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Data supporting the publication \"Coherence time of a cold-atom laser below threshold\"

Jonathan Goldwin

Transcriptions and apparatus of Greek manuscripts of 2 Thessalonians

Grant Edwards

NCI Spectal data for PLOS One 'Machine learning utilising spectral derivative data improves cellular health classification through hyperspectral infra-red spectroscopy' publication

Ben Mellors & Hamid Dehghani

Research data supporting 'Ethyl lactate production from the catalytic depolymerisation of post-consumer poly(lactic acid)'

Luis Antonio Román-Ramírez, Mark Powders, Paul McKeown, Matthew Jones & Joseph Wood

LAMMPS code for \"Simulation of Pandemics in Real-cities: Enhanced and Accurate Digital-labs\"

Alessio Alexiadis

Palaeontological and Geochemical data supporting \"Raine et al, 2020. Uppermost Triassic to Lower Jurassic stratigraphy in the Lough Foyle Basin of Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association\"

Robert Raine, Ian Boomer, Jim Fenton, Azrin Azmi & Philip Copestake

Research data supporting \"Distinct chemical and mineralogical composition of Icelandic dust compared to Northern African and Asian dust\"

Clarissa Baldo

Research Data Supporting the publication \"On the Dependency of Atlantic Hurricane and European Windstorm Hazards\"

Michael Angus & Gregor C. Leckebusch

Research data supporting ” Source Apportionment of Carbonaceous Aerosols in Beijing with Radiocarbon and Organic Tracers: Insight into the Differences between Urban and Rural Sites”

Roy Harrison, Siqi Hou & Jingsha Xu

Research data supporting the publication \"Detection of human auditory evoked brain signals with a resilient nonlinear optically pumped\" magnetometer

Anna Kowalczyk, Yulia Bezsudnova, Ole Jensen & Giovanni Barontini

Potential evolutionary trade-off between feeding and stability in Cambrian cinctan echinoderms

Imran Rahman, James O'Shea, Stephan Lautenschlager & Samuel Zamora
Reconstructing the function and behaviour of extinct groups of echinoderms is problematic because there are no modern analogues for their aberrant body plans. Cinctans, an enigmatic group of Cambrian echinoderms, exemplify this problem: their asymmetrical body plan differentiates them from all living species. Here, we used computational fluid dynamics to analyse the functional performance of cinctans without assuming an extant comparative model. Three-dimensional models of six species from across cinctan phylogeny were used in computer...

Morphological convergence obscures functional diversity in sabre-toothed carnivores

Stephan Lautenschlager, Stephan Lautenschlager, Borja Figueirido, Daniel Cashmore, Eva-Maria Bendel & Thomas Stubbs
The acquisition of elongated, sabre-like canines in multiple vertebrate clades during the last 265 million years represents a remarkable example for convergent evolution. Due to striking superficial similarities in the cranial skeleton, the same or similar skull and jaw functions have been inferred for sabre-toothed species and interpreted as an adaptation to subdue large-bodied prey. However, although some sabre-tooth lineages have been classified into different ecomorphs (dirk-tooths and scimitar-tooths) the functional diversity within and between...

Data from: Climatic drivers of latitudinal variation in Late Triassic tetrapod diversity

Emma Dunne, Alexander Farnsworth, Sarah Greene, Daniel Lunt & Richard Butler
The latitudinal biodiversity gradient (LBG), the increase in biodiversity from the poles to the equator, is one of the most widely recognised global macroecological patterns, yet its deep time evolution and drivers remain uncertain. The Late Triassic (237–201 million years ago), a critical interval for the early evolution and radiation of modern tetrapod groups (e.g. crocodylomorphs, dinosaurs, mammaliamorphs), offers a unique opportunity to explore the palaeolatitudinal patterns of tetrapod diversity since it is extensively sampled...

The apparent exponential radiation of Phanerozoic land vertebrates is an artefact of spatial sampling biases

Roger Close, Roger Benson, John Alroy, Matthew Carrano, Terri Cleary, Emma Dunne, Philip Mannion, Mark Uhen & Richard Butler
There is no consensus about how terrestrial biodiversity was assembled through deep time, and in particular whether it has risen exponentially over the Phanerozoic. Using a database of 38,711 fossil occurrences, we show that the spatial extent of the ‘global’ terrestrial tetrapod fossil record itself expands exponentially through the Phanerozoic, and that this spatial variation explains around 75% of the variation in known fossil species counts. Controlling for this bias, we find that regional-scale terrestrial...

Tertullian's citations of the New Testament outside the gospels

Benjamin Haupt
A spreadsheet collecting references to the books of the New Testament (apart from the Gospels) made by the Latin author Tertullian. This data underlies and is referenced in the PhD thesis "Tertullian's Text of the New Testament outside the Gospels" available at: https://etheses.bham.ac.uk//id/eprint/9608/

Research data supporting ‘Stratigraphy, palaeoenvironments and geochemistry across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary transition at Carnduff, County Antrim, Northern Ireland’

Ian Boomer, Matt O'Callaghan, Philip Copestake, Azrin Binti Azmi, Jim Fenton, Robert J. Raine & Kevin Page
Geochemical and Micropalaeontolgoical data associated with the above Publication

Magna Carta digital edition website

David Parker, Michelle Brown, Courtnay Konshuh & Hugh Houghton

Lithium-ion battery disassembly challenges diagram

Gavin Harper

The Protevangelium Iacobi: transcriptions and apparatus

Christopher Robert Dennis Jordan & Alison Sarah Welsby

Research data supporting \"Approaching text genre: How contextualized experience shapes task-specific performance\"

Petar Milin & Filip Nenadić

English translation of the palimpsest undertext of Codex Zacynthius

Hugh Houghton, Robert Ferro & Catherine Smith

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