-03635

Port of Alaska’s South Floating Dock, Anchorage, Alaska

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; AKRO-2021-01051

Endangered Species Act - Section 7 Consultation Biological Opinion Maurice Gibb Memorial Park Fishing Pier Construction

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; SERO-2020-00452

Endangered Species Act - Section 7 Consultation Biological Opinion Dock Construction and Boat Lift Construction, Miami-Dade County, Florida

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; SERO-2020-00382

Endangered Species Act - Section 7 Consultation Biological Opinion New dock and boatlift, Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, Florida

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; SERO-2018-00200

Endangered Species Act - Section 7 Consultation Biological Opinion Riprap Installation and Dock Installation, Miami-Dade County, Florida

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; SERO-2020-01643

Data from: Titmice are a better indicator of bird density in Northern European than in Western European forests

Mira H. Kajanus, Jukka T. Forsman, Maximilian G. R. Vollstädt, Vincent Devictor, Merja Elo, Aleksi Lehikoinen, Mikko Mönkkönen, James T. Thorson & Sami M. Kivelä
Population sizes of many birds are declining alarmingly and methods for estimating fluctuations in species’ abundances at a large spatial scale are needed. The possibility to derive indicators from the tendency of specific species to co-occur with others has been overlooked. Here we tested whether the abundance of resident titmice can act as a general ecological indicator of forest bird density in European forests. Titmice species are easily identifiable and have a wide distribution, which...

City of Holly Hill Sunrise Park North Main Pier

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; SERO-2019-00635

MER 99 Livingston Median Widening Project CalTrans

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2018-01863

Wetland Fill (NWS-2019-434, Squires Landing Park)

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2020-00920

Big Sulpher Creek Bridge Replacement

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2019-03571

Endangered Species Act - Section 7 Consultation Biological Opinion Dock Construction and Boat Lift Construction, Miami-Dade County, Florida

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; SERO-2020-01469

Amendment 53 Analysis

Ocean acidification alters properties of the exoskeleton in adult tanner crabs, Chionoecetes bairdi

Gary Dickinson, Shai Bejerano, Trina Salvador, Christine Makdisi, Shrey Patel, W. Christopher Long, Katherine Swiney, Robert Foy, Brittan Steffel, Kathryn Smith & Richard Aronson
Ocean acidification can affect the ability of calcifying organisms to build and maintain mineralized tissue. In decapod crustaceans, the exoskeleton is a multilayered structure composed of chitin, protein, and mineral, predominately magnesian calcite or amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC). We investigated the effects of acidification on the exoskeleton of mature (post-terminal-molt) female southern Tanner crabs, Chionoecetes bairdi. Crabs were exposed to one of three pH levels—8.1, 7.8, or 7.5—for two years. Reduced pH led to a...

Sebastes genomic islands of divergence

Kristen Behrens, Quinn Girasek, Alex Sickler, John Hyde & Vincent Buonaccorsi
Depth separation is a proposed driver of speciation in marine fishes, with marine rockfish (genus Sebastes) providing a potentially informative study system. Sebastes rockfishes are commercially and ecologically important. This genus encompasses more than one hundred species and the ecological and morphological variance between these species provides opportunity for identifying speciation-driving adaptations, particularly along a depth gradient. A reduced-representation sequencing method (ddRADseq) was used to compare 95 individuals encompassing six Sebastes species. In this study,...

CNS isotope values in eye lenses for juvenile and adult Chinook Salmon

Miranda Bell Tilcock, Carson Jeffres, Andrew Rypel, Ted Sommer, Jacob Katz, George Whitman & Rachel Johnson
Tracking habitat use and dietary shifts in migratory species is vital to conservation and management. Yet conventional animal tracking often precludes tracking small juveniles at critical life-stages where recruitment bottlenecks often manifest. Stable isotope analysis (SIA) in consecutive laminae in eye lenses, a protein-rich depositional tissue, has emerged as a promising tool in fishes to develop long-term interpretive records of dietary histories using a single archival tissue. Currently, studies using fisheye lenses to study SIA...

Biological Opinion on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Registration Review of Pesticide Products containing Metolachlor and 1,3-Dichloropropene

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; OPR-2002-00003; OPR-2004-00002

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  • 2021

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  • National Marine Fisheries Service
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