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Interactions entre les différents protagonistes d’un documentaire et affirmations d’identités territoriales

Natacha Cyrulnik
Cinema & Território: Revista Internacional de Arte e Antropologia das Imagens, nº 3, 2018, 2-15.

Culture of SARS-CoV-2 in a panel of laboratory cell lines

Wurtz Nathalie, Gwilherm Penant & Bernard La Scola

Hydroxychloroquine recommendations toward the world : first evaluations


Control of common viral epidemics but not of SARS-CoV-2 through the application of hygiene and distancing measures

Audrey Giraud-Gatineau , Lancei Kaba & Didier Raoult

Epidemiological surveillance of respiratory viral infections at IHU Méditerranée Infection and its application to SARS-CoV-2


COVID Re-infection

Philippe BROUQUI, Philippe COLSON & Didier RAOULT

Severity of COVID-19 infection and different SARS-CoV-2 variants: current evidence

Thi Loi DAO, Van Thuan HOANG & Matthieu MILLION

What neo semeiology brings to the care of patient with COVID-19.

Philippe BROUQUI, Carole ELDIN, Sophia BOUDJEMA & Didier RAOULT

Heterogeneity in susceptibility to hydroxychloroquine of SARS-CoV-2 isolates

Céline BOSCHI & Marion LE BIDEAU

Pourquoi les femmes occupent-elles moins de postes à responsabilité ? Une analyse des promotions universitaires en économie (Policy Brief, n°14)

Clément Bosquet, Pierre-Philippe Combes & Cecilia Garcia-Penalosa
Si les écarts entre les hommes et les femmes de taux d'emploi global et de salaires, à caractéristiques observables données, dont le type d'emploi, sont devenus très faibles, il n'en reste pas moins que les femmes occupent moins fréquemment des postes à haute responsabilité, mieux rémunérés. Notre étude sur le monde académique français en sciences économiques montre que les femmes ne sont pas discriminées lors des concours de promotion mais qu'elles postulent de 30 à...

Genomics data for the week of February 24-26, 2021


Spreading of a new SARS-CoV-2 N501Y spike clone in a new lineage.

Philippe Colson, Anthony Levasseur & Didier Raoult

Early Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin in 10,429 COVID-19 2 Outpatients: A Monocentric Retrospective Cohort Study

Matthieu Million, Jean-Christophe Lagier & Hervé Tissot-Dupont

Data from: Surviving in mountain climate refugia: new insights from the genetic diversity and structure of the relict shrub Myrtus nivellei (Myrtaceae) in the Sahara desert

Jérémy Migliore, Alex Baumel, Marianick Juin, Bruno Fady, Anne Roig, Nathalie Duong & Frédéric Médail
The identification of past glacial refugia has become a key topic for conservation under environmental change, since they contribute importantly to shaping current patterns of biodiversity. However, little attention has been paid so far to interglacial refugia despite their key role for the survival of relict species currently occurring in climate refugia. Here, we focus on the genetic consequences of range contraction on the relict populations of the evergreen shrub Myrtus nivellei, endemic in the...

Data from: Regional paleoclimates and local consequences: Integrating GIS analysis of diachronic settlement patterns and process-based agroecosystem modeling of potential agricultural productivity in Provence (France)

Daniel Contreras, Eneko Hiriart, Alberte Bondeau, Alan Kirman, Joël Guiot, Loup Bernard, Romain Suarez, Sander Van Der Leeuw & Daniel A. Contreras
Holocene climate variability in the Mediterranean Basin is often cited as a potential driver of societal change, but the mechanisms of this putative influence are generally little explored. In this paper we integrate two tools - agro-ecosystem modeling of potential agricultural yields and spatial analysis of archaeological settlement pattern data - in order to examine the human consequences of past climatic changes. Focusing on a case study in Provence (France), we adapt an agro-ecosystem model...

Data from: Warming impacts on early life stages increase the vulnerability and delay the population recovery of a long-lived habitat-forming macroalga

Pol Capdevila, Bernat Hereu, Roberto Salguero-Gómez, Graciel·La Rovira, Alba Medrano, Emma Cebrian, Joaquim Garrabou, Diego K. Kersting & Cristina Linares
1. Understanding the combined effects of global and local stressors is crucial for conservation and management, yet challenging due to the different scales at which these stressors operate. Here we examine the effects of one of the most pervasive threats to marine biodiversity, ocean warming, on the early life stages of the habitat-forming macroalga Cystoseira zosteroides, its long-term consequences for population resilience and its combined effect with physical stressors. 2. First, we performed a controlled...

Redox controls RecA protein activity via reversible oxidation of its methionine residues

Benjamin Ezraty, Camille Henry, Frederic Barras, Laurent Loiseau, Alexandra Vergnes, Didier Vertommen, Angela Mérida-Floriano, Sindhu Chitteni-Pattu, Elizabeth Anne Wood, Josep Casadesús & Michael M. Cox
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) cause damage to DNA and proteins. The RecA protein plays a central role in the bacterial response to DNA damage. Here we report that RecA itself is also targeted by ROS. In vivo consequences of RecA oxidation include defects in SOS induction, DNA repair efficiency, and P1 transduction. In vitro, oxidized RecA fails to display ATPase activity, DNA strand exchange capacity and formation of nucleofilaments. Consistently, mass spectrometry analysis of oxidized...

