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Data from: Thermal differences between juveniles and adults increased over time in European forest trees

Maria Mercedes Caron, Florian Zellweger, Kris Verheyen, Lander Baeten, Radim Hédl, Bernhardt-Römermann Markus, Imre Berki, Jörg Brunet, Guillaume Decocq, Sandra Díaz, Thomas Dirnböck, Tomasz Durak, Thilo Heinken, Bogdan Jaroszewicz, Martin Kopecký, Jonathan Lenoir, Martin Macek, Malicki Marek, František Máliš, Thomas Nagel, Michael Perring, Petr Petřík, Kamila Reczyńska, Remigiusz Pielech, Wolfgang Schmidt … & Pieter De Frenne
Woody species’ requirements and environmental sensitivity change from seedlings to adults, a process referred to as ontogenetic shift. Such shifts can be increased by climate change. To assess the changes in the difference of temperature experienced by seedlings and adults in the context of climate change, it is essential to have reliable climatic data over long periods that capture the thermal conditions experienced by the individuals throughout their life cycle. Here we used a unique...

Spis druków emblematycznych w Gabinecie Starych Druków Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Warszawie

Wojciech Kordyzon & Martyna Osuch
Pliki zawierają dane bibliograficzne druków emblematycznych lub innych starych druków dotyczących emblematyki pochodzących z kolekcji Gabinetu Starych Druków Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Warszawie. Przedstawiony spis nie jest wyczerpujący i będzie stopniowo uzupełniany.

Znaczenia nie da się oddzielić od ciała

Zofia Dworakowska
The text is a proposal to analyse the film Symphony of the Ursus Factory from three different perspectives: performance studies, qualitative research, and participatory art. Departing from a quote by the director, Jaśmina Wójcik, where she reminisces about her first encounters with the former employees of the factory, the author focuses on the issue of embodied knowledge. Through discussing different moments of the film and its visual and audial strategy, the author also shows how...

Data from: Within-species trait variation can lead to size limitations in seed dispersal of small-fruited plants

Finn Rehling, Bogdan Jaroszewicz, Leonie Braasch, Jörg Albrecht, Pedro Jordano, Jan Schlautmann, Nina Farwig & Dana Schabo
The inability of small-gaped animals to consume very large fruits may limit seed dispersal of the respective plants. This has often been shown for large-fruited plant species that remain poorly dispersed when large-gaped animal species are lost due to anthropogenic pressure. Little is known about whether gape-size limitations similarly influence seed dispersal of small-fruited plant species that can show a large variation in fruit size within species. In this study, fruit sizes of 15 plant...

The search for the Adamic language and the emergence of transcultural aspiration in the aftermath of the European maritime discoveries

Ewa Anna Łukaszyk & Marie-Luce Demonet


Agnieszka Kuniczuk-Trzcinowicz

Miszna o konsekwencjach pomyłek Sanhedrynu, arcykapłana lub rządzących

Roman Marcinkowski

Aktywność zewnętrzna podmiotów subpaństwowych na przykładzie Katalonii

Agata Rydzewska

Dyplomacja miast w świetle stref „wolnych od LGBT”

Agata Pyka

Data from: Observing frugivores or collecting scats: A method comparison to construct quantitative seed dispersal networks

Jan Schlautmann, Finn Rehling, Jörg Albrecht, Bogdan Jaroszewicz, Dana G. Schabo & Nina Farwig
Mutualistic interactions form the basis for many ecological processes and are often analyzed within the framework of ecological networks. These interactions can be sampled with a range of methods and first analyses of pollination networks sampled with different methods showed differences in common network metrics. However, it is yet unknown if metrics of seed dispersal networks are similarly affected by the sampling method and if different methods detect a complementary set of frugivores. This is...

Dyplomacja publiczna Ukrainy: aspekty instytucjonalne i programowe

Marharyta Blyzniuk

Data from: Long term effects of superoxide and DNA repair on lizard telomeres

Mats Olsson, Christopher R. Friesen, Nicky Rollings, Joanna Sudyka, Willow Lindsay, Camilla M. Whittington & Mark Wilson
Telomeres are the non-coding protein-nucleotide ‘caps’ at chromosome ends that contribute to chromosomal stability by protecting the coding parts of the linear DNA from shortening at cell division, and from erosion by reactive molecules. Recently, there has been some controversy between molecular and cell biologists, on the one hand, and evolutionary ecologists on the other, regarding whether reactive molecules erode telomeres during oxidative stress. Many studies of biochemistry and medicine have verified these relationships in...

Wspomnienie o bell hooks (1952-2021)

Katarzyna Szumlewicz & Aneta Ostaszewska

Data set: Institutionalisation and evolution of the Polish Eurolect and Polish Legislative Language

Łucja Biel
Data set for the paper "From national to supranational institutionalisation: A microdiachronic study of the post-accession evolution of the Polish Eurolect" (under review).The objective of this paper is to investigate the evolution of the Polish Eurolect, a supranational translator-mediated variety of legal Polish by: (1) analysing circumstances in which it emerged and took shape; and (2) tracking its development from the formative pre-accession to mature post-accession stage. The first part documents challenges faced at various...

