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Data from: Ontogenetic variability in crystallography and mosaicity of conodont apatite: Implications for microstructure, paleothermometry and geochemistry

Mohammad Shohel, Neo McAdams & Bradley Cramer
X-ray diffraction data from Silurian conodonts belonging to various developmental stages of the species Dapsilodus obliquicostatus demonstrate changes in crystallography and degree of nanocrystallite ordering (mosaicity) in both hyaline and albid crown tissue. The exclusive use of a single species in this study, combined with systematic testing of each element type at multiple locations, provided insight into microstructural and crystallographic differentiation between element position (Sa, Sb-c, M) as well as between juveniles and adults. A...

Experimental parasite community perturbation reveals associations between Sin Nombre virus and gastrointestinal nematodes in a rodent reservoir host

Amy Sweeny, Courtney Thomason, Edwin Carbajal, Christina Hansen, Andrea Graham & Amy Pedersen
Individuals are often co-infected with several parasite species, yet measuring within-host interactions remains difficult in the wild. Consequently, the impact of such interactions on host fitness and epidemiology are often unknown. We used anthelmintic drugs to experimentally reduce nematode infection and measured the effects on both nematodes and the important zoonosis Sin Nombre virus (SNV) in its primary reservoir (Peromyscus spp.). Treatment significantly reduced nematode infection, but increased SNV seroprevalence. Furthermore, mice that were co-infected...

One-way nested (27km, 9km and 3km) model output of North American atmospheric CO2 simulation (full WRF-chem output)

A. Samaddar, S. Feng, T. Lauvaux, Z.R. Barkley, S. Pal & K.J. Davis
Synoptic weather systems are a major driver of spatial gradients in atmospheric CO2 mole fractions. During frontal passages air masses from different regions meet at the frontal boundary creating significant gradients in CO2 mole fractions. This study quantitatively describes the atmospheric transport of CO2 mole fractions during a mid-latitude cold front passage and explores the impact of various sources of CO2. We focus here on a cold front passage over Lincoln, Nebraska on August 4th,...

On the potential of Angiosperms353 for population genomics studies

Matthew Johnson, Madeline Slimp, Lindsay D. Williams & Haley Hale
Premise of the Study: Targeted sequencing using Angiosperms353 has emerged as a low-cost tool for phylogenetics, with early results spanning from all flowering plants to within genera. The use of universal markers at narrower scales—within populations— would eliminate the need for specific marker development while retaining the benefits of full-gene sequences. However, whether the Angiosperms353 markers provide sufficient variation within species to calculate demographic parameters is untested. Methods: Using herbarium specimens from a 50-year-old floristic...

Analytic dataset informing prediction of subterranean cave and mine ambient temperatures

Meredith McClure, Daniel Crowley, Catherine Haase, Liam McGuire, Nathan Fuller, David Hayman, Cori Lausen, Raina Plowright, Brett Dickson & Sarah Olson
Caves and other subterranean features provide unique environments for many species. The importance of cave microclimate is particularly relevant at temperate latitudes where bats make seasonal use of caves for hibernation. White-nose syndrome (WNS), a fungal disease that has devastated populations of hibernating bats across eastern and central North America, has brought renewed interest in bat hibernation and hibernaculum conditions. A recent review synthesized current understanding of cave climatology, exploring the qualitative relationship between cave...

The association of lactation duration with visceral and pericardial fat volumes in parous women: 25-year follow-up in the CARDIA study

Duke Appiah
Background: Lactation is associated with lower risks for diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women. Organ-related adiposity, which plays a significant role in the development of cardiometabolic diseases, could help explain this observation. Therefore, we evaluated the longitudinal association of lactation duration with visceral and pericardial fat volumes in women. Methods: Data were obtained from 910 women enrolled in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study (1985-86) without diabetes prior to pregnancy...

Data from: Bat ensembles differ in response to use zones in a tropical biosphere reserve

Natalie Yoh, Isham Azhar, Katheryn V. Fitzgerald, Rieka Yu, Tenaja Smith-Butler, Azniza Mahyudin & Tigga Kingston
Biosphere reserves, designated under The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Man and Biosphere Programme, aim to sustainably integrate protected areas into the biological and economic landscape around them by buffering strictly protected habitats with zones of limited use. However, the effectiveness of biosphere reserves and the contribution of the different zones of use to protection is poorly known. We assessed the diversity and activity of bats in the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve...

