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Data from: A highly social, land-dwelling fish defends territories in a constantly fluctuating environment

Terry J. Ord & Shi-Tong Tonia Hsieh
The Pacific leaping blenny (Alticus arnoldorum) is a marine fish that has made a highly successful transition to land. We report an extensive field study on the behavior of this remarkable fish and how it has coped with life on land. The fish occurs in great abundance above the waterline along the rocky coastlines of Micronesia. We found them to be terrestrial in all aspects of their adult daily life, but heavily constrained by large...

Data from: Covariation in life-history traits: differential effects of diet on condition, hormones, behavior and reproduction in genetic finch morphs

Sarah R. Pryke, Lee B. Astheimer, Simon C. Griffith & William A. Buttemer
The relative contribution of genetic and environmental factors in determining variation in life-history traits is of central interest to evolutionary biologists, but the physiological mechanisms underlying these traits are still poorly understood. Here we experimentally demonstrate opposing effects of nutritional stress on immune function, endocrine physiology, parental care and reproduction between red and black head-color morphs of the Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae). Although body condition of black morphs was largely unaffected by diet manipulation, red...

Data from: Natural selection in novel environments: predation selects for background matching in the body colour of a land fish

Courtney L. Morgans & Terry J. Ord
The invasion of a novel habitat often results in a variety of new selective pressures on an individual. One pressure that can severely impact population establishment is predation. The strategies that animals use to minimize predation, especially the extent to which those strategies are habitat or predator specific, will subsequently affect an individuals’ dispersal ability. The invasion of land by a fish, the Pacific leaping blenny, Alticus arnoldorum, offers a unique opportunity to study natural...

Data from: High-throughput sequencing of ancient plant and mammal DNA preserved in herbivore middens

Dáithí C. Murray, Stuart G. Pearson, Richard Fullagar, Brian M. Chase, Jayne Houston, Jennifer Atchison, Nicole E. White, Matthew I. Bellgard, Edward Clarke, Mike Macphail, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, James Haile & Michael Bunce
The study of arid palaeoenvironments is often frustrated by the poor or non-existent preservation of plant and animal material, yet these environments are of considerable environmental importance. The analysis of pollen and macrofossils isolated from herbivore middens has been an invaluable source of information regarding past environments and the nature of ecological fluctuations within arid zones. The application of ancient DNA (aDNA) techniques to hot, arid zone middens remains unexplored. This paper attempts to retrieve...

Data from: Homing pigeons respond to time-compensated solar cues even in sight of the loft

Chris Armstrong, Helen Wilkinson, Jessica Meade, Dora Biro, Robin Freeman & Tim Guilford
The sun has long been thought to guide bird navigation as the second step in a two-stage process, in which determining position using a map is followed by course setting using a compass, both over unfamiliar and familiar terrain. The animal’s endogenous clock time-compensates the solar compass for the sun’s apparent movement throughout the day, and this allows predictable deflections in orientation to test for the compass’ influence using clock-shift manipulations. To examine the influence...

No. 2 Rainspray Sprinkler Characteristics. January 1961.

D. T. Howell
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Report No. 34

Data from: Winter territory prospecting is associated with life-history stage but not activity in a passerine

Alfredo Sánchez-Tójar, Isabel Winney, Antje Girndt, Mirre J.P. Simons, Shinichi Nakagawa, Terry Burke, Julia Schroeder & Mirre J. P. Simons
Finding a high quality territory is essential for many animals to reproduce successfully. Despite its importance for fitness, we know little about the process of territory prospecting in wild birds, and whether individual traits and behaviours, such as personality, co-vary with territory prospecting. Here, we use long-term data from a wild, insular house sparrow Passer domesticus population to test three hypotheses about territory fidelity and prospecting: (1) House sparrows show high territory fidelity between years...

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Sydney 1996-2002

Peter Hull, Paul Van de Ven, Garrett Prestage, Patrick Rawstorne, Andrew Grulich, June Crawford, Susan Kippax, Daniel Madeddu, David McGuigan & Antony Nicholas
Gay Community Periodic Surveys surveys are regularly conducted in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth to monitor changes in sexual and other risk practices over time among Australian gay men who are gay community attached, recruited from gay sex-on-premises venues, social sites and clinics.

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Queensland 2004

Peter Hull, Paul Van de Ven, Patrick Rawstorne, Garrett Prestage, Susan Kippax, Shamus Brown, Geoffrey Harrison & Kevin Marriot
Gay Community Periodic Surveys surveys are regularly conducted in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth to monitor changes in sexual and other risk practices over time among Australian gay men who are gay community attached, recruited from gay sex-on-premises venues, social sites and clinics.

Data from: Female preference for multi-modal courtship: multiple signals are important for male mating success in peacock spiders

Madeline B. Girard, Damian O. Elias & Michael M. Kasumovic
A long-standing goal for biologists has been to understand how female preferences operate in systems where males have evolved numerous sexually-selected traits. Jumping spiders of the Maratus genus are exceptionally sexually dimorphic in appearance and signaling behavior. Presumably, strong sexual selection by females has played an important role in the evolution of complex signals displayed by males of this group, however, this has not yet been demonstrated. In fact, despite apparent widespread examples of sexual...

