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Avoiding obstacles while intercepting a moving target: A miniature fly's solution

Sam Fabian, Mary E Sumner, Trevor J Wardill & Paloma T Gonzalez Bellido
The miniature robber fly Holcocephala fusca intercepts its targets using a system whose behaviour is approximated by the proportional navigation guidance law. During predatory trials, we challenged Holcocephala's interception performance by placing a large object in its potential flight path. In response, Holcocephala deviated from the path predicted by pure-proportional navigation, but in many cases still eventually contacted the target. We show that such flight deviations can be explained as the output of two competing...

Minimal nonlinear modal aeroelastic descriptions for highly flexible aircraft control

Marc Artola
The increase in aircraft structural flexibility, resulting from the use of slender wings and composite light-weight materials, to improve aerodynamic efficiency, poses a severe control problem. The dynamics of these vehicles, described by nonlinear mathematical models, are complex, with large wing deformations that significantly affect the vehicle flight mechanics and make them vulnerable to disturbances or adverse atmospheric conditions. Therefore, advanced control methodologies capable of accounting for the nontrivial dynamics of such aircraft are required...

CC Def2-TZVPPD, reactant, gas phase, G = -75.878618

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

Py Def2-TZVPPD, reactant, G = -248.223423 gas phase

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

C 14 H 25 B 1 Br 1 Cl 1 F 4 O 4

Henry Rzepa
9: x-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD BF4 ion pair, top face

C 14 H 25 Br 1 Cl 1 O 4 1

Henry Rzepa
9...HOMe X-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD

C 14 H 24 Br 1 Cl 1 O 4

Henry Rzepa
oxonium cation 12...OMe x-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD freq

C 13 H 21 Br 2 Cl 1 O 3

Henry Rzepa
oxonium cation 12...Br(-) x-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD, reactant

Measurement of Higgs boson properties using the diphoton decay channel at the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment

Shameena Bonomally
Measurements of the Higgs boson production cross-sections via the decay of the Higgs boson to two photons are reported. The measurements are made using data collected in the period 2016-2018 by the Compact Muon Solenoid detector at the Large Hadron Collider in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 13TeV, amounting to an integrated luminosity of 137 fb−1. The production modes are measured in kinematic regions defined by the simplified template cross-section framework. Analysis categories...

Improving access to and uptake of early pulmonary rehabilitation following hospitalisation for acute exacerbations of COPD

Ruth Emily Barker
Background: Substantial benefits are associated with early pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) following severe acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) requiring hospitalisation. However, referral for, and uptake of, early PR are poor. Methods and findings: In a prospective cohort study of 291 hospitalisations for AECOPD, COPD discharge bundles delivered by PR practitioners were associated with increased PR referral (60% vs 12%, p<0.001; adjusted odds ratio [OR]: 14.46, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 5.28 to 39.57) and...

Novel approaches to image watermarking based on image bandwidth modification

Darran Specter
In this thesis, new image watermarking techniques are introduced based upon the creation of a proposed frequency ‘deadband’. The ‘deadband’ is a frequency region of zero coefficients, created at the highest frequency band of an image, where its sampling frequency is marginally increased. The creation of the zero region occurs when an image is first up-sampled by a factor L, using image interpolation, filtered (to remove base band copies and any frequency components that would...

C 14 H 24 Br 1 Cl 2 O 3 1

Henry Rzepa
12-Cl...HOMe x-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD

C 14 H 25 B 1 Br 1 Cl 1 F 4 O 4

Henry Rzepa
6: x-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD BF4 ion pair, top face

C 14 H 25 B 1 Br 1 Cl 1 F 4 O 4

Henry Rzepa
9: x-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD BF4 ion pair, top face, reactant freq

High-throughput virtual screening of molecules for photon conversion

Shomik Verma
Photovoltaics (PV) have emerged as a prominent technology to generate electricity from sunlight. However, traditional single-junction PV cells such as silicon, thin film PV, and perovskites suffer from an inherent efficiency limit of 33.7%. This is primarily due to two loss mechanisms: sub-bandgap losses, where photons with energy below the bandgap of the PV cell cannot be utilized, and thermalization losses, where photons with excess energy above the bandgap lose their excess en- ergy to...

