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Data from: Research on the mechanical behavior of shale based on multi-scale analysis

Qiang Han, Zhan Qu & Zhengyin Ye
In view of the difficulty in obtaining the mechanical properties of shale, the multi-scale analysis of shale was performed on a shale outcrop from the Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the Changning area, Sichuan Basin, China. The nano/micro indentation test is an effective method for multi-scale mechanical analysis. In this paper, effective criteria for the shale indentation test were evaluated. The elastic modulus was evaluated at a multi-scale and the engineering validation of drilling cuttings was...

Data from: Multi-jawed chaetognaths from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte (Cambrian, Series 2, Stage 3) of Yunnan, China

Degan Shu, Simon Conway Morris, Jian Han, Jennifer F. Hoyal Cuthill, Zhifei Zhang, Meirong Cheng & Hai Huang
Chaetognaths (arrow-worms) are enigmatic in terms of their phylogenetic position, while the existence of Protosagitta spinosa from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte suggests minimal change in their unique bodyplan since at least the early Cambrian. Apart from rare (and sometimes controversial) soft-bodied remains, the fossil record of chaetognaths is otherwise almost entirely dependent on early Palaeozoic phosphatic microfossils, some of which are placed amongst so-called protoconodonts. Fused spine clusters are strikingly similar to the cephalic grasping apparatus...

Structure parameter optimization and bearing limit analysis of the expansion unit of three-roller tube expander

Gang Bi, Zhan Qu, Zhenquan Wang, Liangbin Dou & Mengmeng Li
According to the performance requirements of expansion tools in bellows mechanical expansion process, this paper studies and analyzes the critical technical issues for the structure design of three-roller tube expander. It is indicated that the expansion unit structure is the main influencing factor for the performance of three-roller tube expander. The major design parameters and key parts of the expansion unit structure of 12 1/4" three-roller tube expander was optimized by theoretical analysis and finite...

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