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Data from: Evolution of nutrient resorption across the herbaceous genus Helianthus

Ashley M. Rea, Chase. M. Mason & Lisa A. Donovan
Foliar nutrient resorption is a key modulator of plant nutrient use. However, evolutionary patterns for nutrient resorption remain unclear, especially in herbs. We measured nitrogen and phosphorus resorption on pre-selected leaves across the Helianthus (sunflower) genus in a common garden in Athens, GA. We analyzed our data with published leaf traits and native habitat environmental data. Using phylogenetically-controlled analyses, we tested if (1) nutrient resorption correlates with leaf economic, vasculature, and defense traits through evolutionary...

Data from: Y-chromosomes can constrain adaptive evolution via epistatic interactions with other chromosomes

Ian C. Kutch & Kenneth M. Fedorka
Background: Variation in the non-coding regions of Y-chromosomes have been shown to influence gene regulation throughout the genome in some systems; a phenomenon termed Y-linked regulatory variation (YRV). This type of sex-specific genetic variance could have important implications for the evolution of male and female traits. If YRV contributes to the additive genetic variation of an autosomally coded trait shared between the sexes (e.g. body size), then selection could facilitate sexually dimorphic evolution via the...

Data from: Habitat or temporal isolation: unravelling herbivore-parasitoid speciation patterns using double digest RADseq

Y. Miles Zhang, Amber I.H. Bass, D. Catalina Fernandez, Barbara J. Sharanowski & Amber I. H. Bass
Ecological speciation is often observed in phytophagous insects and their parasitoids due to divergent selection caused by host-associated or temporal differences. Most previous studies have utilized limited genetic markers or distantly related species to look for reproductive barriers of speciation. In our study we focus on closely related species of Lygus bugs and two sister species of Peristenus parasitoid wasps. Using mitochondrial DNA COI and genome wide SNPs generated using ddRADseq, we tested for potential...

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  • 2018

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