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Tree phenology - observer intercalibration and individual tree phenological scoring

Nicolas Delpierre, Isabelle Chuine & Eleanor Cole
We report data documenting (1) the dynamics of budburst and leaf senescence in three European natural forest tree populations over the period od 2012-2015 and (2) the variability among phenological observers as documented from seven observer inter-calibration experiments conducted in France over 2007-2017 for both the budburst and leaf senescence period.

Dataset associated with 'Scaling of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction with magnetization in Pt/Co(Fe)B/Ir multilayers'

Khulaif Alshammari, Eloi Haltz, Mohammed Alyami, Mannan Ali, Paul Keatley, Christopher Marrows, Joseph Barker & Thomas Moore
Magnetic multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy and an interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction contain chiral domain walls and skyrmions that are promising for applications. Here we measure the temperature dependence of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) in Pt/CoFeB/Ir and Pt/CoB/Ir multilayers by means of static domain imaging. First, the temperature dependences of saturation magnetization ($M_{\rm{S}}$), exchange stiffness ($A$) and intrinsic perpendicular anisotropy ($K_{\rm{u}}$) are determined. Then the demagnetized domain pattern in each multilayer is imaged by wide-field Kerr microscopy...

Planetary Surface Portal

François Poulet

Solar Portal

Eric Buchlin

De novo genome assembly of Leptodactylus fuscus

Lu Yang, Peter Andolfatto, Andrew Crawford, Santiago Herrera-Álvarez, Maríadel Pilar Rodríguez-Ordoñez, Julie Peng, Shabnam Mohammadi, Jay Storz, Arbel Harpak & Susanne Dobler
This presents a de novo genome assembly of Leptodactylus fuscus. High molecular weight DNA was extracted from a L. fuscus embryo which had been preserved in ethanol upon collection in Garzón, Huila, Colombia. The library was prepared and sequenced with 10X Genomics Chromium. Linked reads were processed by Long Ranger basic v2.2.2 and assembled with Supernova v2.1.1. The assembled genome is 2.42 Gb with 16,530 scaffolds >=10 kb, and scaffold N50 = 363 kb. The...

La participation des outre-mer français aux organisations internationales régionales

Daniel Dormoy
Dans le cadre des potentialités ouvertes par le droit interne et le droit international, y compris le droit européen, et parfois au-delà de ce cadre, les outremer français correspondant à douze territoires non souverains, répartis dans trois grandes régions géographiques (océan Pacifique, Atlantique et Antilles, océan Indien et Antarctique), sont dans une situation très variable au regard de leur participation aux organisations internationales régionales. Certains ne participent à aucune organisation, d’autres ont simplement un statut...

Cape fur seal vocal repertoire - acoustic parameters

Mathilde Martin, Tess Gridley, Simon Elwen & Isabelle Charrier
Communication is primordial for survival of animal species as signals are involved in many social interactions (mate selection, parental care, and collective behaviours). The acoustic channel is the primary modality used by birds and mammals to reliably exchange information among individuals. In group-living species, the propagation of vocal signals is limited due to the density of individuals and the background noise. Vocal exchanges are therefore challenging. This study is the first investigation into the acoustic...

Data from: Concerted evolution reveals co-adapted amino acid substitutions in Na+K+ ATPase of frogs that prey on toxic toads

Shabnam Mohammadi, Lu Yang, Arbel Harpak, Santiago Herrera-Álvarez, María Del Pilar Rodríguez-Ordoñez, Julie Peng, Karen Zhang, Jay Storz, Susanne Dobler, Andrew Crawford & Peter Andolfatto
Gene duplication is an important source of evolutionary innovation, but the functional distinction between duplicates can be opposed by ongoing gene conversion between them. Here we document a tandem duplication of Na+,K+-ATPase subunit α1 (ATP1A1) sharedby frogs in the genus Leptodactylus,a group of species that feeds on toxic toads. One ATP1A1 paralog evolved resistance to toad toxins while the other paralog retained ancestral susceptibility. Frequent non-allelic gene conversion homogenized most of the paralog sequences,yet the...

