Data from: A phylogenetic and morphologic context for the radiation of an endemic fauna in a long-lived lake: Corbulidae (Bivalvia; Myoida) in the Miocene Pebas Formation of western Amazonia

Laurie C. Anderson, Frank P. Wesselingh & Joseph H. Hartman
The Corbulidae are one of a handful of a primarily marine bivalve clades that exhibit a remarkable radiation, marked by increased species richness and divergent morphologies, within a long-lived lake. For corbulids, this diversification occurred within the lower to middle Miocene Pebas Formation of western Amazonia. Only one taxon associated with this radiation (Anticorbula) remains extant. We conducted a series of phylogenetic analyses to characterize diversification of Corbulidae within the Pebas Formation and relate that...

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  • 2010

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  • Louisiana State University of Alexandria
  • University of North Dakota