Data from: Adaptive evolution and divergent expression of heat stress transcription factors in grasses

Zefeng Yang, Yifan Wang, Yun Gao, Yong Zhou, Enying Zhang, Yunyun Hu, Yuan Yuan, Guohua Liang & Chenwu Xu
Background: Heat stress transcription factors (Hsfs) regulate gene expression in response to heat and many other environmental stresses in plants. Understanding the adaptive evolution of Hsf genes in the grass family will provide potentially useful information for the genetic improvement of modern crops to handle increasing global temperatures. Results: In this work, we performed a genome-wide survey of Hsf genes in 5 grass species, including rice, maize, sorghum, Setaria, and Brachypodium, by describing their phylogenetic...

Registration Year

  • 2014

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  • Dataset


  • Yangzhou University