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Clean stock plantlets production volumes from 2017 to 2019

Morufat Balogun, Norbert Maroya & Mikail Gbadegesin
Disease eradication from yam were standardized using meristem culture and heat therapy at 36 ± 0.5°C and 16 h photoperiod for 21 days, to generate clean initial stock of planting materials followed by PCR-based methods for virus indexing to confirm tha samples were cleaned from YMV (Balogun et al., 2017). Once cleaned, these plantlets constitute stocks for rapid multiplication of superior varieties, ensuring that the virus is not passed on to subsequent generations. The Temporary...

Groundwater recharge in Africa from ground based measurements

Alan MacDonald, Murray Lark, Richard Taylor, Tamiru Abiye, Helen Fallas, Guillaume Favreau, Ibrahim Goni, Seifu Kebede, Bridget Scanlon, James Sorenson, Moshood Tijani, Kirsty Upton & Charles West
This dataset comprises a map of groundwater recharge for Africa and a database of the 134 observations used to generate the map. The map shows long term average annual groundwater recharge in mm per annum relevant to the period 1970 to 2020. It is in the form of a GIS shapefile and is available as a layer package for ESRI and also as a georeferenced TIFF and BIL file for easy exchange with other software....

Reactions of six elite maize cultivars to lesion and root-knot nematodes

Edward Oyekanmi, Danny Coyne & B. Fawole
A PhD research work in Crop Protection and Environmental Biology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ibadan conducted in IITA under Dr. Danny Coyne supervision

Cultural practices and Sustainable management of Wetlands in Nigeria

Emuobosa Akpo Orijemie

Sociocultural context and innovation scale up

Oluwaseun Akinyemi
Objectives To explore how sociocultural factors may support or impede the adoption of community-based distribution of injectable contraceptives in Nigeria. Design A qualitative study based on a grounded theory approach was conducted through indepth interviews and focus group discussions. Setting Most participants lived in Gombe State, North East Nigeria. Other participants were from Ibadan (South West) and Abuja (Federal capital territory). Participants Through seven key informant interviews, 15 in-depth interviews and 10 focus group discussions,...

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