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Data from: Cardiovascular disease risk factors in Ghana during the rural-to-urban transition: a cross-sectional study

Nuri Kodaman, Melinda C. Aldrich, Rafal Sobota, Folkert Asselbergs, Kwabena Poku, Nancy J. Brown, Jason H. Moore, Scott M. Williams, Folkert W. Asselbergs & Kwabena A. Poku
Populations in sub-Saharan Africa are shifting from rural to increasingly urban. Although the burden of cardiovascular disease is expected to increase with this changing landscape, few large studies have assessed a wide range of risk factors in urban and rural populations, particularly in West Africa. We conducted a cross-sectional, population-based survey of 3317 participants from Ghana (≥18 years old), of whom 2265 (57% female) were from a mid-sized city (Sunyani, population ~250,000) and 1052 (55%...

Data from: Differential phasing between circadian clocks in the brain and peripheral organs in humans

Jacob J. Hughey & Atul J. Butte
The daily timing of mammalian physiology is coordinated by circadian clocks throughout the body. Although measurements of clock gene expression indicate that these clocks in mice are normally in phase with each other, the situation in humans remains unclear. We used publicly available data from five studies, comprising over 1000 samples, to compare the phasing of circadian gene expression in human brain and human blood. Surprisingly, after controlling for age, clock gene expression in brain...

Data from: Quantification and comparison of anti-fibrotic therapies by polarized SRM and SHG-based morphometry in rat UUO model

Hu Sheng Qian, Steve M. Weldon, Damian Matera, ChungWein Lee, Haichun Yang, Ryan M. Fryer, Agnes B. Fogo & Glenn A. Reinhart
Renal interstitial fibrosis (IF) is an important pathologic manifestation of disease progression in a variety of chronic kidney diseases (CKD). However, the quantitative and reproducible analysis of IF remains a challenge, especially in experimental animal models of progressive IF. In this study, we compare traditional polarized Sirius Red morphometry (SRM) to novel Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)-based morphometry of unstained tissues for quantitative analysis of IF in the rat 5 day unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO) model....

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  • 2016

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