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Surface phase metastability during Langmuir evaporation: dataset

Kennet Hannikainen, Daniel Gomez, Juan Pereiro, Yuran R Niu & David E Jesson
We have directly imaged the spontaneous formation of metastable surface phase domains on GaAs(001) during Langmuir evaporation. Eventually, these metastable phases transform to the thermodynamically stable parent phase, producing a dynamic phase coexistence with a temperature dependent, time-averaged coverage. Monte Carlo simulations are used to identify the key kinetic processes and investigate the interplay between phase metastability and evolving surface morphology. This is used to explain the measured temperature dependence of the time-averaged coverage. Data...

Polymorphism of L-Tryptophan: data

Okba Al Rahal, Colan E Hughes, P Andrew Williams, Andrew J Logsdail, Yael Diskin-Posner & Kenneth D M Harris
A new polymorph of L‑tryptophan has been prepared by crystallization from the gas phase, with structure determination carried out directly from powder XRD data augmented by periodic DFT-D calculations. The new polymorph (denoted β) and the previously reported polymorph (denoted α) are both based on alternating hydrophilic and hydrophobic layers, but with substantially different hydrogen-bonding arrangements. The β polymorph exhibits the energetically favourable L2-L2 hydrogen-bonding arrangement, which is unprecedented for amino acids with aromatic side-chains;...

Fractional frequency shift data for a additive manufactured cylindrical microwave resonant cavity between 6 - 450 K, for the assessment of thermal expansion coefficient

Richard Gumbleton, Jerome A Cuenca, Georgina M Klemencic, Nick Jones & Adrian Porch
The relatively poor microwave electrical conductivity of additive manufactured AlSi10Mg results in many applications relying on the use of post processing in the form of silver plating. For space & satellite application, extreme thermal cycling can cause expansion of the component and the silver plating at different rates. In addition to this, extreme thermal expansion of the component can lead to changes in operating frequency. Therefore, assessment of the thermal properties of AlSi10Mg is of...

An indicator-based problem reduction scheme for coupled reactive transport models - dataset

Brubeck L Freeman, Peter Cleall & Anthony D Jefferson
A significant number of transport models have been developed for the simulation of chemical transport in porous media. However, the computational cost can become prohibitively expensive when a problem comprises multiple chemical species; particularly if transport is considered within a significant domain over a long time period. This dataset contains the results produced by a numerical model employing a new indicator-based multi-order problem reduction scheme (PRS) that adresses this issue, as well as those of...

Dynamic malware analysis kernel and user-level calls - dataset

Matthew A Nunes
This dataset consists of all the API calls gathered for the paper titled "Getting to the root of the problem: A detailed comparison of kernel and user level data for dynamic malware analysis". The Cuckoo data provided is the standard data the Cuckoo returns after each analysis, the main element used from the data returned was the API stats in report.json. The kernel data is global system call data (all system calls made by all...

New insights for the valorisation of glycerol over MgO catalysts in the gas-phase - dataset

Louise R Smith, Paul J Smith, Karl S Mugford, John Mark Douthwaite, Nicholas F Dummer, David J Willock, Mark Howard, David W Knight, Stuart H Taylor & Graham J Hutchings
Glycerol, a waste product from bio-diesel production can be transformed over catalysts to methanol and other products without the need for gaseous hydrogen. Representative datasets compliment the published data contained in the table and figures. These include the chromatograms which show the components of the reaction mixture, thermal gravimetric analysis of used catalysts to show the release of carbon build up and X-ray diffraction patterns of the catalysts to show their structural identity. The chromatograms...

Privacy Risk Awareness when Sharing Location Information on Online Social Networks

Alia I Abdelmoty & Fatma S Al-Rayes
The result of a study involving 715 anonymous participants. The study is in the form of 10 scenarios in which participants were asked to say how likely they were to share their location. The study also involved the participants' responses to open-ended questions in which they were able to justify their sharing decisions and add additional information about their sharing habits.

Data from: Phenology of farmland floral resources reveals seasonal gaps in nectar availability for bumblebees

Thomas P. Timberlake, Ian P. Vaughan & Jane Memmott
Floral resources are known to be important in regulating wild pollinator populations and are therefore an important component of agri‐environment and restoration schemes which aim to support pollinators and their associated services. However, the phenology of floral resources is often overlooked in these schemes – a factor which may be limiting their success. Our study characterises and quantifies the phenology of nectar resources at the whole‐farm scale on replicate farms in Southwestern UK throughout the...