The evolution of virulence in Pseudomonas aeruginosa during chronic wound infection

Jelly Vanderwoude, Derek Fleming, Sheyda Azimi, Urvish Trivedi, Kendra Rumbaugh & Stephen Diggle
Opportunistic pathogens are associated with a number of chronic human infections, yet the evolution of virulence in these organisms during chronic infection remains poorly understood. Here, we tested the evolution of virulence in the human opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a murine chronic wound model using a two-part serial passage and sepsis experiment, and found that virulence evolved in different directions in each line of evolution. We also assessed P. aeruginosa adaptation to a chronic...

Networks of physiological adjustments and defenses, and their synergy with sodium (Na+) homeostasis explain the hidden variation for salinity tolerance across the cultivated Gossypium hirsutum germplasm

Kevin Cushman
The abilities to mobilize and/or sequester excess ions within and outside the plant cell are important components of salt-tolerance mechanisms. Mobilization and sequestration of Na+ involves three transport systems facilitated by the plasma membrane H+/Na+ antiporter (SOS1), vacuolar H+/Na+ antiporter (NHX1), and Na+/K+ transporter in vascular tissues (HKT1). Many of these mechanisms are conserved across the plant kingdom. While Gossypium hirsutum (upland cotton) is significantly more salt-tolerant relative to other crops, the critical factors contributing...

High-Resolution Precipitation Projections for the South Central U.S.

Jung-Hee Ryu & Katharine Hayhoe
Precipitation-related indicators for seasonal precipiation, extreme precipiation, and drought have been generated for 8701 weather stations covering the entire United States, and for a 198x337 grid (on a resolution of 1/16 th degree) covering the South Central region from the future downscaled projections using the Asynchronous Regional Regression Model. The data covers the period from 1950 to 2100. The high-resolution future projections are statistically downscaled from simulations by 12 global climate models from the Coupled...

Data from: Chiropteran metacommunity structure in the Atlantic Forest of South America

Richard Stevens, John Stuhler & Jenna Grimshaw
Aim Patterns of local species diversity are shaped by dispersal ability, and associated metacommunity structure. Here we set out to test the effect of dispersal ability on metacommunity structure of bats throughout the Atlantic Forest of South America considering differences among communities, functional groups and species regarding environmental, spatial and connectance-related drivers of composition. In addition, we aimed to illuminate phylogenetic and ecological correlates such as incidence (i.e., frequency of occurrence across sites) and wing...

Disentangling interactions among mercury, immunity, and infection in a Neotropical bat community

Daniel Becker, Kelly Speer, Jennifer Korstian, Dmitriy Volokhov, Hannah Droke, Alexis Brown, Catherene Baijnauth, Ticha Padgett-Stewart, Hugh Broders, Raina Plowright, Thomas Rainwater, Brock Fenton, Nancy Simmons & Matthew Chumchal
Contaminants such as mercury are pervasive and can have immunosuppressive effects on wildlife. Impaired immunity could be important for forecasting pathogen spillover risks, as many land-use changes that generate mercury contamination also bring wildlife into close contact with humans and domestic animals. However, the interactions among contaminants, immunity, and infection are difficult to study in natural systems, and empirical tests of possible directional relationships remain rare. We capitalized on extreme mercury variation in a diverse...

Shifts in plant composition mediate grazing effects on carbon cycling in grasslands

Maowei Liang, Nicholas Smith, Jiquan Chen, Yantao Wu, Zhiwei Guo, Elise Gornish & Cunzhu Liang
Carbon cycling in grasslands can be impacted by livestock grazing, partially as an indirect result of herbivory-induced compositional shifts in the plant community. However, the underlying mechanisms of how these shifts impact carbon cycling are not well documented. We conducted a long-term grazing experiment with four sheep stocking rates in the semi-arid grasslands of Inner Mongolia, China, to examine grazing effects on the ratio of C3 to C4 species (C3:C4), shoot biomass, root biomass, root:shoot,...

Data from: Conodont faunas across the Kasimovian–Gzhelian boundary (Late Pennsylvanian) in South China and implications for the selection of the stratotype for the base of the global Gzhelian Stage

Yuping Qi, James E. Barrick, Nicholas J. Hogancamp, Jitao Chen, Keyi Hu, Qiulai Wang & Xiangdong Wang
The upper Pennsylvanian Naqing and Narao carbonate successions were deposited in intra-platform slope to basinal settings across the Kasimovian-Gzhelian boundary in Guizhou, South China. Conodont faunas comprise a mixture of the endemic taxa of the Idiognathodus luodianensis group and cosmopolitan species of the I. simulator group. The I. luodianensis group includes the new species I. fengtingensis, I. luodianensis, I. naqingensis and I. naraoensis. Platform landmark analysis demonstrates that the species of the I. luodianensis group...

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