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Political media effects in a Nordic perspective

Audun Beyer, Erik Knudsen, Kim Andersen & Adam Shehata

Derfor skal vi værne om vores 'verdensmesterskab' i tillid

Sofie Buch Mejsner

Kognitiv adfærdsterapi for socialfobi

Lars Clemmensen Clemmensen, Mathias Torp Ernst, Cecilia Schøler Nielsen, Eik Runge & Stig Helweg-Jørgensen

Supporting Service Innovation through Design Thinking: The case of an eHealth firm developing digital technology solutions

Mercé Bonjorn Dalmau

Epidemiology of hemolytic disorders in Denmark

Dennis Lund Hansen

Sex difference in lipid levels in first-diagnosed drug-naïve depression patients: A case-control and 12-weeks follow-up study

Rui Yang, Lu Wang, Song Cao, Ming Chen, Chu-Jun Wu, Floyd Silva, Man-Jun Shen, Jin-Dong Chen, Mi-Mi Tang & Bi-Lian Liu
Patients with depression have a high prevalence of developing dyslipidemia. In this study, we aim to investigate the difference of serum lipids, including total cholesterol (TCH), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), and triglycerides (TG), between the depressed patients and healthy controls. Sex differences in lipids and their psychological correlations were also included. The study included 56 healthy controls (males/females = 26/30) and 110 first-diagnosed drug-naïve outpatients (males/females = 35/75). A total of...

Date From: The myriad of complex demographic responses of terrestrial mammals to climate change and gaps of knowledge: A global analysis

Maria Paniw, Tamora James, C. Ruth Archer, Gesa Römer, Sam Levin, Aldo Compagnoni, Judy Che-Castaldo, Joanne Bennett, Andrew Mooney, Dylan Childs, Arpat Ozgul, Owen Jones, Jean Burns, Andrew Beckerman, Abir Patwari, Nora Sanchez-Gassen, Tiffany Knight & Roberto Salguero-Gómez
Approximately 25% of mammals are currently threatened with extinction, a risk that is amplified under climate change. Species persistence under climate change is determined by the combined effects of climatic factors on multiple demographic rates (survival, development, reproduction), and hence, population dynamics. Thus, to quantify which species and regions on Earth are most vulnerable to climate-driven extinction, a global understanding of how different demographic rates respond to climate is urgently needed. Here, we perform a...

New Evidence of Health State Dependent Utility of Consumption

Nicolai Fink Simonsen & Trine Kjær

Teledermatological solution to improve patient management in psoriasis: a participatory design study

Bettina Trettin

Autonomy for Surgical Robot Systems

Kim Lindberg Schwaner

Ikke-konstitutiv kosmopsykisme: naturalisme, idealisme og Martinus’ metafysik i syntese

Nikolaj Pilgaard Petersen

Unge hjælper andre unge med at sige nej tak til alkohol ved hjælp af virtual reality

Julie Dalgaard Guldager

Data from: Holocene lake phosphorus species and primary producers reflect catchment processes in a small, temperate lake

Anna-Marie Klamt, Sofie P. Poulsen, Bent V. Odgaard, Thomas Hübener, Suzanne McGowan, Henning S. Jensen & Kasper Reitzel
This palaeo data set consists of a Holocene record from a small, temperate lake (Lake Fuglsø, Denmark). It comprises radiocarbon (14C)-dating, pollen, X-ray fluorescence scanning, carbon and nitrogen (contents and stable isotopes), phosphorus (P) pools (from sequential P extraction and 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy), pigment, diatom, and plant macrofossil data. Our multi-proxy palaeolimnological study aimed to investigate how natural processes and anthropogenic land-use changes have affected sedimentary P forms and primary producers. We found...

Epigenetic biomarkers as indicator and predictor of late-life mortality in older individuals

Jesper Lund

Elections and political communication in the Nordic countries

David Nicolas Hopmann & Rune Karlsen

Evasion, Distortion and Interruption in US Presidential Debates

Ronald R. Jacobsen

Ecology of marine diazotrophs: past, present, and future

Christian Furbo Reeder

Combination of cannabidiol and bacitracin against bacterial infections

Claes Søndergaard Wassmann

Anaerobic methane oxidation in coastal oxygen depleted waters: Dynamics, pathways, and environmental controls

Herdís Guðlaug Steinsdóttir

Structure and symmetries in C*-algebras

Sophie Emma Mikkelsen

Sådan kan sårbare kræftpatienter komme i gang med træning

Lukas Svendsen, Rikke Langballe & Pernille Bidstrup

Imaging Nano-domains in Mammalian Membranes Using Super-Resolution Microscopy and Advanced Analysis

Jakob Lavrsen Kure

Data from: Economics, life history and international trade data for seven turtle species in Malaysia and Indonesian farms

Dalia A. Conde, Simon Kaae Andersen, Johanna Staerk, Elham Kalhor, Daniel J. D. Natusch, Rita Da Silva & Pfau Beate
We collected data on the wildlife trade of seven turtle and tortoise species endemic to Indonesia and Malaysia (Amyda cartilaginea, Batagur borneoensis, Cuora amboinensis, Carettochelys insculpta, Heosemys annandalii, Heosemys grandis, and Heosemys spinosa). We collated data for: the operations and economics of three breeding farms and one ranching facility; species life-history traits; and species international legal trade and confiscation data. We collected data for the facilities (one in Malaysia and three in Indonesia) using field...

Parental Illness in Adolescence: The Role of a Supportive Environment

Sanne Ellegaard Jørgensen

E-vitamin giver nyt håb for den uopslidelige kunstige hofte

Kristian Kjærgaard & Søren Overgaard

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