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Gaoping, China. Die Konstruktion der Mittleren Buddha-Halle des Chongming-Klosters im Kreis Gaoping, Provinz Shanxi. Die Arbeiten der Jahre 2018 bis 2020

Mayke Wagner, Xiaocheng Chen, Klaus Mechelke, Thekla Schulz-Brize, Patrick Wertmann & Shipan Zhao
The Middle Buddha Hall of Chongming Monastery in Gaoping County, Shanxi Province is an existing wooden construction from the early period of the Northern Song Dynasty, and predates the treatise on architecture Yingzao Fashi. Its unusual main components of the dougong and the roof construction are a continuation of the style from the Tang Dynasty, which provides valuable examples for the study of the development of wooden structure in China. In the summer of 2018,...

Energy Crops and Erosion Control in Germany in the Context of the Bioeconomy Strategy

Lea Siebert

CaTeNA – Climatic and Tectonic Natural Hazards in Central Asia Final virtual workshop September 24-25 2020

Natalie Barbosa, Wasja Bloch, Silvia Crosetto, Christian Haberland, Ben Jarihani, Najibullah Kakar, Sabrina Metzger, Solmaz Mohadjer, Sagynbek Orunbaev, Lothar Ratschbacher, Bernd Schurr, Manfred Strecker & Xun Wang
CaTeNA – Climatic and Tectonic Natural Hazards in Central Asia – is an interdisciplinary, international project funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research to study natural hazards in Central Asia. Central Asia is one of the most tectonically active regions of the world and is influenced by both the west wind zone and monsoon. CaTeNA is examining the two most serious natural hazards arising from these conditions: Earthquakes and mass movements. The project...

Gardener demographics, experience, and motivations drive differences in plant species richness and composition in urban gardens

Stacy Philpott, Monika Egerer, Peter Bichier, Hamutahl Cohen, Roseann Cohen, Heidi Liere, Shalene Jha & Brenda Lin
Urban agriculture has received considerable attention for its role in supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services, and health and well-being for growing urban populations. Urban gardens managed with agroecological practices and higher plant diversity support more biodiversity and may support higher crop production. Plant selection in gardens is a function of temperature and environmental conditions and also depends on gardener socio-demographic characteristics, motivations for gardening, and gardening experience. In this study, we examined how plant richness...

Plant traits, biotopes and urbanization dynamics explain the survival of endangered urban plant populations

Greg Planchuelo, Ingo Kowarik & Moritz Von Der Lippe
1. With accelerating urbanization, the urban contribution to biodiversity conservation becomes increasingly important. Previous research shows that cities can host many endangered plant species. However, fundamental questions for urban nature conservation remain open: to what extent and where can endangered plant species persist in the long term and which mechanisms underlie population survival? 2. We evaluate the survival of 858 precisely monitored populations of 179 endangered plant species in Berlin, Germany, by assessing population survival...

Natural enemy-herbivore networks along local management and landscape gradients in urban agroecosystems

Stacy Philpott, Azucena Lucatero, Peter Bichier, Monika Egerer, Shalene Jha, Brenda Lin & Heidi Liere
Ecological networks can provide insight into how biodiversity loss and changes in species interactions impact the delivery of ecosystem services. In agroecosystems that vary in management practices, quantifying changes in ecological network structure across gradients of local and landscape composition can inform both the ecology and function of productive agroecosystems. In this study, we examined natural enemy-herbivore co-occurrence networks associated with Brassica oleracea (cole crops), a common crop in urban agricultural systems. Specifically, we investigated...

Trocken und kalt. Suche nach Leben auf dem Mars

Dirk Schulze-Makuch
Die Frage, ob es auf dem Mars Leben gibt oder gegeben hat, ist nicht befriedigend geklärt. Die Forschung nimmt einen neuen Anlauf, um das herauszufinden.

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