Data from: Plant species roles in pollination networks: an experimental approach

Kate Pereira Maia, I.P. Vaughan & Jane Memmott
Pollination is an important ecosystem service threatened by current pollinator declines, making flower planting schemes an important strategy to recover pollination function. However, ecologists rarely test the attractiveness of chosen plants to pollinators in the field. Here, we experimentally test whether plant species roles in pollination networks can be used to identify species with the most potential to recover plant-pollinator communities. Using published pollination networks, we calculated each plant’s centrality and chose five central and...

Iron-Catalyzed Borrowing-Hydrogen β-C(sp3)-Methylation of Alcohols

Kurt Polidano & Louis C Morrill

Tuning the band gap of copper I oxide via transition metal doping for improved photovoltaic applications - dataset

Aleksandar Živković, Alberto Roldan & Nora H De Leeuw

Expert perceptions of public engagement with Carbon Capture and Storage

Dimitrios Xenias & Lorraine E Whitmarsh
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is widely seen as a key technology for mitigating climate change. This research comprises a dataset formed of two parts, which stem from mixed-methods research (comprising expert interviews and an online survey) to elucidate CCS experts' perceptions and rationales, and expose CCS expert views of public engagement. The first part of the dataset presents the results of qualitative analysis of qualitative interviews (N=13) from experts who are active in the...

Public perceptions of Carbon Capture and Storage

Dimitrios Xenias & Lorraine E Whitmarsh
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) involves trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) from power generation and heavy industrial processes and directing it into long-term geological storage (e.g. in depleted oil fields or saline aquifers). In doing so, CCS could facilitate global carbon abatement efforts. Yet, it remains controversial with high-profile public opposition to particular CCS developments. This dataset contains findings from a large-scale international experimental study of public perceptions of CCS. The study examined how individual, geographical...

Thick adherent diamond films on AlN with low thermal barrier resistance - data

Soumen Mandal, Chao Yuan, Fabien Massabuau, James W Pomeroy, Jerome Cuenca, Henry A Bland, Evan L Thomas, David Wallis, Tim Batten, Rachel Oliver, Martin Kuball & Oliver A Williams
This dataset is the study of thick adherent diamond layers on AlN. The txt files can be opened and analysed using any plotting software. The work describes growth of >100μm thick diamond layer adherent on aluminium nitride. While thick films failed to adhere on untreated AlN films, hydrogen/nitrogen plasma treated AlN films retained the thick diamond layers. Clear differences in zeta potential measurement confirms the surface modification due to hydrogen/nitrogen plasma treatment. Areal Raman maps...

Binding Modes of Carboxylic Acids on Cobalt Nanoparticles - dataset

Barbara Farkas, Umberto Terranova & Nora H De Leeuw
In order to study binding modes of carboxylic acid on cobalt nanoparticles, optimal system size has to be assesed through structural, energetical, and electronical properties. Density functional theory (DFT) theoretical simulation datasets are available in the .xlsx format (can be viewed either by MS Office or Libre Office) comprising 8 data sheets, with first 5 sheets corresponding to the structural properties of cobalt clusters of varying sizes (N=6, 13, 19, 30, 57, 76, 153, 323)...

Characterisation of a vascular self-healing cementitious material system - data

Tharmesh Selvarajoo, Robert E Davies, Diane R Gardner, Brubeck L Freeman & Anthony D Jefferson
Self-healing cementitious materials have received significant attention from researchers in recent years. The motivation for this research effort arises from the durability problems, often resulting from concrete cracking, associated with concrete structures. This dataset contains the results of an experimental programme of work, undertaken to characterise the behaviour of a self-healing cementitious material system. A ‘model’ material system is selected comprising concrete with embedded channels filled with cyanoacrylate (CA). The programme considered both the mechanical...

