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Effect of accommodation on the heat conduction through nitrogen, argon, helium and deuterium between 0° C. and -183° C. from the aspect of (1) the temperature drop relation; (2) the heat conduction through gases at low pressures

Yin-Sien Chu
The present paper deals with a modification of the experimental procedure which has been developed at the Imperial College in relation to observations of the Heat Transport through Gases and the related effect of accommodation. A compensating system of wires and tubes was employed in conjunction with suitable thermostatic arrangements which enable the Heat Transport to be investigated in the neighbourhood of, (1) The temperature of Melting Ice. (2) The temperature of solid C.O in...

4-formyl-2,6-dimethoxyphenyl 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)acetate

Longzheng Cong
Syringaldehyde (0.91 g, 5.0 mmol) was dissolved in acetonitrile (35 mL) with catalyst DMAP (0.06 g, 0.5 mmol) and EDC.HCl (1.25 g, 6.5 mmol). 4-methoxyphenylacetic acid (0.92 g, 5.5 mmol) was then added to the solution and heated to reflux. Upon completion of the reaction, hexane (20 mL) was added to the mixture, and the mixture was then extracted using HCl (20 mL, 1 M), sodium bicarbonate (20 mL, 10 wt%), water (20 mL), saturated...

Monitoring networks through multiparty session types

L Bocchi, T-C Chen, R Demangeon, K Honda & N Yoshida
In large-scale distributed infrastructures, applications are realised through communications among distributed components. The need for methods for assuring safe interactions in such environments is recognized, however the existing frameworks, relying on centralised veri cation or restricted speci cation methods, have limited applicability. This paper proposes a new theory of monitored -calculus with dynamic usage of multiparty session types (MPST), o ering a rigorous foundation for safety assurance of distributed components which asynchronously communicate through multiparty...

Synthesis of graphical choreographies

J Lange, N Yoshida & E Tuosto
Graphical choreographies, or global graphs, are general multiparty session specifications featuring expressive constructs such as forking, merging, and joining for representing application-level protocols. Global graphs can be directly translated into modelling notations such as BPMN and UML. This paper presents an algorithm whereby a global graph can be synthesised from asynchronous buffered behaviours represented by communicating finite state machines (CFSMs). Our results include: a sound and complete characterisation of a subset of safe CFSMs from...

Improving classification accuracy of response in leukaemia treatment using feature selection over pathway segmentation

ZM Hira, D Gillies & E Curry
Motivation: Many people die every year from leukaemia. Some of them respond to treatment, and some of them not. This study investigates whether there is any relationship between response to treatment and features drawn from the measured methylation profiles of a set of patients. Such features could potentially be used to predict the outcome of a putative treatment regime. Results: Using AdaBoost with decision trees as weak classifiers, we managed to identify two pathways that...

Quantitative threat analysis via a logical service

M Huth & JH-P Kuo
It is increasingly important to analyze system security quantitatively using concepts such as trust, reputation, cost, and risk. This requires a thorough understanding of how such concepts should interact so that we can validate the assessment of threats, the choice of adopted risk management, etc.. To this end, we propose a declarative language Peal+ in which the interaction of such concepts can be rigorously described and analyzed. Peal+ has been implemented in PEALT using the...

PhI, reactant Def2-TZVPPD/SCRF=DCM G = -529.375172

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

Real-world variability, modelling and mitigation of road transport emissions

Clémence Marie Anne Le Cornec
Outdoor air pollution is considered the largest single environmental health risk and is estimated to cause 4.2 million deaths every year. Despite the major vehicle emissions reduction achieved over the past two decades, road transport remains a major source of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), contributing 39% of the total EU-28 NOx emissions in 2017. The regular exceedances of the annual mean concentration limit for NO2, particularly in urban areas, have been largely...

Investigating the temporally dynamic mechanisms of T-cell regulation during helminth infection

Catherine Beth Ducker
Tolerance mechanisms are vital for maintaining immune homeostasis in the intestinal system. The intestinal system must remain primed against pathogens whilst nutrients are absorbed without an inappropriate inflammatory response. Regulatory T-cells (Treg) are a key cell type for maintaining tolerance, primarily acting to suppress inflammatory T-cell responses. This mechanism is exploited by helminth parasites, including Heligmosomoides polygyrus (H. polygyrus), in order to suppress the anti-helminth T-cell response and establish chronic infection. H. polygyrus infection therefore...

Efficient PartialPairs SimRank search on large graphs

W Yu & J McCann
The assessment of node-to-node similarities based on graph topology arises in a myriad of applications, e.g., web search. SimRank is a notable measure of this type, with the intuition that “two nodes are similar if their in-neighbors are similar”. While most existing work retrieving SimRank only considers all-pairs SimRank s(⋆, ⋆) and single-source SimRank s(⋆, j) (scores between every node and query j), there are appealing applications for partial-pairs SimRank, e.g., similarity join. Given two...

Rising from the ground: Distributed drag parameterization of urban environments for numerical weather prediction

Birgit S. Sutzl
Urban environments in numerical weather prediction models are currently parameterised as part of the atmosphere-surface exchange at ground level. The vertical structure of buildings is represented by the average height, which does not account for heterogeneous building forms at the subgrid level. This thesis investigates aerodynamic effects of subgrid heterogeneity and develops a distributed drag parameterization that represents buildings at their real height. Urban flow at neighbourhood scale is studied using large-eddy simulations of idealised,...

