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Inferring mental states from static scenes - full experiment

Madeline Pelz, Laura Schulz & Julian Jara-Ettinger
Inferring mental states from static scenes

Responsibility and replacement - Experiment 7 - Probability

Sarah Wu & Tobias Gerstenberg
Evaluating people’s probabilistic intuitions to use as input for a model of responsibility judgments.

Collaborative vs. Competitive Reference Games

Jess Mankewitz, Michael Frank, Veronica Boyce, Georgia Loukatou & Brandon Waldon
In a multi-party communicative reference game, does the collaborative vs competitive nature of the game affect the reduction in utterance length (in words) over the course of 4 blocks of 12 rounds of images. Additionally, what is the effect of communication on participant coordination in these tasks?

The Effect of the “Terrorist” Frame on the American Public’s Support for War

Benjamin Harris
Despite the wide use of the terrorist frame by governments, there has been little scholarly attention devoted to the question of whether the label works. In other words, does using the terrorist frame increase the public’s support for war? Recent research by Baele et al. 2019 and Bracic and Murdie 2020 suggests that it does, but framing experiments on terrorism have not used multiple, contested frames. This project conducts a survey experiment contrasting the effect...

Learning Curves

Julia Leonard, Rachel Magid & Laura Schulz

Project Submission Sep 29 2017

Joshua Plotkin, Alexander Stewart, David Rand, Marina Diakonova, Brandon Thorpe, Antonio Arechar & Mohsen Mosleh

Meta visual search

Matan Mazor, Max Siegel & Joshua Tenenbaum
In two exploratory experiments we asked participants to estimate how long it would take them to perform various visual search tasks. We find that participants can accurately predict their prospective search times, but consistently overestimated the effect of the number of distractors on search time. Here we pre-register our plans for an additional hypothesis-driven experiment, to replicate and extend on our original findings.

MisterCheerleader 4: Gender recall dependent on pronoun or repeat of definite noun: 1,4,8 item trials with gender recall options randomized

Veronica Boyce, Titus von der Malsburg, Roger Levy & Till Poppels


Ben Deen & Rebecca Saxe

Children's use of self/other representations in joint goals

Rachel Magid, Laura Schulz & Mary DePascale

Collective Action and Solid Waste Collection in Zomba, Malawi

Jake Bowers, Lula Chen, Boniface Dulani, Chris Grady & Matthew Winters

203.2 Preservation Watch at the National Archives of The Netherlands.

Pepijn Lucker, Marcel Ras, Barbara Sierman & Remco van Veenendaal
In 2015 a new preservation policy of the National Archives of The Netherlands (NaNeth) was approved. Part of our policy is the implementation of the so called preservation watch. Preservation watch as a concept was first minted in the European PLANETS project (2007-2011, http://www.planets-project.eu). It is part of the PLANETS functional model which is an elaboration of the OAIS function Preservation Planning. The PLANETS functional model describes the functions and processes of a preservation planning...

Responsibility and replacement - Experiment 8

Sarah Wu & Tobias Gerstenberg
Investigating whether people use counterfactual thinking in making responsibility judgments.

A Cognitive Individual Differences Perspective on the Illusory Truth Effect: Is it an Effect of Ability, Need or Style?

Jonas De keersmaecker, Arne Roets, Gordon Pennycook & David Rand

Tracking co-listeners mental states during language comprehension

Olessia Jouravlev & Evelina Fedorenko

The Cognitive Reflection Test in Northeast Nigeria

Rebecca Littman, Michael Stagnaro, David Rand & Gordon Pennycook

Predicting the 2018 United States House of Representatives elections based on social-circle expectations, state-winner expectations, and Bayesian Truth Serum (BTS)

Henrik Olsson, Mirta Galesic, Wandi de Bruin & Drazen Prelec

Relational Registration Field Experiment

Ariel White & Alexander Coppock
This document describes the design and planned analysis of a randomized field experiment aimed at registering currently unregistered citizens to vote in the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin. A central challenge for voter registration is the absence of a list of citizens who are not currently registered to vote. Unlike get-out-the-vote campaigns, which typically start from a list of registered voters as compiled on the voter file, registration campaigns have to identify unregistered voters by...

Neural basis of Theory of Mind in Children and Adults with Delayed Access to Language

Hilary Richardson & Rebecca Saxe

Impact of Native Advertising on News Credibility

Manon Revel, Dean Eckles & adam berinsky

Replicating 18-24-month-olds' performance

Yang Wu, Paul Muentener & Laura Schulz

Do infants expect those who know their names to comfort their caregivers?

Ashley Thomas, Rebecca Saxe & Elizabeth Spelke
In two previous studies collected over zoom, we found that infants look more toward a puppet who was imitated by their caregiver only during an audiovisual matching task. During this audiovisual matching task, both puppets moved their mouths in synchrony while one voice spoke in 'infant-directed speech' using the infant's own name. When both puppets appeared on screen with music in the background or in silence, infants did not look more toward the imitated puppet....

Study 1

Daniel Nettle & Rebecca Saxe

Transmittance enhancement at Graphene/Al interfaces

Haozhe Wang, jing kong, Sidan Fu & Jifeng Liu
In this work, we investigated the optical properties of graphene/aluminum interfaces. We acquired the transmittance spectra of graphene/aluminum stacks using a UV-vis spectrophotometer. One interesting observation is transmittance increased in samples with graphene, indicating a novel physical or chemical interaction between graphene and aluminum. Due to the counter-intuitive observation, we anticipate this work will benefit the community in fundamental understanding and reliable utilization of graphene and Al interactions.

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