Data from: Speciation in the presence of gene flow: population genomics of closely related and diverging Eucalyptus species

Susan Rutherford, Maurizio Rossetto, Jason G. Bragg, Hannah McPherson, Doug Benson, Stephen P. Bonser & Peter G. Wilson
Speciation is a complex process that is fundamental to the origins of biological diversity. While there has been considerable progress in our understanding of speciation, there are still many unanswered questions, especially regarding barriers to gene flow in diverging populations. Eucalyptus is an appropriate system for investigating speciation mechanisms since it comprises species that are rapidly evolving across heterogeneous environments. We examined patterns of genetic variation within and among six closely related Eucalyptus species in...

Registration Year

  • 2018

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  • Dataset


  • Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
  • Environmental Earth Sciences