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Data from: Unidirectional pulmonary airflow patterns in the savannah monitor lizard

Emma R. Schachner, Robert L. Cieri, James P. Butler & C. G. Farmer
The unidirectional airflow patterns in the lungs of birds have long been considered a unique and specialized trait associated with the oxygen demands of their volant lifestyle, endothermic metabolism and unusual pulmonary architecture; however, the discovery of similar flow patterns in the lungs of crocodilians indicates that this character is likely ancestral for all archosaurs, the group that includes extant birds and crocodilians as well as their extinct relatives, such as pterosaurs and dinosaurs. Unidirectional...

Data from: Dietary macronutrients modulate the fatty acyl composition of rat liver mitochondrial cardiolipins

Irina G. Stavrovskaya, Susan S. Bird, Vasant R. Marur, Matthew J. Sniatynski, Sergei V. Baranov, Heather K. Greenberg, Caryn L. Porter & Bruce S. Kristal
The interaction of dietary fats and carbohydrates on liver mitochondria were examined in male FBNF1 rats fed 20 different low-fat, isocaloric diets. Animal growth rates and mitochondrial respiratory parameters were essentially unaffected, but mass spectrometry-based, mitochondrial lipidomics profiling revealed increased levels of cardiolipins (CLs), a family of phospholipids essential for mitochondrial structure and function, in rats fed saturated or trans fat-based diets with a high glycemic index. These mitochondria showed elevated monolysocardiolipins (a CL precursor/product...

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  • 2013

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