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The Horizon 2020 Project SURE: Deliverable 7.1 - Report on Water Jet Drilling Modelling

Jiansheng Xiang, Bin Chen, John-Paul Latham & Ado Farsi
The aim of this research is to investigate the failure mechanism for different types of rock in the context of water jet drilling and to predict the jet-ability or assess the radial jet drilling (RJD) performance prior to drilling and at the well petrophysical analysis stage. The main approach is to numerically simulate the water jet drilling for different types of rock using ICL’s in-house fluid-solid coupling codes. The rock properties, CT-scan data and jetting...

{(t-Bu)C)2C3 dimerisation TS Def2-SVPP G = -2270.690099 DG = 101.7

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 calculation

YUHJUG charge =0.4

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 calculation

Modeling and control of power electronic converters in power systems

Yitong Li
Power grids are undergoing a dominant transformation due to the increasing number of power electronic devices installed in generation, transmission, distribution, and demand, etc. Compared with traditional power systems dominated by synchronous generators, the growth of power electronics induces new behaviour of power network dynamics, physical constraints, running costs, etc, which urgently calls for a new framework of modeling, control, and stability analysis. This thesis first focuses on the impedance method for modeling ac-dc power...

Energetic Radiation from Wakefield Acceleration and its Applications

Elias Gerstmayr
The driving theme of this thesis is the experimental production and characterisation of high-energy gamma radiation using a laser wakefield accelerator (LWFA), and its application in the context of studies of fundamental QED phenomena. An electron beam from shock injection of an energy up to 1.3 GeV was collided with a laser pulse at an intensity of a0 ~ 0.2 - 1 producing 10's of MeV photons from linear inverse Compton scattering (ICS). The emitted...

Investigation of the gene regulatory logic encoded in genome sequences using machine learning

Sebastian Steinhauser
Spatiotemporal regulation of gene expression in multicellular organisms is mediated by cell-type specific regulatory elements called transcriptional enhancers. Their activity is regulated by the coordinated binding of transcription factors (TFs) to specific DNA sequences encoded within these elements. In this PhD thesis, we investigate transcriptional enhancers in the context of pluripotency and early neural development. In Chapter 2, we investigate how enhancer activity is encoded in the DNA sequence underlying TF binding sites. To this...

IR data

Richard Yuze Kong
IR Data.

Metabolic biomarker responses in acute cerebral events

Alexander P Coupland
Aims The aims of this study were to identify a potential blood biomarker for acute stroke and additionally to identify biomarkers capable of differentiating hyper-acute ischaemic from haemorrhagic stroke using metabonomic techniques. Methodology Following ethical approval participants were recruited from the hyper-acute stroke unit at Charing Cross Hospital and acute blood samples taken from patients who were suspected of having an acute stroke. Serum was extracted and frozen prior to MS and NMR analysis. Sub-acute...

Active recognition and domain adaptation for 6D object pose estimation

Ju Il Sock
Object pose estimation is an important task in computer vision with a wide range of applications including robotics and Augmented Reality. I investigate the problems of occlusion and lack of annotated real data in 6D object pose estimation in this thesis. The main contributions of this thesis are building a 6D object pose estimation system for a crowded scene for both single image and multiple images, and a proposal of a new self-supervised learning framework....

Heart failure as a risk factor for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Eleanor Axson
The purpose of this thesis was to examine the association between comorbid heart failure (HF) and acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) in primary care COPD patients to highlight areas in which care can be improved. The aims of this research were: i. To describe the burden of HF comorbidity in the COPD population; ii. To determine the effect of HF comorbidity on exacerbation risk in COPD patients; and iii. To determine the...

The role of an endoscopic duodenal jejunal exclusion device on the metabolic profile, glycaemic control and weight loss in Type II Diabetes: a multi centred randomised control trial

Aruchuna Ruban
The incidence and prevalence of Obesity and T2DM is increasing at an alarming rate and now poses a global threat to mankind. Bariatric surgery is now an established strategy for combating both these conditions but recent years have also seen the emergence of endoscopic treatments designed to mimic the effects of surgery. These devices have the added advantage of being minimally invasive and easily reversible. The Endobarrier (EB) is an endoluminal duodenal-jejunal bypass liner (DJBL)...

