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Data from: Do neophobia and dietary wariness explain ecological flexibility? An analysis with two seed-eating birds of contrasting habits

Sergio R. Camín, Valeria Martín-Albarracín, María Milagros Jefferies & Luis Marone
The neophobia threshold hypothesis (NTH) suggests that the acquisition and maintenance of a high behavioral and ecological flexibility in the evolutionary and adaptive history of a species is the consequence of lower levels of neophobia towards new micro-habitats and of dietary wariness of novel foods. To test this idea we assessed the degree of neophobia and dietary wariness in two seed-eating bird species with contrasting degrees of ecological flexibility that inhabit the central Monte desert...

Data from: Quantifying \"apparent\" impact and distinguishing impact from invasiveness in multispecies plant invasions

Dean E. Pearson, Yvette K. Ortega, Ozkan Eren & Jose L. Hierro
The quantification of invader impacts remains a major hurdle to understanding and managing invasions. Here, we demonstrate a method for quantifying the community-level impact of multiple plant invaders by applying Parker et al.'s (1999) equation (impact = range x local abundance x per capita effect or per unit effect) using data from 620 survey plots from 31 grasslands across west-central Montana, USA. In testing for interactive effects of multiple invaders on native plant abundance (percent...

Data from: Extinction debt of a common shrub in a fragmented landscape

Juan P. González-Varo, Rafael G. Albaladejo, Marcelo A. Aizen, Juan Arroyo & Abelardo Aparicio
1. Environmental stochasticity and low demographic rates may cause delayed extinctions of habitat-specialist species that were initially retained within remnant patches after habitat loss and fragmentation. Detecting such extinction debts opens opportunities to counteract future biodiversity loss, yet knowing the underlying causes of population declines is a basic need for targeting specific guidelines for conservation and restoration (e.g. habitat quantity, quality, or connectivity). 2. Here, we examine the extinction debt in the common Mediterranean shrub...

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