Data from: A simple approach for maximizing the overlap of phylogenetic and comparative data

Matthew W. Pennell, Richard G. FitzJohn & William K. Cornwell
Biologists are increasingly using curated, public data sets to conduct phylogenetic comparative analyses. Unfortunately, there is often a mismatch between species for which there is phylogenetic data and those for which other data are available. As a result, researchers are commonly forced to either drop species from analyses entirely or else impute the missing data. A simple strategy to improve the overlap of phylogenetic and comparative data is to swap species in the tree that...

Data from: Understanding the spatial scale of genetic connectivity at sea: unique insights from a land fish and a meta-analysis

Georgina M. Cooke, Timothy E. Schlub, William B. Sherwin & Terry J. Ord
Quantifying the spatial scale of population connectivity is important for understanding the evolutionary potential of ecologically divergent populations and for designing conservation strategies to preserve those populations. For marine organisms like fish, the spatial scale of connectivity is generally set by a pelagic larval phase. This has complicated past estimates of connectivity because detailed information on larval movements are difficult to obtain. Genetic approaches provide a tractable alternative and have the added benefit of estimating...

Non-continuous porous media flow. November 1965.

K. K. Watson
Non-continuous unsteady flow in unsaturated porous materials is defined and it is shown that time-dependent problems of this type, having varying bnoundary conditions, are represntative of many commonly occurring complex field situations. Experimental design and construction with literature review. Drainage of an initially saturated sand column to atmosphere at its base is studied from experimental and analytical viewpoint noting the hydrological characteristics of the sand fraction under dynamic conditions. Comparison of measured and computed moisture...

Groundwater and well hydraulics: an annotated bibliography. February 1972.

P. S. Huyakorn & C. R. Dudgeon
Literature divided into 15 basic categories. Closing date 1971.

Boat Wake Wash Decision Support System User's Manual. July 2013.

W C Glamore, A M Badenhop & E K Davey
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Report No. 246

Wind induced oscillations of power station stacks. October 1962.

C. R. Dudgeon
Wind induced oscillations of welded steel smokestacks at Ptrmont have led to local buckling and fatigue cracks near the base. Observed double-amplitudes of the tops at 200 nfeet have been 2 to three feet. The most direct means of eliminating periodic interference or "buffeting' would be to prevent the regular shedding of eddies from upstream cylinders. The fitting of spoilers to the stacks of the kind investigated by Scruton and Walsh and by Weaver. The...

Finite element solution of two-regime flow towards wells. December 1973.

P. S. Huyakorn
The report has two parts. The first deals with the general theory, variation principles, and finite element methods for confined and unconfined flow problems. Numerical solutions for several transient and steady flow cases in graphical form. The second discusses verification of the analysis by laboratory and field investigations. Type curve methods developed for determining aquifer hydraulic coefficients are presented. Typical pumping test results are compared with the numerical solutions.

Hydraulic grade line determination in urban drainage systems. October 1997.

J. E. Ball
Describes the hydraulic theory and its applications for the analysis of Hydraulic Grade Lines in urban stormwater drainage systems. Also describes the computer software called STNET.

Investigation of EM31 anomalies at Yarramanbah/Pump Station Creek, on the Liverpool Plains of New South Wales. April 1998.

R. I. Acworth & R. Beasley
Describes the results of a detailed investigation program of the black soils of the Liverpool Plains, New South Wales, to determine the origin of high bulk electrical conductivity anomalies measured using a GEONICS EM31. Minimally disturbed core was obtained to 10m depth at four locations. Core was split into 100mm increments and tested for moisture content, cation exchange capacity, laboratory conductivity, grain size, XRD and fluid chemistry of 1:5 extracts. Field investigations involved conductivity imaging...

Seepage Control with Plastic Membranes: A Literature Surve/ and Annotated Bibliography. January 1962.

T. R. Fietz & J. R. Burton
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Report No. 52

Seepage control with plastic membranes: Part 4. Wind damage to polythene dam liners. January 1962.

J. R. Burton
An exposed black polythene farm dam liner. Wind damage cumulates with fatigue caused by billowing and solar heating. Holes and tears occur. Best prevention is to bury the membrane under round gravel.

Monkey Mia: a hydrodynamic investigation. June 1998.

D. A. Luketina, I. P. King & L. M. Lyons
This report outlines the methodology and results of a RMA10 hydrodynamic model investigation funded by the Department of Conservation and Land management (W.A.) into the hydrodynamics of Monkey Mia lagoon and Shark Bay. More specifically, the model results show the dilution of a variety of neutrally buoyant pollutant releases in Monkey Mia Lagoon (Red Cliff Bay). In addition, the key processes governing the dilution are elucidated.

A Program Suite for the Statistical Analysis and Comparison of Historical and Synthetic Hydrologic Records. July 1978.

M. A. Lindner
Synthetically generated records of streamflow, rainfall, and evaporation may be used in river valley simulation models as an aid to decision making. Before use, the records need to be validated by a comparison of their statistical properties with those of the historical records. A program is developed to assist in this comparison. A problem chosen as an example is described , and selective output is given to illustrate applications.

Bridge Waterway Studies, Hume Highway, Gundagai. December 1963.

J. R. Ewers & D. N. Foster
Defines the limit of embankment for proposed highway bridge crossing over river flood plain. Various lengths of embankment and heights under range of flood conditions. Embankment caused very little rise in flood stage until it penetrated a strong current which traversed the flood plain. Exact estimates of length, height and stage are given.

Non-Darcy Flow of Groundwater - Part 1 - Theoretical, Experimental and Numerical Studies

C. R. Dudgeon
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Report No. 162

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