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DRAM: A three-dimensional analytical model for the mobilisation of root reinforcement in direct shear conditions – Data repository

Gerrit Meijer, Jonathan Knappett, Glyn Bengough, Daniel Bull, Teng Liang & David Muir Wood
This dataset contains data of experiments underlying the work presented in the linked Ecological Engineering journal publication (DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2022.106621). Source code for the DRAM model (written in R) can be found in a separate repository (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6375587).

LGBT+ Experiences of Custody: Gender Non-Conformity in Overtly Gendered Social Spaces

Scott McMillan
LGBT+ people are evidenced globally as being negatively impacted by the criminal justice system and face specific challenges within custodial settings due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, in what are inherently heteronormative and overtly masculine spaces culturally, and where hard lines between sex and gender are actively enforced and even reified in policy and practice at the institutional level. This dissertation sought to explore the experience of LGBT+ people in UK prisons relative...

Multiple and Multi-dimensional Transitions of Healthcare Graduates due to COVID-19

Divya Jindal-Snape
Poster related to a study exploring the ongoing multiple and multi-dimensional transitions experienced by medicine, nursing and dentistry students due to graduate in summer 2020.

Relationships Between Skin and Fabric, with attention to experimental materials recreating skin-like qualities

Yingying Ren
There seems a natural connection between human bodies, animal bodies, and books, not least because they are all containers, vessels of knowledge and experience. So I explored this year many materials that have skin-like qualities. And I began to think about how fabrics are like a second skin, worn to cover the human skin underneath. And I investigated how these exploratory materials might become something like prosthetics, or barriers and protection from anything touching the...

Designing Appropriately for Optimum Environments to Care for Dementia/Alzheimer’s Residents

Ziyue Tao
According to the World Health Organization, dementia is now the fifth largest killer in the world, although dementia is the number one killer in some wealthier countries. Globally, 50 million people suffer from this disease, but due to an aging population, this number is expected to increase to 130 by 2050 million. The 2020 dementia study on Chinese people over 60 years old shows that there are approximately 15.07 million people with dementia among Chinese...

Sun narrative monetary policy index for China

Rongrong Sun
Sun (2018) develops a narrative index to comprehensively measure the PBC's policy stance (Sun-MP index), based on the additional information on policy-makers’ intentions extracted from the PBC's documents. It is a five-value index on a quarterly basis. The policy stance of -2 stands for strong easing, indicating a strong emphasis on promoting real growth; 2 for strong tightening that indicates a strong policy emphasis on inflation reduction; -1 for easing and 1 for tightening, indicating...

Why are the phenotypes of TRAF6 knock-in and TRAF6 knock-out mice so different?

Tsvetana Petrova, Kyle Bennett, Sambit Nanda, Sam Strickson, Cheryl Scudamore & Alan R Prescott
The expression of TNF-Receptor Associated Factor 6 (TRAF6) is essential for many physiological processes. Here we studied the phenotype of TRAF6[L74H] knock-in mice which are devoid of TRAF6 E3 ligase activity in every cell of the body, but express normal levels of the TRAF6 protein. Remarkably, TRAF6[L74H] mice have none of the phenotypes seen in TRAF6 KO mice. Instead TRAF6[L74H] mice display an entirely different phenotype, exhibiting autoimmunity, and severe inflammation of the skin and...

Study of the effect of DNA-Methylation on meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana and barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Adeline Sourdille
Meiotic recombination underpins both applied plant breeding and gene mapping in fundamental research. However, in large-genome crops such as cereals (including barley; Hordeum vulgare), recombination generally occurs close to the telomeres with around 30% of the genes rarely, if ever, recombining. Understanding recombination in cereals is therefore crucial. So far, most meiotic research in plants has focused on understanding mechanistic aspects of the formation of crossovers (CO), but little has been centred on the effect...

Ground Truth Data Set of UK Ignitable Liquids at varying degrees of evaporation

Jonathan Miller & Niamh NicDaeid
A ground truth data set of ignitable liquids in varying degrees of evaporation. Data points represent samples of ignitable liquids analysed by GCMS equipment. This data set serves as a reference collection for fire investigation.

Klingelhöfer-Sun narrative macroprudential policy index for China

Rongrong Sun & Jan Klingelhöfer
Klingelhöfer and Sun (2019) develop a narrative index (Klingelhöfer-Sun-MPP index) on a monthly basis over the 2000-2015 period to measure the PBC's macroprudential policy stance. It is comprised of four policy tool indicators (required reserve ratio, window guidance, housing policy, supervision) and one overall indicator. It is a three-value index. The policy stance of 1 stands for tightening, indicating that policy actions are taken to promot financial stability; 0 for a neutral macroprudential policy stance;...

Exploring the molecular basis of host specific dynamic adaptation in Phytophthora capsici

Michael Cummins
Some of the worlds most devastating plant pathogens are those with broad host ranges (Kamoun et al., 2015, Dean et al., 2012). Yet there has been little investigation into the molecular mechanisms that enable broad host range (Mbengue et al., 2016). Phytophthora capsici is an oomycete plant pathogen with a broad host range and is well placed to become a model organism for the investigation of the mechanisms of host range and dynamic adaption in...

Mechanical energy fluctuation in lower limbs during walking in participants with and without total hip replacement

Weijie Wang
Mechanical energy fluctuation of the lower limbs during walking has not been fully investigated. It was hypothesised that the segments of the lower limbs may work as a pendulum, i.e., the kinetic and potential energies exchanged out of phase. This study aimed to investigate energy changes and recovery during gait. The gait data for 12 participants with total-hip-replacement and 12 an age-matched control was compared. The kinetic, potential, and rotative energies for whole lower limb...

A Bliss Writing System

Palatuwa Nandadasa
Being able to communicate in the natural environment and sufficiently meet daily communication needs is the essence of communication. The majority of the population in the world does not think about the mechanics required to communicate effectively. However, there is a significant number of people who experience difficulties in communication due to speech and/or cognitive impairments. Alternative methods of communication can be used to help people with disabilities to maximise the competence of communication. These...

Individual and Work Environment Factors that Influence Nursing Faculties’ Well-being, Engagement and Intention to Remain

Alya Alghamdi
Background: Saudi Arabian higher education institutions are facing major problems in retaining nursing faculty members. The reasons for this are unclear and there is limited literature specific to the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. Methods/Design: This current study adopted a mixed methods approach (sequential, explanatory) to understand the factors that contribute to the retention of nursing staff in higher education institutions in Saudi Arabia. This research was carried out in four phases–two scoping and a...

Visual Narration in Comics and Graphic Novels

Yufei Gong
The past year I have investigated storyboards and the processes of visual narration. I have also looked at illustration, and the first experiment in photo-etching. I see visual narration as influenced by the camera's framing, and through the use of the imaginary camera, I have drawn storyboards and made many pages of compositions.

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