Conservation genetics of Armeria belgenciencis

Alex Baumel, Frédéric Médail, Marianick Juin, Thibault Paquier, Marie Clares, Perrine Laffargue, Hélène Lutard, Lara Dixon & Mathias Pires
This the data set of the paper "Population genetic structure and management perspectives for Armeria belgenciencis, a narrow endemic plant from Provence (France)" published in Plant Ecology and Evolution: ###############. The genetic structure of Armeria belgenciensis and geographically close populations of Armeria arenaria was analyzed on the basis of 328 AFLP markers using model-based and model-free clustering methods. In addition, flowering phenology was estimated to address the possibility of pre-zygotic isolation between A. belgenciensis and...

Impact of smoking cessation, coffee and bread consumption on the intestinal microbial composition among Saudis: A cross-sectional study

Steve Harakeh, Ghada Ajabnoor, Sulaiman Alfadul, Suhad Bahijri, Turki Al Amri, Dipankar Bachar, Timokratis Karamitros, Suha Farraj, Emmanouil Angelakis, Ahmed Al-Hejin, Raoult Didier, Ahmed Mirza, Esam Azhar & Abdalla Ahmed
The gut microbiota is often affected by the dietary and lifestyle habits of the host, resulting in a better efficacy that favors energy harvesting from the consumed food. Our objective was to characterize the composition of gut microbiota in adult Saudis and investigate possible association with lifestyle and dietary practices. Feces from 104 Saudi volunteers (48% males) were tested for microbiota by sequencing the V3-V4 region of bacterial 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA). For all participants,...

Data from: Seasonal variability of groundwater level effects on the growth of Carex cinerascens in lake wetlands

Wenjuan Feng, Pierre Mariotte, Xu Ligang, Alexandre Buttler, Luca Bragazza, Jiahu Jiang & Mathieu Santonja
Groundwater level is crucial for wetland plant growth and reproduction, but the extent of its effect on plant growth can vary along with changed precipitation and temperature at different seasons. In this context, we investigated the effect of two groundwater levels (10 cm vs. 20 cm depth) on growth and reproductive parameters of Carex cinerascens, a dominant plant species in the Poyang Lake wetland, during three seasons (spring, summer and autumn) and during two consecutive...

Data from: Evidence for a genetic sex determination in Cnidaria, the Mediterranean red coral (Corallium rubrum)

Marine Pratlong, Anne Haguenauer, Sandrine Chenesseau, Kelly Brener, Guillaume Mitta, Eve Toulza, M. Bonabaud, S. Rialle, Didier Aurelle & Pierre Pontarotti
Sexual reproduction is widespread among eukaryotes, and the sex-determining processes vary greatly among species. While genetic sex determination (GSD) has been intensively described in bilaterian species, no example has yet been recorded among non-bilaterians. However, the quasi-ubiquitous repartition of GSD among multicellular species suggests that similar evolutionary forces can promote this system, and that these forces could occur also in non-bilaterians. Studying sex determination across the range of Metazoan diversity is indeed important to understand...

Data from: TAF4, a subunit of transcription factor II D, directs promoter occupancy of nuclear receptor HNF4A during post-natal hepatocyte differentiation

Daniil Alpern, Diana Langer, Benoit Ballester, Stephanie Le Gras, Christophe Romier, Gabrielle Mengus & Irwin Davidson
The functions of the TAF subunits of mammalian TFIID in physiological processes remain poorly characterised. Here we describe a novel function of TAFs in directing genomic occupancy of a transcriptional activator. Using liver-specific inactivation in mice, we show that the TAF4 subunit of TFIID is required for post-natal hepatocyte maturation. TAF4 promotes pre-initiation complex (PIC) formation at post-natal expressed liver function genes and down-regulates a subset of embryonic expressed genes by increased RNA polymerase II...

Data from: Introducing resprouters to enhance Mediterranean forest resilience: importance of functional traits to select species according to a gradient of pine density

Jordane Gavinet, Bernard Prévosto & Catherine Fernandez
Resprouter species are important for Mediterranean ecosystem resilience, but they are scarce in landscapes dominated by pioneer pines. Sound knowledge of resprouter seedling functional responses and establishment success across different pine habitats would help guide forest restoration efforts. Four broadleaved resprouter species, that is two shrubs – Arbutus unedo and Pistacia terebinthus – and two trees – Fraxinus ornus and Sorbus domestica – were planted under an experimentally created gradient of pine cover from totally...

Data from: Improving access and continuity of care for homeless people: how could general practitioners effectively contribute? results from a mixed study.

Maeva Jego, Dominique Grassineau, Hubert Balique, Anderson Loundou, Roland Sambuc, Alexandre Daguzan, Gaetan Gentile & Stéphanie Gentile
Objectives: To analyze the views of general practitioners (GPs) about how they can provide care to homeless people (HP) and to explore which measures could influence their views. Design: Mixed-methods design (qualitative –> quantitative (cross-sectional observational)  qualitative). Qualitative data were collected through semi-structured interviews; quantitative data were collected through questionnaires with closed questions. Quantitative data were analyzed with descriptive statistical analyses on SPPS; a content analysis was applied on qualitative data. Setting: primary care;...

Data from: Improving PCR detection of prey in molecular diet studies: importance of group-specific primer set selection and extraction protocol performances

Diane Zarzoso-Lacoste, Emmanuel Corse & Eric Vidal
While morphological identification of prey remains in feces of predators is the method most commonly used to study trophic interactions, many studies indicate that this method does not detect all consumed prey. Polymerase Chain Reaction based methods are increasingly used to detect prey DNA in the predator food bolus and have proved themselves efficient, with high accuracy. When studying complex diet samples, the extraction of total DNA is a critical step, as PCR inhibitors may...

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