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Combining conservation status and species distribution models for planning assisted colonisation under climate change

Gabriele Casazza, Thomas Abeli, Gianluigi Bacchetta, Davide Dagnino, Giuseppe Fenu, Domenico Gargano, Luigi Minuto, Chiara Montagnani, Simone Orsenigo, Lorenzo Peruzzi, Lucia Varaldo & Graziano Rossi
Effects of climate change are particularly important in the Mediterranean Biodiversity hotspot where rising temperatures and drought are negatively affecting several plant taxa, including endemic species. Assisted Colonisation (AC) represents a useful tool for reducing the effect of climate change on endemic plant species threatened by climate change. We combined SDMs for 188 taxa endemic to Italy with the IUCN red listing range loss threshold under criterion A (30%) to define: a) the number of...

Genome-wide markers redeem the lost identity of a heavily managed gamebird

Qian Tang, Giovanni Forcina, Qian Tang, Emilie Cros, Monica Guerrini, Frank Rheindt & Filippo Barbanera
Heavily managed wildlife may suffer from genetic homogenisation and reshuffling of locally adapted genotypes with non-native ones. This phenomenon often affects natural populations by reducing their evolutionary potential and speeding up the ongoing biodiversity crisis. For decades, the red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa), an intensively managed gamebird of conservation concern and considerable socio-economic importance, has been subjected to extensive releases of farm-reared hybrids with the chukar partridge (A. chukar) and translocations irrespective of subspecific affinity. These...

AI3SD Video: Explainable Machine Learning for Trustworthy AI

Fosca Giannotti
Black box AI systems for automated decision making, often based on machine learning over (big) data, map a userĂ¢s features into a class or a score without exposing the reasons why. This is problematic not only for the lack of transparency, but also for possible biases inherited by the algorithms from human prejudices and collection artifacts hidden in the training data, which may lead to unfair or wrong decisions. The future of AI lies in...

Data from: Climate shapes the geographic distribution and introgressive spread of colour ornamentation in common wall lizards

Maravillas Ruiz Minano, Geoffrey While, Weizhao Yang, Christopher Burridge, Roberto Sacchi, Marco Zuffi, Stefano Scali, Daniele Salvi & Tobias Uller
Climate can exert an effect on the strength of sexual selection, but empirical evidence is limited. Here, we tested if climate predicts the geographic distribution and introgressive spread of sexually selected male colour ornamentation across 114 populations of the common wall lizard, Podarcis muralis. Colouration was highly structured across the landscape, and did not reflect genetic differentiation. Instead, colour ornamentation was consistently exaggerated in hot and dry environments, suggesting that climate-driven selection maintains geographic variation...

The Modernist Iconography of Sleep. Leo Steinberg, Picasso and The Representation of States of Consciousness

Marcello Sessa

Managing biotic interactions during early seagrass life-stages to improve seed-based restoration

Elena Balestri, Virginia Menicagli & Claudio Lardicci
1. Seagrasses are declining globally, and effective restoration actions to promote the recovery of degraded meadows are urgently needed. Harnessing positive plant interactions during early life stages is considered a valuable strategy to improve terrestrial and coastal habitat restoration. Yet, its application to seagrass restoration is still in infancy, and very little is known on the role played by biotic interactions in shaping newly established populations. 2. We assessed the feasibility of manipulating intra- and...

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