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Cell wall thickness and composition are involved in photosynthetic limitation

Jaume Flexas, María José Clemente-Moreno, Josefina Bota, Tim J. Brodribb, Jorge Gago, Yusuke Mizokami, Miquel Nadal, Alicia V. Perera-Castro, Margalida Roig-Oliver, Daisuke Sugiura, Dongliang Xiong & Marc Carriquí
The key role of cell walls in setting mesophyll conductance to CO2 (gm) and, consequently, photosynthesis, is reviewed. First, the theoretical properties of cell walls that can affect gm are presented. Then, we focus on cell wall thickness (Tcw) reviewing empirical evidence showing that Tcw varies strongly among species and phylogenetic groups in a way that correlates with gm and photosynthesis i.e. the thicker the mesophyll cell walls, the lower gm and photosynthesis. Potential interplays...

Mediators’ and Disputing Parties’ Perceptions of Trust‐Building in Family Mediation

Joan Albert Riera Adrover, Maria Elena Cuartero Castaner & Juan Jose Montano Moreno

A meta‐analysis of insularity effects on herbivory and plant defences

Xoaquín Moreira, Bastien Castagneyrol, Carlos García‐Verdugo & Luis Abdala‐Roberts
Aim: Plants on islands are often subjected to lower levels of herbivory relative to those at mainland sites. As a consequence, island plants are predicted to exhibit lower levels of physical and chemical defences, which renders them more susceptible to introduced herbivores. Yet, instances of high pressure by superabundant herbivores native to islands have been reported in many insular systems, which presumably would result in heightened plant defences. To date, no quantitative review has been...

Convergent tip-to-base widening of water-conducting conduits in the tallest bryophytes

Erin Bok, Jordan Gregory, Timothy Brodribb & Marc Carriquí
Background: Tip-to-base conduit widening is considered a key mechanism that enables vascular plants to grow tall by decreasing the hydraulic resistance imposed by increasing height. Widening of hydraulic anatomy (larger conducting elements towards the base of the vascular system) minimizes gradients in leaf-specific hydraulic conductance with plant height, allowing uniform photosynthesis across the crown of trees. Tip-to-base conduit widening has also been associated with changes in conduit number. However, in bryophytes, despite having representatives with...

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  • 2021

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