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Summer circumpolar acoustic occurrence and call rates of Ross (Ommatophoca rossii) and leopard (Hydrurga leptonyx) seals in the Southern Ocean

Fannie W. Shabangu & Tracey L. Rogers
Two of the Antarctic pack ice seals, Ross, Ommatophoca rossii, and leopard, Hydrurga leptonyx, seals, are extremely dificult to study via traditional visual survey techniques, yet are ideal for an acoustic survey as they are highly vociferous and produce an array of underwater sounds during the austral summer. To determine their acoustic occurrence in the Antarctic pack ice, we use their calls, detected within 680 acoustic recordings made between 1999 and 2009 as part of...

Bisulfite sequencing (RRBS-seq): CpG methylation reports for Australian invasive cane toads

Roshmi Rekha Sarma, Michael R Crossland, Harrison J.F Eyck, Jayna L DeVore, Richard J Edwards, Michael Cocomazzo, Jia Zhou, Gregory P Brown, Richard Shine & Lee Ann Rollins
In response to novel environments, invasive populations often evolve rapidly. Standing genetic variation is an important predictor of evolutionary response but epigenetic variation may also play a role. Here we use an iconic invader, the cane toad (Rhinella marina), to investigate how manipulating epigenetic status affects phenotypic traits. We collected wild toads from across Australia, bred them, and experimentally manipulated DNA methylation of the subsequent two generations (G1, G2) through exposure to the DNA methylation...

Supplementary data, code, and information for ‘Predictability of the recent slowdown and subsequent recovery of large-scale surface warming using statistical methods’ (Geophysical Research Letters, Mann et al. 2016)

M.E. Mann, B.A. Steinman, S.K. Miller, L.H. Frankcombe, M.H. England & A.H. Cheung
The temporary slowdown in large-scale surface warming during the early 2000s has been attributed to both external and internal sources of climate variability. Using semiempirical estimates of the internal low-frequency variability component in Northern Hemisphere, Atlantic, and Pacific surface temperatures in concert with statistical hindcast experiments, we investigate whether the slowdown and its recent recovery were predictable. We conclude that the internal variability of the North Pacific, which played a critical role in the slowdown,...

Measuring Acculturation and Health of Indian Women Living in Australia (MAHILA) study questionnaire

Cathy O'Callaghan, Uday Narayan Yadav, Sudha Natarajan, Saroja Srinivasan & Ritin Fernandez
Background: Numerous chronic conditions, such as coronary health diseases, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and mental health conditions often occur in combinations that deteriorate the quality of life of the people and pose economic challenges to the country’s health system. Multimorbidity prevalence varies globally due to various biological and social risk factors which can be accentuated or mitigated for populations in migration. This study investigated the prevalence and predictors of multimorbidity amongst a group of migrant...

Using a trait-based approach to quantify large-scale patterns in algal biomass and habitat structure along a latitudinal gradient

Alistair Poore & Paul Gribben
Morphological traits of Sargassum collected across 6 degree of latitude along the south-eastern coast of Australia

Sexual (in)equality? A meta-analysis of sex differences in thermal acclimation capacity across ectotherms

Patrice Pottier, Samantha Burke, Szymon M. Drobniak, Malgorzata Lagisz & Shinichi Nakagawa
1. Climate change is putting the fate of ectothermic animals at stake because their body temperature closely tracks environmental temperatures. The ability to adjust thermal limits and preference through acclimation (i.e., acclimation capacity) may compensate for temperature changes. However, although necessary for forecasting the future of ectotherms in a changing climate, knowledge on the factors modulating these plastic responses is fragmentary. For instance, the influence of an animal’s sex in driving acclimation capacity has been...

Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network Data 2005

Sharon Chow
The data has been collected by the Australian and New Zealand neonatal Network (ANZNN) to improve the care of high-risk newborn infants and their families in Australia and New Zealand through collaborative audit and research. The data were collected from all level III neonatal intensive care units in both Australia and New Zealand, all level II special care units in New Zealand and the special care unit in Tasmania. The data include information on all...

Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network Data 2010

Sharon Chow
Data have been collected by the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network (ANZNN) to improve the care of high-risk newborn infants and their families in Australian and New Zealand through collaborative audit and research. This is the sixteenth year that the ANZNN has collected data, allowing comparative reporting over time. Registration criteria - babies who meet one or more of the following criteria are eligible for registration with the ANZNN: * born at less than...

FTIR Spectra of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolin-4 one Analogues

Danmar Gloria
1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolin-4-one Analogues were characterised using FTIR spectroscopy. The FTIR spectra were acquired using a Perkin Elmer FTIR instrument equipped with a Universal-ATR accessory where sample are pressed on a diamond crystal. Measurement parameters are contained within the data.

Raman Spectra of Organo-arsenic compounds

Danmar Gloria
-organo-arsenic compounds were synthesized and purified by the Maher group from the University of Canberra-experimental Raman spectra (785 nm laser source) were acquired directly from solid materials-surface enhanced Raman spectra were acquired for organoarsenic samples with very low concentration, KlariteTM were used as SERS substrate Other related publications: Gloria D., Hibbert B., Moran G., Surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: SERS imaging of modified gold electrode for arsenic speciation. In Asia-Pacific Conference on Chemistry Education and 24th...

UVVis characterisation of Pyrroloquinolones

Danmar Gloria
Analogues of Pyrroloquinolones were characterised using UV-Vis spectroscopy. The UVVis spectra were acquired using Perkin Elmer Lambda Spectrometer. The samples were dissolved in methanol. Measurement parameters are contained within the data.

