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Data from: Knowledge, provision of information and barriers to high quality medication abortion provision by pharmacists in Uttar Pradesh, India

Nadia Diamond-Smith, Joanna Percher, Malvika Saxena, Pravesh Dwivedi & Aradhana Srivastava
Background: Almost three quarters of the 16 millions abortions in India were medication abortion (MA) purchased outside of facilities. Past research has shown low quality of care given to clients seeking MA from pharmacists in this setting. Most purchasers of MA from pharmacies in India are men, further complicating the pathway to high quality information for women taking MA. Developing interventions that can improve the information and quality of interactions for women obtaining MA through...

Chemical evidence of preserved collagen in a 54-million-year-old fish vertebrae

Suryendu Dutta, Sumit Kumar, Hukam Singh, Mahasin Khan, Amalan Barai, Anuradha Tewari, Rajendra Rana, Subir Bera, Shamik Sen & Ashoke Sahni
Collagens are the most abundant protein in the animal kingdom. Collagens form the structural framework of connective tissues such as bones, tendons and skin and play important biomechanical role in supporting tissue functions. The preservation of collagen in deep time is a topic of intense debate. Here we provide indisputable evidence of the presence of collagen in Early Eocene fish vertebrae using online pyrolysis-comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry and immunofluorescence studies. The presence...

Data from: Conflict between morphological and molecular data: a case study of Ficus krishnae (Moraceae)

Kumar K. Anand, Satya N. Jena, Lal B. Chaudhary & Munna Singh
Ficus krishnae, considered as highly sacred plant species in India, is well known for its peculiar nature of cup-shaped leaves. The species distinctly differs from its allied species F. benghalensis not only in the cup formation in leaves but also in the height of plants, aerial roots, stipules, petiole and its leafy appendages, ostiolar bracts of the receptacle and pollinator wasps, in addition to slight differences in the karyotype, DNA contents, stomatal and parenchymatous cells...

Evidence of Land-Sea Interaction during Mid-Late Holocene from Sedimentary Records, Western India

Upasana S. Banerji, Ravi Bhushan & Shilpa Pandey

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  • University of Lucknow
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