Molecules with very large dipole moments: cyclopropenium acetylide

Henry Rzepa

(Supplementary Data) Analytical assessment of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability growth at Ganymede’s upstream magnetopause

Nawapat Kaweeyanun
This deposit provides supplementary data used to produce figures in a journal article titled "Analytical assessment of Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability growth at Ganymede’s upstream magnetopause"

(t-Bu)4C optrot

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

Guaiacol hydrogenation with in-situ generated hydrogen through aqueous phase glycerol reforming

Ziyin Chen
With increasing concern of environmental pollution and carbon emissions, energy production with renewable feedstocks especially biomass was become more attractive in recent decades. Liquid fuel, which was also called bio-oil, can be directly produced from biomass through fast pyrolysis. Nevertheless, the quality of the bio-oil generated from fast pyrolysis is low due to high oxygen and water content, low heating value and high viscosity. Therefore, upgrading of bio-oil is essential for its full utilization as...

The generation and function of microvesicles in blast injury

Anna Sharrock
Blast is the most common mechanism of injury in combat casualties and these patients are more likely to develop multiorgan failure and coagulopathy and die than those injured by penetrating mechanisms. Anecdote suggests that the former group of patients are also more likely develop post-arterial repair thrombosis. Civilian trauma patients develop prothrombotic microvesicles (MV). The hypotheses were that: 1. Clinical outcomes following vascular reconstruction are worse in blast-injured than non-blast injured patients, that; 2. Procoagulant...

Luminescent compounds for targeting formyl peptide receptors

Tamara Boltersdorf
Unregulated inflammation is implicated in a variety of disease states such as stroke, cancer and neurodegenerative conditions and often the extent of inflammatory response can determine the prognosis for a particular disease state. Human neutrophils express formyl peptide receptors one (FPR1) and two (FPR2/ALX, also known as the lipoxin A4 receptor) and are known to both drive vascular inflammation and at the same time be involved in its resolution. Therefore, these receptors represent an attractive...

The gliovascular unit in chronic traumatic encephalopathy: a systematic investigation of the vasculature in trauma and age related tauopathies

Marc Harris Goldfinger
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder associated with repetitive head injury (RHI). Recently a consensus on preliminary diagnostic criteria for CTE was reached, involving hyperphosphorylated tau at the base of the cortical sulci. With access to 24 boxers from the archival Corsellis collection I audited the boxers using the preliminary criteria. I hypothesised that the diagnostic criteria would be identified in all cases. Results indicated that 9 of the 24 boxers met...

Analysing the resilience of interdependent infrastructure systems with network flow models

Nils Goldbeck
Critical infrastructure systems form the backbone of modern civilisations and must be resilient against natural and anthropogenic hazards. However, the development of effective resilience strategies is often hindered by the insufficient capability of current analytical methods to capture complex interdependencies between different systems. Such interdependencies give rise to the risk of cascading failures and may delay recovery processes, thus exacerbating the impacts of infrastructure disruption. Advanced modelling and simulation methods are needed to address this...

Dynamics of the water-energy nexuses of Mumbai and London

Simon De Stercke
The urban water-energy nexus sits at the intersection of three global challenges: urbanisation, global freshwater scarcity, and climate change caused by energy use. The concept recognises the various interactions between water and energy systems at all stages, as well as the concentration of service demand in cities which drives most of global resource use. Research indicates that end use is the largest component of the nexus, both in terms of energy and of water. However,...

Seismic performance of single layer cylindrical lattice shells

Francisco Javier Cedron Fernandez De Cordova
This thesis examines the seismic behaviour and design of single layer cylindrical lattice shells, commonly used in applications such as train stations or sports halls. Although their design against gravity loads and buckling is well documented, their behaviour under seismic loading has received less attention, particularly when dealing with the development of design procedures in codes of practice. In this research, a parametric assessment is firstly carried out to determine the main factors influencing the...

Charge carrier dynamics and water oxidation photoelectrochemical performance of bismuth vanadate

Shababa Selim
In this thesis, the charge carrier dynamics that govern the photoelectrochemical water oxidation performance of bismuth vanadate are investigated using an array of time-resolved transient and steady-state absorption spectroscopic techniques. Chapter 1 outlines the motivation for this work and gives a brief introduction to the field, highlighting key research on bismuth vanadate photoanodes relevant to this work. The experimental methods used herein are detailed in chapter 2. Chapter 3, the first results chapter of this...


Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 calculation


Alexandre Dumon
Portal project

Understanding type IV pili mediated adhesion in streptococcus sanguinis.

Claire Raynaud
Type IV pili (T4P) are widespread and highly dynamic hair-like bacterial appendages mediating a wide range of functions: DNA uptake, motility, adhesion etc. The bona fide T4P is mainly composed of major pilins but also contains minor pilins, whose functions are likely to be diverse but remain poorly defined. How T4P mediate adhesion is not understood as in other well characterised adhesive pili where tip-located adhesin subunits mediate direct binding to human cells and/or structures....

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