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Data from: Increased nitrogen input enhances Kandelia obovata seedling growth in the presence of invasive Spartina alterniflora in subtropical regions of China

Xiaowei Cui, Weimin Song, Jianxiang Feng, Dai Jia, Jiemin Guo, Zhonglei Wang, Hao Wu, Fei Qi, Jie Liang & Guanghui Lin
Mangroves in China are severely affected by the rapid invasion of the non-native species Spartina alterniflora. Although many studies have addressed the possible impacts of S. alterniflora on the performance of mangrove seedlings, how excessive nitrogen (N) input due to eutrophication affects the interactions between mangrove species and S. alterniflora remains unknown. Here, we report the results from a mesocosm experiment using seedlings of the native mangrove species Kandelia obovata and the exotic S. alterniflora...

Data from: Choosing wavelet methods, filters, and lengths for functional brain network construction

Zitong Zhang, Qawi K. Telesford, Chad Giusti, Kelvin O. Lim & Danielle S. Bassett
Wavelet methods are widely used to decompose fMRI, EEG, or MEG signals into time series representing neurophysiological activity in fixed frequency bands. Using these time series, one can estimate frequency-band specific functional connectivity between sensors or regions of interest, and thereby construct functional brain networks that can be examined from a graph theoretic perspective. Despite their common use, however, practical guidelines for the choice of wavelet method, filter, and length have remained largely undelineated. Here,...

Data from: Promise and challenge of DNA barcoding in Venus slipper (Paphiopedilum)

Zhong-Jian Liu, Xiao-Quan Wang, Lai-Qiang Huang & Yan-Yan Guo
Orchidaceae are one of the largest families of flowering plants, with over 27,000 species described and all orchids are listed in CITES. Moreover, the seedlings of orchid species from the same genus are similar. The objective of DNA barcoding is rapid, accurate, and automated species identification, which may be used to identify illegally traded endangered species from vegetative specimens of Paphiopedilum (Venus slipper), a flagship group for plant conservation with high ornamental and commercial values....

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  • 2016

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