Ecodesign in industrial design consultancies: comparing Australia, Germany, China and the USA

Mariano Ramirez, Johannes Behrisch & Damien Giurco
This paper presents the results of an empirical study, investigating the uptake of ecodesign by industrial design consultancies (ID consultancies) in Australia, China, Germany and the USA. Designing products for a low environmental load, usually termed as ecodesign, offers high potential to reduce the environmental impact of our society, aiming for a sustainable development. However, there still appears to be no widespread uptake of ecodesign into product development praxis by industrial designers, with most ecodesign...

Positioning performance study of the RESSOX system with hardware-in-the-loop clock

Fabrizio Tappero, Andrew Dempster & Toshiaki Iwata
A positioning performance analysis of the RESSOX synchronization network for the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, QZSS, is presented. A hardware-in-the-loop experiment setup has been developed to study concrete effects on positioning when a real space-born OCXO is employed in the atomic clock-less RESSOX architecture. This study focuses on a positioning performance analysis of QZSS used in conjunction with GPS. Particular focus is given to the effects of faulty synchronization on positioning, specifically when, because of...

Evaluation of the Whole of Mental Health, Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI): Evaluation Plan

S McDermott, J Bruce, K.R Fisher & K Muir
HASI is a joint initiative between NSW Health and Housing NSW. The aim of the program is to provide stable housing and accommodation support for people with mental health issues in NSW. In 2002, Stage 1 of the program was rolled out in selected areas across NSW. It provided housing and access to high support services for 100 clients. A previous evaluation of HASI Stage 1 found that the initiative had a positive impact on...

Health Infrastructure Reform & the Future of Health PPPs

Jane Carthey
Australian Financial Review, 6th National Infrastructure Summit; Sydney, Australia

Long cavity length and single longitudinal mode composite cavity fibre laser with active feedback cavity

Ian Leung & Gang-Ding Peng
In the following paper is presented an investigation of a composite cavity fibre laser with active feedback cavity. By employing strong-reflection and active feedback cavity, an in-housee fabricated 12cm long composite cavity fibre laser was able to sustain single longitudinal mode operation at 60uW without mode hopping

The Impact of Family Assistance Changes on Patterns of Unemployment Benefit Receipt

Bruce Bradbury
The last decade in Australia has seen a major expansion of income support to low income non-pensioner/beneficiary families with children. One of the major goals of this increased support has been to increase the relative financial attractiveness of low wage employment for people with dependent children, and to thus encourage those unemployed with larger families to increase their job search effort. This paper examines this objective by first describing the changes in effective unemployment benefit...

HIV/AIDS and Related Diseases in Australia Annual Report of Behaviour 1999

UNSW National Centre in HIV Social Research - Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
This report brings together information for the period 1995 to the end of 1998 regarding the monitoring of practices which may risk transmission of HIV and practices related to the social and behavioural aspects of the treatment and care of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Perspectives of the ' Warman Design and Build Competition'

Warren Smith
The philosophy of the “Warman Design and Build Competition” and some of the challenges of running it are described in this perspective by its National Coordinator since 2003. In particular, the need is for the competition to work effectively across a wide range of student group ability. Not every group engaging with the competition will be competitive nationally, yet all should learn positively from the experience. Reported also in this paper is the collective feedback...

Protection to Prevention: Child Welfare Policies

Jan Carter
This study was undertaken to examine child welfare policies in terms of their relative emphases on protective or preventive measures, and it set out to determine whether, in general, protective policies enhance or reduce the impact of preventive policies or vice versa. There are great contradictions implicit in governments attempting simultaneously to pursue protective and preventive policies. Protection is used, in this report, to mean the rescue or supervision of a child from adverse family...

Theory and Practice in Australian Social Policy: Rethinking the Fundamentals Proceedings of the National Social Policy Conference Sydney July 14-16 1993 Volume 2: Contributed Papers

Peter Saunders & Sheila Shaver
This year's Conference was divided into five broad social policy themes: Social Policy and the Economy; Ideas, Ideology and the Welfare State; Family, Community and the State in Social Care; Inequality; and Work and Welfare. In line with the overall Conference theme, paper-givers were encouraged to examine the fundamental purposes, frameworks and methods of Australian social policy, and put these in the context of the far-reaching changes taking place in Australia's society, culture and development....

Hepatitis & health: A survey of high school students in New South Wales

Paul Van de Ven, Deborah Youdell, Anthony Smith, Grant Mistler & Ying Pan
This report details findings of a survey of year 9 and year 11 students attending New South Wales public high schools. The survey was undertaken by the National Centre in HIV Social Research (NCHSR) at the University of University of New South Wales in collaboration with Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University.

How Do They Do It? A Time-diary Analysis of How Working Mothers Find Time For the Kids

Lyn Craig
Working parents are obliged to use non-parental childcare. However, parents who make use of non-parental childcare do not reduce their parental childcare time on an hour for hour basis. Since there are only 24 hours in the day, how do parents continue to be engaged in direct care of their own children while also committing significant time to the labour market activities? Using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Time Use Survey 1997 (over...

SWRC Newsletter No 7 - September 1982

Diana Wyndham
SWRC Newsletter; No 7

Exploiting the spectrum envelope for GPS-L2C signal acquisition

European Navigation Conference (ENC-GNSS); Toulouse, France

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