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Data from: Trepostomate bryozoans from the upper Katian (Upper Ordovician) of Morocco: gigantism in high latitude Gondwana platforms

Andrea Jiménez-Sánchez, Enmanuelle Vennin & Enrique Villas
A study of the Upper Ordovician trepostomate bryozoans belonging to the families Amplexoporidae and Monticuliporidae, from the eastern Anti-Atlas of Morocco, is presented here. They occur in the marly to fine-grained limestone, intermediate unit of the Khabt-el-Hajar Formation, late Katian in age, representing outer-ramp depositional environments. They inhabited the highest paleolatitude known for a bryozoan fauna during the Ordovician, estimated at more than 65–70ºS. A total of 11 species of the genera Anaphragma, Atactoporella, Homotrypa,...

Data from: New Trepostomate bryozoans from the upper Ordovician of Morocco and the temperature influence on zooid size

Andrea Jiménez-Sánchez, Enrique Villas & Enmanuelle Vennin
New Upper Ordovician trepostomate bryozoans from the eastern Anti-Atlas of Morocco have been identified. They have been collected from the lower and intermediate units of the Khabt-el-Hajar Formation, late Katian in age, representing, respectively, bryozoan-pelmatozoan meadows with siliciclastic input, degraded by wave activity in a mid-ramp setting, and outer-ramp environments with marly substrates. Ten species of the genera Cyphotrypa, Calloporella, Diplotrypa, Parvohallopora, Dekayia, and Aostipora are described. Of them, three species are new: Cyphotrypa regularis...

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