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Data from: Emissions and char quality of flame-curtain \"Kon Tiki\" kilns for farmer-scale charcoal/biochar production

Gerard Cornelissen, Naba Raj Pandit, Paul Taylor, Bishnu Pandit, Magnus Sparrevik & Hans Peter Schmidt
Pyrolysis of organic waste or woody materials yields charcoal, a stable carbonaceous product that can be used for cooking or mixed into soil, in the latter case often termed "biochar". Traditional kiln technologies often used for charcoal production are slow and without treatment of the pyrolysis gases, . This resultings in emissions of gases (mainly methane and carbon monoxide) and aerosols that are both toxic and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, the most important being...

Data from: Transgenerational plasticity of reproduction depends on rate of warming across generations

Jennifer M. Donelson, Marian Wong, David J. Booth & Philip L. Munday
Predicting the impacts of climate change to biological systems requires an understanding of the ability for species to acclimate to the projected environmental change through phenotypic plasticity. Determining the effects of higher temperatures on individual performance is made more complex by the potential for environmental conditions experienced in previous and current generations to independently affect phenotypic responses to high temperatures. We used a model coral reef fish (Acanthochromis polyacanthus) to investigate the influence of thermal...

Data from: Anthracycline drugs on modified surface of quercetin-loaded polymer nanoparticles: a dual drug delivery model for cancer treatment

Chabita Saha, Agrima Kaushik, Asmita Das, Sandip Pal & Debashis Majumder
Polymer nanoparticles are vehicles used for delivery of hydrophobic anti-cancer drugs, like doxorubicin, paclitaxel or chemopreventors like quercetin (Q). The present study deals with the synthesis and characterisation of nano formulations (NFs) from Q loaded PLGA (poly lactic-co-glycolic acid) nano particles (NPs) by surface modification. The surface of Q-loaded (NPs) is modified by coating with biopolymers like bovine serum albumin (BSA) or histones (His). Conventional chemotherapeutic drugs adriamycin (ADR) and mitoxantrone (MTX) are bound to...

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  • 2016

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