Component based method of ab initio simulation for nanoscale electronic devices and circuits

Catherine White
This thesis describes the development of a numerical technique for handling quantum electronic transport equations in the ballistic regime in a way that generates physically meaningful and useful quantities about internal device current and coupling. This is achieved by using a Lippmann-Schwinger Tight-Binding transport model and applying it to a quantum device which we consider piecewise, as components or regions of the whole device. We derive the method and explain how it can improve the...

Py-CC 1,2-dimerisation, Def2-TZVPPD, G = -648.526431, gas phase -648.496991

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

Quantum chemistry interoperability (library): another step towards FAIR data.

Henry Rzepa

Multimodal neuroimaging of vestibular and postural networks: Investigating the pathophysiology of idiopathic dizziness in older adults

Richard Ibitoye
Successful ageing - the preservation of good performance into old age, is an aspiration for many and a challenge for society. Modifiable factors which account for ageing-related functional decline should thus be identified and reduced. As life expectancy increases, brain ageing and its functional consequences become an increasingly important target for research and intervention. Cerebral small vessel disease, largely driven by vascular risk factors, has emerged as a strong contributor to cognitive and balance decline...

Sparse spectral methods on disk-slices, trapeziums and spherical caps

Benjamin Samuel Thomas Snowball
This thesis develops sparse spectral methods for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) on various multidimensional domains, with a specific focus on the disk-slice and trapezium in 2D, and the spherical cap in 3D. For the latter, the PDEs are surface PDEs involving Laplace-Beltrami operators, spherical gradients and other spherical operators. We begin with an introduction to sparse spectral methods via viewing spherical harmonics as multidimensional orthogonal polynomials in x, y, and z. We explain how...

Characterising the distributions of height and body-mass index and their interrelationship

Maria Laura Caminia Iurilli
Height and weight are indicators of healthy versus unhealthy nutrition. Body-mass index (BMI) measures weight gain beyond what is expected from height gain. Having short stature or too little weight for one’s height, represented by low BMI, as well as having excessive weight for one’s height, represented by high BMI, increases the risk of morbidity and mortality. My thesis aimed to provide summary statistics that characterise the distributions of height and BMI and their interrelationship....

Application of x-ray diagnostics to the characterisation of pulsed power driven magnetic reconnection experiments

Jonathan Halliday
This thesis describes results obtained using a versatile, pulsed power driven platform for magnetic reconnection experiments. The platform used the MAGPIE generator (1.4 MA, 240 ns) to produce plasma inflows (Vin ≈ 50 km s−1) that carry a strong azimuthal magnetic field (Bin 3 T) and persisted for many hydrodynamic timescales. The platform consisted of a pair of inverse (or exploding) wire arrays, and the plasma flows were generated by the ablation of material from...

Virtual habitats, fossil preservation, and estimates of dinosaur biodiversity in the Cretaceous of North America

Alfio Chiarenza
The archive of fossils and the sedimentary rocks that enclose them preserves a long record of climate change and associated fluctuations of biodiversity. However, this record is biased, and considerable efforts have focused on developing sampling methodologies and statistical treatments to mitigate for bias in a way that will allow us to understand how biodiversity has changed through time. The methods presented here attempt to account for the problem of data absence and spatial heterogeneity...

Gamification elements in smoking cessation mobile apps and their effects on the self-efficacy and motivation to quit of smokers

Nikita Weth
Background and Aim: Gamification can positively impact self-efficacy and motivation to quit, two vital factors associated with smoking cessation. Since it shares key components with behaviour change theories and is easily applicable to digital interventions, gamification has the potential of improving the effectiveness of mHealth solutions. However, the role of gamification in the context of smoking cessation and mHealth has been sparsely investigated. My research aims to examine gamification elements in smoking cessation mobile apps...

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