Synantropizacja flory roślin naczyniowych rezerwatu Wieliszewskie Łęgi (środkowa Polska)

Piotr Zaniewski, Iwona Dembicz, Ewa Zaniewska, Agnieszka Kanabus & Łukasz Kozub

Pani Ula i pani prezydent. Cenzura jako mechanizm lokalnego życia teatralnego, przypadek „Nieskończonej historii” Uli Kijak w Teatrze Nowym w Zabrzu

Witold Mrozek
The article highlights an attempt at modifying the performance Unfished Story by Ula Kijak at the Teatr Nowy (New Theatre) in Zabrze in 2012 – after a protest by some local Catholic and right-wing activists, and also by the sponsors of the theatre. Jerzy Makselon, the managing director of the theatre, tried to organize a special non-public performance of the play with the Mayor of the City as an expert in order to decide on...

HIV/AIDS stigma and psychological well-being after 40 years of HIV/AIDS: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Marcin Rzeszutek, Ewa Gruszczyńska, Małgorzata Pięta & Paula Malinowska
Background: In June 2021, 40 years have passed since the first cases of HIV infection were detected. Nonetheless, people living with HIV (PLWH) still suffer from intense HIV-related distress and trauma, which is nowadays mostly linked to the still-existing stigmatization of PLWH. Objectives: The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to examine the association between HIV/AIDS stigma and psychological well-being among PLWH. We also explored whether this association varies as a function of...

Data for: Optical-domain spectral super-resolution via a quantum-memory-based time-frequency processor

Mateusz Mazelanik, Adam Leszczyński & Michał Parniak
Experimental data presented in the figures of the article: "Optical-domain spectral super-resolution via a quantum-memory-based time-frequency processor". The dataset contains results from the experimental investigation of two different approaches (Quantum Memory Temporal Imaging (QMTI) and Pulse-Division Time-Axis-Inversion (PuDATI) interferometer) to estimate frequency differences between two (narrow) spectral lines. Data is organized in a self-explanatory JSON format.Fig5.json - data from Figure 5 of the article. The main result of the article, showing a direct comparison of...

Kwestia autorytetu, czyli wspólne problemy sztuki partycypacyjnej i badań jakościowych

Zofia Dworakowska
The aim of the article is to examine possibilities of using the experience of the qualitative social research in developing more complex interpretation methods of participatory projects in theatre and performance art. Departing from the classical essay On Ethnographic Authority by James Clifford which traces different strategies that researchers use to represent the field reality in their writing, the author introduces the qualitative research trend and its reflexion. The author refers to different ways of...

Data for: 'Food quantity and quality shapes reproductive strategies of Daphnia'

Anna Bednarska
Data for the ms "Food quantity and quality shapes reproductive strategies of Daphnia". The reproductive strategies (i.e., investment in numbers versus size of the offspring) of Daphnia exposed to i) a low quantity of high quality food, and ii) an unrestricted quantity of low quality cyanobacterial food were tested. The second goal was to test which food level (i.e., how strong dietary restriction) causes similar changes in Daphnia life history as does the diet composed...

NO2 dataset over Poland and main Polish cities based on OMI observations (2010-2020), TROPOMI observations (2018 - 2021) and CAMS service (2018 - 2021)

Emeka Ugboma & Iwona Stachlewska
The dataset comprises the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) tropospheric column density obtained from the satellite instruments: Ozone Monitoring instrument (OMI) and Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI), as well as Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Services (CAMS) atmospheric data store. The dataset covers two domains: the entire Poland and the main Polish cities.The data set comprises four files:1. OMI_PL_cities.zip – a compressed archive containing 18943 Netcdf-4 format files, each in the form of 2-dim maps of pixels, each file contains...

Digital methods in archaeological research. Huarmey Valley case study

Julia Chyla
Dissertation and dataset present an archaeological study of the Huarmey Valley region, located on the northern coast of Peru. My work uses modern and innovative digital methods. My research focuses on better understanding the location of one of the most important sites in the valley, Castillo de Huarmey, by learning about the context in which it functioned. The Imperial Mausoleum located at the site, along with the burial chamber beneath it, is considered one of...

Contactless optical hygrometry in LACIS-T: supplementary data

Jakub L. Nowak, Robert Grosz, Wiebke Frey, Dennis Niedermeier, Jędrzej Mijas, Szymon P. Malinowski, Linda Ort, Silvio Schmalfuß, Frank Stratmann, Jens Voigtländer & Tadeusz Stacewicz
The dataset contains the results of the experiments perfomed with the Fast InfraRed Hygrometer (FIRH) at the Turbulent Leipzig Aerosol Cloud Interaction Simulator (LACIS-T) which are presented in the figures in the article "Contactless optical hygrometry in LACIS-T" submitted to Atmospheric Measurement Techniques.FIRH is an open-path optical sensor developed for high-resolution measurements of small-scale humidity fluctuations in turbulent atmospheric flows. The device employs open-path tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy at the wavelengths near 1364.6896 nm...

Nest-boxes alter the reproductive ecology of urban cavity-nesters in a species-dependent way

Joanna Sudyka, Irene Di Lecce, Lucyna Wojas, Patryk Rowiński & Marta Szulkin
Human-provided nesting shelters such as nest-boxes mitigate the shortage of natural breeding sites. Since artificial nests are not where animals evolved and optimised their reproductive performance, it remains inconclusive if these are adequate substitutes, ensuring equivalent fitness returns while breeding. In particular, most knowledge on the ecology of cavity-nesting birds comes from nest-box populations, but no study has directly compared fitness consequences of breeding inside nest-boxes in relation to natural cavities in cities. We directly...

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