Floral preferences of mountain bumble bees are constrained by functional traits but flexible through elevation and season

Douglas Sponsler, Katharina Kallnik, Fabrice Requier, Alice Classen, Anne Maihoff, Johanna Sieger & Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter
Patterns of resource use by animals can clarify how ecological communities have assembled in the past, how they currently function, and how they are likely to respond to future perturbations. Bumble bees (Hymentoptera: Bombus spp.) and their floral hosts provide a diverse yet tractable system in which to explore resource selection in the context of plant-pollinator networks. Under conditions of resource limitation, the ability of bumble bees species to coexist should depend on dietary niche...

Data for Interannual variability in the source location of North African dust transported to the Amazon

Cassandra Gaston, A Pourmand, J Longman, A Sharifi, Joseph Prospero, K Panechou, N Bakker, N Drake, D Guioiseau & Anne Barkley
Here, we present the data and MixSIAR code that corresponds to the manuscript “Interannual variability in the source location of North African dust transported to the Amazon.” African dust is seasonally transported to the western Tropical Atlantic Ocean (TAO) and South America (SA), including the Amazon Basin. Leading hypotheses suggest that either the Western North African potential source area (PSA) or the Central North African PSA (e.g., Bodélé Depression) is the main source of dust...

Exploring the effects of trifluoromethyl group in the design of organocatalysts, enzyme inhibitors and in the conformational control of saturated nitrogen-containing heterocycles

Volodymyr Sukach, Sergii Melnykov, Sylvain Bertho & Pascal Retailleau

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John Carter

Invasive ant and trade flows from continents to countries worldwide

Cleo Bertelsmeier & Sébastien Ollier
A major goal of invasion biology is to understand global species flows between donor and recipient regions. Our current view of such flows assumes that species are moved directly from their native to their introduced range. However, if introduced populations serve as bridgehead population that generate additional introductions, tracing intercontinental flows between donor and recipient regions misrepresents the introduction history. Our aim was to assess to what extent bridgehead effects distort our view of global...

Fine phonetic details for DM disambiguation in French: a corpus-based investigation

Yaru Wu, Mathilde Hutin, Ioana Vasilescu, Lori Lamel, Martine Adda-Decker & Liesbeth Degand
In this study we examine phonetic variation of discourse markers in French, using for this purpose the 4-hour richly annotated LOCAS-F corpus. Both linguistic factors and stylistic variables are considered: speech style, part-of-speech category, mean phone duration and vowel formant distributions with respect to the word status. The results show that the use of discourse markers increases with the degree of spontaneity of the speech. Coordinating conjunctions are the part-of-speech which is most frequently used...

IDOC Platform

Marian Douspis & Gilles Poulleau

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John Carter

Data and scripts for: Quantitative assessment of observed vs. predicted responses to selection

Christophe Pelabon, Elena Albertsen, Arnaud Le Rouzic, Cyril Firmat, Geir H. Bolstad, W. Scott Armbruster & Thomas Hansen
Although artificial-selection experiments seem well suited to testing our ability to predict evolution, the correspondence between predicted and observed responses is often ambiguous due to the lack of uncertainty estimates. We present equations for assessing prediction error in direct and indirect responses to selection that integrate uncertainty in genetic parameters used for prediction and sampling effects during selection. Using these, we analyzed a selection experiment on floral traits replicated in two taxa of the Dalechampia...

Unveiling the Patterns of Reticulated Evolutionary Processes with Phylogenomics: Hybridization and Polyploidy in the genus Rosa

Fabrice Foucher, Debray Kevin, Marie-Christine Lepaslier, Aurélie Bérard, Tatiana Thouroude, Gilles Michel, Jordan Marie-Magdeleine, Anne Bruneau & Valéry Malécot
Reticulation, caused by hybridization and allopolyploidization, is considered an important and frequent phenomenon in the evolution of numerous plant lineages. Although both processes represent important driving forces of evolution, they are mostly ignored in phylogenetic studies involving a large number of species. Indeed only a scattering of methods exists to recover a comprehensive reticulated evolutionary history for a broad taxon sampling. Plastid markers, sometimes combined with a few nuclear sequences, are therefore favored, even though...

