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Data from: Seasonality maintains alternative life history phenotypes

Sami Mikael Kivelä, Panu Välimäki & Karl Gotthard
Many organisms express discrete alternative phenotypes (polyphenisms) in relation to predictable environmental variation. However, the evolution of alternative life history phenotypes remains poorly understood. Here, we analyze the evolution of alternative life histories in seasonal environments by using temperate insects as a model system. Temperate insects express alternative developmental pathways of diapause and direct development, the induction of a certain pathway affecting fitness through its life history correlates. We develop a methodologically novel and holistic...

Data from: Complex genetic effects on early vegetative development shape resource allocation differences between Arabidopsis lyrata populations

David L. Remington, Päivi H. Leinonen, Johanna Leppälä & Outi Savolainen
Costs of reproduction due to resource allocation trade-offs have long been recognized as key forces in life history evolution, but little is known about their functional or genetic basis. Arabidopsis lyrata, a perennial relative of the annual model plant A. thaliana with a wide climatic distribution, has populations that are strongly diverged in resource allocation. In this study, we evaluated the genetic and functional basis for variation in resource allocation in a reciprocal transplant experiment,...

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  • 2013

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  • University of Oulu
  • University of North Carolina
  • Stockholm University