Data from: Evidence to support common application switching behaviour on smartphones

Liam Turner, Roger Whitaker, Stuart Allen, David Linden, Kun Tu, Jian Li & Don Towsley
We find evidence to support common behaviour in smartphone usage based on analysis of application (app) switching. This is an overlooked aspect of smartphone usage that gives additional insight beyond screen time and the particular apps that are accessed. Using a dataset of usage behaviour from 53 participants over a 6-week period, we find strong similarity in the structure of networks built from app switching, despite diversity in the apps used, and the volume of...

Data from: Multiscale patterns of rarity in fungi, inferred from fruiting records

Alan C. Gange, Lewis P. Allen, Aline Nussbaumer, Edward G. Gange, Carrie Andrew, Simon Egli, Beatrice Senn-Irlet & Lynne Boddy
Aim: It is unknown whether fungi show similar trends to other organisms in their macroecological patterns of abundance and spatial distribution. Here, we investigated fungal abundance-occupancy relationships to determine whether fungi that are common at a local scale tend to be more widely distributed. Location: UK and Switzerland Time period: 1950 - 2014 Major taxa studied: Fungi Methods: We used a local dataset of fruiting records of 2,319 species in the UK, accumulated over 65...

Investigating the influence of reaction conditions and the properties of ceria for the valorisation of glycerol - dataset

Louise Smith, Paul J Smith, John M Douthwaite, Nicholas F Dummer, Graham J Hutchings, Stuart H Taylor, Mark Howard, David J Willock & David W Knight
The dataset contains representative gas chromatography, X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, Raman spectroscopy and nitrogen adsorption isotherms. These illustrate the textural properties of the ceria under investigation and the influence of changing syntheis conditions on the formation of reaction products from glycerol. The conclusions in the paper describe the ceria surface area and defect sites as having little influence on the reaction outcomes.

Recent advances in dual mode charge compensation for XPS analysis

David J Morgan & Lee E Edwards

Rapid Microwave-Assisted Polyol Synthesis of TiO2-Supported Ruthenium Catalysts for Levulinic Acid Hydrogenation: data

Alexander G R Howe, Rhodri J Maunder & David J Morgan

Molecular behaviour of phenol in zeolite Beta catalysts as a function of acid site presence: a quasielastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation study - data

Carlos Hernandez-Tamargo, Alexander O'Malley & Nora H De Leeuw
Density functional theory calculations and classical molecular dynamics simulations to study the mobility of phenol in purely siliceous and acidic zeolite Beta. The data contains: the DFT-optimized coordinates of phenol in acidic zeolite Beta (text files) mean-square displacement averaged over 6 ns of MD simulations at the temperatures 393, 418 and 443 K (text files) diffusion coefficients of translation and rotation at the temperatures 393, 418 and 443 K, and the respective activation energies of...

Temperature Correction Using Degenerate Modes for Cylindrical Cavity Perturbation Measurements - dataset

Michael Barter, Samuel L Partridge, Daniel R Slocombe & Adrian Porch
A common method to correct for this is to use another resonant mode separate to the measurement mode which is not affected by the sample. Instead of using independent modes this paper describes a method to use split degenerate TMm10 modes. TMm10 consists of two modes with identical field patterns with a relative rotation between them and identical resonant frequencies. A strategically placed perturbation reduces the frequency of one of the TMm10 modes and affects...

One-pot conversion of allylic alcohols to a-methyl ketones via iron-catalyzed isomerization-methylation

Daniel E Latham, Kurt Polidano & Louis C Morrill
A one-pot iron-catalyzed conversion of allylic alcohols to a-methyl ketones has been developed. This isomerization-methylation strategy utilized a (cyclopentadienone)iron(0) carbonyl complex as precatalyst and methanol as the C1 source. A diverse range of allylic alcohols undergo isomerization-methylation to form a-methyl ketones in good isolated yields (up to 84% isolated yield). Analysis of reaction products from this methodology resulted in the following data: 1H, 19F and 13C NMR raw data files IR spectra High resolution mass...

Source and input files to run DOFAS

Pablo Ouro
Software DOFAS has been developed and validated in the simulation of offshore tidal turbine farms. This dataset includes the sources files (FORTRAN) and input files (*cin and *pts) required to run the cases used in this research. To compile the code, any intel compiler together with intel mpi packages are required. Regarding the input files, control.cin defines the main simulation parameters; infodom.cin and mdmap.cin are required to generate the computational mesh and assigned computing cores;...

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