Data supplement to: Defratyka et al (2021); Ethane measurement by Picarro CRDS G2201-i in laboratory and field conditions: potential and limitations. https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-2020-410

Sara Defratyka, Jean-Daniel Paris, Camille Yver Kwok, Daniel Loeb, James France, Jon Helmore, Nigel Yarrow, Valérie Gros & Philippe Bousquet
Ethane can be used as a tracer gas to distinguish methane sources, both at the local and global scale. Currently, ethane can be successfully measured using flasks or dedicated in-situ analyzers. In our study, we consider the possibility of using the CRDS Picarro G2201-i instrument, dedicated to isotopic CH4 and CO2, for suitable measurements of ethane:methane ratio in mobile field, near-source conditions. Our work was divided into three steps. First, laboratory tests were run to...

Data from: Rapid change from migration to residence in relation to climate in a long-distance migratory bird

Anders Møller, Tim Van Nus & Keith Hobson
Recent changes in climate have advanced the timing of long-distance migration in birds, although there are still no studies showing a change from migration to residence in previously migratory populations. Barn swallows Hirundo rustica are long-distance migrant songbirds with an almost global breeding distribution and with resident populations in Egypt and possibly in south China. In Europe, they have been exclusively migratory with wintering populations in Africa where they also undergo an annual moult. In...

Impacts of a high fat diet on the metabolic profile and the phenotype of atrial myocardium in mice

Nadine Suffee, Elodie Baptista, Jérome Piquereau, Maharajah Ponnaiah, Nicolas Doisne, Farid Ichou, Marie Lhomme, Camille Pichard, Vicent Galand, Nathalie Mougenot, Gilles Dilanian, Laurence Lucats, Elise Balse, Mathias Mericskay, Wilfried Le Goeff & Stéphane N Hatem
Aims: Obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndromes are risk factors of atrial fibrillation (AF). We tested the hypothesis that metabolic disorders have a direct impact on the atria favoring the formation of the substrate of AF. Methods & Results: Untargeted metabolomic and lipidomic analysis was used to investigate the consequences of a prolonged high fat diet (HFD) on mouse atria. Atrial properties were characterized by measuring mitochondria respiration in saponin-permeabilized trabeculae, by recording action potential with...

Nuclear and mitochondrial genome of the mediterranean corn borer Sesamia nonagrioides

Clement Gilbert
This dataset contains the assembly and annotation of the mitochondrial genome and of the nuclear genome of the Mediterranean corn borer (Sesamia nonagrioides, Noctuidae, Lepidoptera), a major pest of maize in Europe and Africa. The DNA used to generate this assembly was extracted from a pool of inbred males and females third instar larvae. The assembly is based on short- and long-read sequencing. The complete mitochondrial genome is 15,330 bp and contains all expected 13...

Supporting data for: Gene-rich UV sex chromosomes harbor conserved regulators of sexual development (Carey et al., 2021)

Sarah Carey, Shenqiang Shu, John Lovell, Avinash Shenqiang, Florian Maumus, George Tiley, Noe Fernandez-Pozo, Kerrie Barry, Cindy Chen, Mei Wang, Anna Lipzen, Chris Daum, Christopher Saski, Adam Payton, Jordan McBreen, Roth Conrad, Leslie Kollar, Sanna Olsson, Sanna Huttunen, Jacob Landis, Norman Wickett, Matthew Johnson, Stefan Rensing, Jane Grimwood, Jeremy Schmutz … & Adam Healey
Non-recombining sex chromosomes, like the mammalian Y, often lose genes and accumulate transposable elements, a process termed degeneration. The correlation between suppressed recombination and degeneration is clear in animal XY systems, but the absence of recombination is confounded with other asymmetries between the X and Y. In contrast, UV sex chromosomes, like those found in bryophytes, experience symmetrical population genetic conditions. Here we generate and use nearly gapless female and male chromosome-scale reference genomes of...

Data on measuring splash dispersal of a major wheat pathogen in the field

Petteri Karisto, Frédéric Suffert & Alexey Mikaberidze
Capacity for dispersal is a fundamental fitness component of plant pathogens. Characterization of plant pathogen dispersal is important for understanding how pathogen populations change in time and space. We devised a systematic approach to measure and analyze rain splash-driven dispersal of plant pathogens in field conditions, using the major fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici as a case study.We inoculated field plots of wheat (Triticum aestivum) with two distinct Z. tritici strains. Next, we measured disease...

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