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Data from: Intraneural stimulation elicits discrimination of textural features by artificial fingertip in intact and amputee humans

Calogero Maria Oddo, Stanisa Raspopovic, Fiorenzo Artoni, Alberto Mazzoni, Giacomo Spigler, Francesco Petrini, Giambattistelli Federica, Vecchio Fabrizio, Miraglia Francesca, Zollo Loredana, Giovanni Di Pino, Domenico Camboni, Maria Chiara Carrozza, Eugenio Guglielmelli, Paolo Maria Rossini, Ugo Faraguna & Silvestro Micera
Restoration of touch after hand amputation is a desirable feature of ideal prostheses. Here, we show that texture discrimination can be artificially provided in human subjects by implementing a neuromorphic real-time mechano-neuro-transduction (MNT), which emulates to some extent the firing dynamics of SA1 cutaneous afferents. The MNT process was used to modulate the temporal pattern of electrical spikes delivered to the human median nerve via percutaneous microstimulation in four intact subjects and via implanted intrafascicular...

Data from: A 45-second self-test for cardiorespiratory fitness: heart rate-based estimation in healthy individuals

Francesco Sartor, Matteo Bonato, Gabriele Papini, Andrea Bosio, Rahil A. Mohammed, Alberto G. Bonomi, Jonathan P. Moore, Giampiero Merati, Antonio La Torre & Hans-Peter Kubis
Cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF) is a widespread essential indicator in Sports Science as well as in Sports Medicine. This study aimed to develop and validate a prediction model for CRF based on a 45 second self-test, which can be conducted anywhere. Criterion validity, test re-test study was set up to accomplish our objectives. Data from 81 healthy volunteers (age: 29 ± 8 years, BMI: 24.0 ± 2.9), 18 of whom females, were used to validate this...

Data from: Linking disturbance and resistance to invasion via changes in biodiversity: a conceptual model and an experimental test on rocky reefs

Fabio Bulleri, Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Andrej Jaklin & Ljiljana Iveša
Biological invasions threaten biodiversity worldwide. Nonetheless, a unified theory linking disturbance and resistance to invasion through a mechanistic understanding of the changes caused to biodiversity is elusive. Building on different forms of the disturbance-biodiversity relationship and on the Biotic Resistance Hypothesis (BRH), we constructed conceptual models showing that, according to the main biodiversity mechanism generating invasion resistance (complementary vs. identity effects), disturbance can either promote or hinder invasion. Following the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH), moderate...

Data from: Like a pig out of water: seaborne spread of domestic pigs in Southern Italy and Sardinia during the Bronze and Iron Ages

Clelia Lega, Domenico Fulgione, Angelo Genovese, Lorenzo Rook, Marco Masseti, Meirav Meiri, Antonella Cinzia Marra, Francesco Carotenuto & Pasquale Raia
Southern Italy has a long history of human occupation and passage of different cultures since the Early Holocene. Repeated, ancient introductions of pigs in several geographic areas in Europe make it difficult to understand pig translocation and domestication in Italy. The archeozoological record may provide fundamental information on this, hence shedding light on peopling and on trading among different ancient cultures in the Mediterranean. Yet, because of the scanty nature of the fossil record, ancient...

Data from: Loss of genetic diversity and increased embryonic mortality in non-native lizard populations

Sozos N. Michaelides, Geoffrey M. While, Natalia Zajac, Fabien Aubret, Brittny Calsbeek, Roberto Sacchi, Marco A. L. Zuffi & Tobias Uller
Many populations are small and isolated with limited genetic variation and high risk of mating with close relatives. Inbreeding depression is suspected to contribute to extinction of wild populations, but the historical and demographic factors that contribute to reduced population viability are often difficult to tease apart. Replicated introduction events in non-native species can offer insights into this problem because they allow us to study how genetic variation and inbreeding depression are affected by demographic...

Data from: EEG theta dynamics within frontal and parietal cortices for error processing during reaching movements in a prism adaptation study altering visuo-motor predictive planning

Pieranna Arrighi, Luca Bonfiglio, Fabrizio Minichilli, Nicoletta Cantore, Maria Chiara Carboncini, Emily Piccotti, Bruno Rossi & Paolo Andre
Modulation of frontal midline theta (fmθ) is observed during error commission, but little is known about the role of theta oscillations in correcting motor behaviours. We investigate EEG activity of healthy partipants executing a reaching task under variable degrees of prism-induced visuo-motor distortion and visual occlusion of the initial arm trajectory. This task introduces directional errors of different magnitudes. The discrepancy between predicted and actual movement directions (i.e. the error), at the time when visual...

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