Data from: A new squeaker frog (Arthroleptidae: Arthroleptis) from the Cameroon Volcanic Line with redescriptions of Arthroleptis adolfifriederici Nieden, 1911 \"1910\" and A. variabilis Matschie, 1893

David C. Blackburn, Legrand N Gonwouo, Raffael Ernst & Mark-Oliver Rödel
We describe a new species of squeaker frog (Arthroleptis) from Mt. Manengouba in southwestern Cameroon. The new species is distinguished from other Cameroonian Arthroleptis by moderately larger body size; a darkened throat and posterior thigh, both with many white spots; and, in females, a fourth finger longer than the first and second fingers. This species corresponds to a Cameroonian taxon previously identified as Arthroleptis adolfifriederici but which has been long recognized as distinct. Multivariate morphometric...

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  • 2010

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  • University of Kansas
  • Technical University of Berlin