Engineering responsive liposome systems for biomedical applications

Valeria Nele
The design of materials able to undergo changes in response to an applied stimulus (e.g. temperature, pH or magnetic fields) is relevant for biomedical applications. In the context of hydrogels, the design of triggers for hydrogelation has enabled precise control over hydrogelation kinetics and mechanical properties. One trigger that has yet to be explored for hydrogelation is ultrasound; a widely-used biomedical platform that is non-invasive, with tuneable tissue penetration depth and high spatiotemporal control. The...

A tighter bound on the area occupied by a fractal image

DWN Sharp & RL While
We derive a bounding circle for a fractal image specified by an iterated function system. The radius of the bounding circle is smaller than those from previously published material. The bounding circle is important in fractal design and plotting software as it enables a fractal image to be scaled correctly to fit the screen of a digital computer.

Patent data driven innovation logic

Simon Dewulf
Innovation research is conventionally conducted with creativity techniques such as TRIZ, Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, etc. (Dewulf, Baillie 1998). Patent research is typically used to research novelty or prior art, and legal studies. This thesis is at the intersection of creativity techniques, and patent data analysis. It describes how to utilise patent data for distilling Innovation Logic and conducting innovation research. Using the patent research tool PatentInspiration (© AULIVE Software NV), the 4 different stages of...

PhIC2, reactant Def2-TZVPPD/SCRF=DCM G = -605.369217

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

4-ethylphenyl docosanoate

Tim Hindges
4-dimethylaminopyridine (0.06 g, 0.49 mmol), EDC.HCl (1.24 g, 6.47 mmol), behenic acid (1.74 g, 5.11 mmol), and 4-ethylphenol (0.62 g, 5.08 mmol) were dissolved in acetonitrile (33 mL, excess) and heated to 95 °C under reflux for 40 minutes to give a white solid at the bottom of the resulting solution once cooled to room temperature. Added hexane (20 mL, excess) to solution and dissolved the solid back into solution at 50 °C. Washed twice...

Limit theorems for non-Markovian and fractional processes

Alexandre Pannier
This thesis examines various non-Markovian and fractional processes---rough volatility models, stochastic Volterra equations, Wiener chaos expansions---through the prism of asymptotic analysis. Stochastic Volterra systems serve as a conducive framework encompassing most rough volatility models used in mathematical finance. In Chapter 2, we provide a unified treatment of pathwise large and moderate deviations principles for a general class of multidimensional stochastic Volterra equations with singular kernels, not necessarily of convolution form. Our methodology is based on...

Relationship-based access control: its expression and enforcement through hybrid logic

Imperial College London Department Of Computing
Access control policy is typically de ned in terms of attributes, but in many applications it is more natural to de- ne permissions in terms of relationships that resources, systems, and contexts may enjoy. The paradigm of relationshipbased access control has been proposed to address this issue, and modal logic has been used as a technical foundation. We argue here that hybrid logic { a natural and wellestablished extension of modal logic { addresses limitations...

Craig interpolation in displayable logics

J Brotherston & R Gore
We give a general proof-theoretic method for establishing Craig interpolation for displayable logics, based upon an analysis of the individual proof rules of their display calculi. Using this uniform method, we establish interpolation for a spectrum of display calculi differing in their structural rules, including those for multiplicative linear logic, mul- tiplicative additive linear logic and ordinary classical logic. Our analysis at the level of proof rules also provides new insights into the reasons why...


Sunaina Gulati
Esterification is a fundamental reaction in organic synthesis. The synthesis involved reacting substiuted phenol (thymol) with carboxylic acid ( linoleic acid).

A simple and efficient supervised method for spatially weighted PCA in face image analysis

CE Thomaz, GA Giraldi, JFP Da Costa & D Gillies
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is an example of a successful unsupervised statistical dimensionality reduction method, especially in small sample size problems. Despite the well-known attractive properties of PCA, the traditional approach does not incorporate prior information extracted from a specific domain knowledge. The development of techniques that bring together dimensionality reduction and prior knowledge can be performed in the framework of supervised learning methods, like Fisher Discriminant Analysis. Semi-supervised methods can also be applied if...

Safe parallel programming with session Java

O Pernet, N Ng, R Hu, N Yoshida & Y Kryftis
The session-typed programming language Session Java (SJ) has proved to be an effective tool for distributed programming, promoting productivity and compile-time safety. This paper investigates the use of SJ for session-typed parallel programming, and introduces new language primitives for chained iteration and multi-channel communication. These primitives allow the efficient coordination of parallel computation across multiple processes, thus enabling SJ to express the complex communication topologies often used by parallel algorithms with static safety guarantees. We...

Secure cross-domain data sharing architecture for crisis management

V Gowadia, E Scalavino, E Lupu, D Starostin & A Orlov
Crisis management requires rapid sharing of data among organizations responding to the crisis. Existing crisis management practices rely on ad hoc or centralized data sharing based on agreements written in natural language. The ambiguity of natural language specifications often leads to errors and can hinder data availability. Therefore, it is desirable to develop automatic data sharing systems. The need to share data during crises presents additional challenges, such as evaluation of security constraints in different...

CC CCSD(T)/Def2-TZVPPD SCRF=DCM G = -75.679918

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

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